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WWE Smackdown Fictional, Storyline, 30/05/2017
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“Welcome everyone, to Smackdown down Live… We, have a Smackdown Live Woman’s championship match… let’s take you back to how Carmella won the number contenders match quickly!” said JR.
They show video package where James Ellsworth got destroyed, the usage of the championship belt, which even though did not put, Becky Lynch away, it caused her downfall, and we been told Becky is suffering from a concussion so she will be out of action for a couple of weeks.
“Let’s go backstage where charlotte is being interviewed as this will be our opening match!” said Corey Graves.

Segment 1 – Another beat down, this time at ringside

Charlotte then is about to get interviewed before her match with Tamina, but Tamina as other ideas and attacks her from behind ramming her face first into the are back stage, “My god another attack from this, Samoan Savage!” shouted JR.
Tamina drags charlotte by her hair and brings her out to the arena, she constantly throws her into barricades before they get down the ramp. Tamina picks her up and rams her face first into the steel steps and charlotte is busted wide open, “SOMEONE STOP, THIS ALREADY!” shouted JR.
“No JR, let them fight… but, will charlotte be in any condition to even wrestle?” asked Corey.
She, then picks a bloody, Charlotte up and carries her to announce table and Samoan drops, her onto the Spanish, announce table from the floor, but the table does not break.
“What the hell is she doing now” said JR, as Tamina ascends to the top rope, “can we get some security out of here before she completely decimates, Charlotte!”
“My God… she, is going to splash her through the table, as much as I liked Queen on Raw… Charlotte, has met her match when it comes to Tamina!” yelled Corey graves with excitement.
Tamina then comes crashing down on Charlotte right through the announce table, “OH MY GOD… TAMINA JUST SPLASHED CHARLOTTE ALL THE WAY DOWN TO CONCRETE, we need some help here, Charlotte is hurt!” shouted JR

Shanes, music then plays and he comes out, “Tamina since you like attacking people from behind and using the ringside area at the Money in the Bank PPV, you will face Charlotte in a no Disqualification match. The winner of that match will face whoever the champion is, at, a later time!” explained Shane.
Tamina looks on at him and grabs the microphone, “If, charlotte even makes it to Money in the Bank!” she then slams down the microphone, making her promo short and sweet, as the segment comes to an end.

Segment 2 – Promo

Carmella is then interviewed just before her championship match and she is alone, “Naomi, you hurt my friend, James Ellsworth, last week… so, I am going hurt you where it hurts the most in few minutes when I make you tap out to code of silence and take that Championship!”
Carmella, pauses for a second and continues, “I have already beaten you twice… you, have no glow, as the glow will go out, when you lay on your back like, everyone defeated in that ring. Don’t worry as that’s what you usually do for everyone as you nothing but a slut… I, am surprised that. Jimmy Uso. is still with you. I will dedicate this match to my lovely James Ellsworth!” she then heads to ring to her theme song.

Segment 3 – Championship Match

“What a disrespectful thing to say bringing the woman’s family into it and she did not give a damn about Ellsworth last week, she used him, a despicable young lady this Carmella is!”
“This is smart by Carmella is going make Naomi fight angry and unfocused, I love it!” said Corey playing the heel commentator; like he does to perfection.
Carmella gets into the ring and Naomi does not even wait for to finish as she rushes out and attacks her from behind with pure anger, with a clothesline and the match has not officially, started.
Naomi throws her over the top rope to outside, “RING THE BELL NOW, CHOIDA!” yelled Naomi.

The referee rings the bell as Naomi, spring boards off the rope and clotheslines her again, “YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT MY HUSBAND LIKE THIS!” she yelled, at Carmella.
She then picks her up by the hair and tries to ram her face first into steel post, but Carmella blocks it and rams her face first into the apron, which only slows down Naomi for a little bit, “We saw what that ring post can do, earlier folks, Carmella distancing herself!” said JR.
“Smart move, let Naomi’s adrenaline run out and make her make a mistake, just like that!” as Carmella catches her coming in ring with a kick the back of Naomi’s head as she was chasing around the squared-circle.

Carmella, then picks, Naomi up by her hair and pulls it using referees count, she then whips, Naomi into the ropes, but she misses with a clothesline as Naomi comes of the ropes with a spinning heel kick and takes her down, “Naomi not even going for the cover!” said JR.
Naomi, mounts, Carmella, and hammers away with right hands and Carmella, is cut on her right eye slightly. Next, Carmella pushes her off and backs herself into the corner, which forces, Naomi, to run at her and Carmella, moves out of the way and she hits her head on the top turnbuckle and goes down.
Carmella is now in the driver’s seat so to speak as she starts work over her head, as she rams her into top turnbuckle again and then chokes her using her flexibility of her long legs several times, breaking everytime on the count of four, “Smart by Carmella using referees five count, flawlessly!” said Corey.
“Naomi made 1 mistake and now she is trouble, I don’t like these tactics at all by Carmella, but it seems be working!” explained JR.

Carmella then delivers a devastating running bulldog to, Naomi, out of the corner, she hooks the inside leg and gets a near fall off, of that offensive move. Carmella tries several times and cannot get the pinfall on Naomi, and she complains at the referees count even though, she got closer every time.
“Naomi, spending lot of energy having to kick out!” explained Corey.
Carmella, then picks up Naomi and delivers a piledriver, “THAT COULD BE ALL!” yelled JR as Naomi barely rolls the right shoulder off, of the canvas. She then lays Naomi in the corner, and goes to the other corner to set her up, for her Staten Island shuffle. She runs fall speed at Naomi and she moves out of the way as Carmella misses the bronco buster and lands in corner hard.
“Naomi, has a chance now!” shouted JR.

Naomi, recovers slowly holding her head; Carmella, staggers to her feet as well. Carmella, tries to clothesline, Naomi, but she ducks and then hits her with a dropkick, followed by another dropkick. Naomi, then clotheslines, Carmella, in the corner and she goes down, Naomi covers Carmella, now realizing her title is on the line, “Cover and a near fall!” shouted JR.
Naomi goes to the top rope and nails her with a perfect missile dropkick, “That has to be all, no Carmella is able to kick out… I, may not like her tactics tonight, but that was one hell of a kick out!” explained JR.
Naomi then, waits for Carmella to get up and starts doing her signature jumping kicks to her and nails her with a kick to the face that sends her down again. “This is bad news for the princess of statin Island, but she is very resourceful, the last few weeks!” said Corey.
Naomi then goes for the rear view, but Carmella pulls, Mike Chioda, the referee in the way, “The referee just got wiped out!” yelled JR.

Carmella rolls Naomi up, but there is no referee, “This is disgraceful, Carmella, had her down for a ten count!”
“Carmella was the one that pushed referee in the way, Corey!”
Carmella, then clotheslines Naomi as she got up quicker than her and rolls to the outside to find a weapon. She, gets Naomi’s championship belt and comes back in the ring and tries to nail her with it, but she misses and Naomi hits the rear view.
“THE, REAR VIEW!” yelled JR, “But, there is still no referee. There, is another referee, my god, Carmella kicked out, thanks to the delayed count!”
Naomi then goes to the top rope for her split legged Moonsalt, which she used to beat Alexa Bliss for her first championship, But Carmella counters it and hits her in the back of the head with a drop kick and stuns her.
“Amazing athleticism of Carmella!” explain Corey.
“Looks, like Carmella going for a Superplex, my god two beautiful woman crashing burning in the middle of that ring!” shouted JR.
Carmella, slowly crawls over for the cover with one arm draped over the chest of Naomi, “One, two… how in hell did Naomi kick out, JR!” asked Corey
“The heart and will to win!” explained JR.

Carmella tries to lock in the code of silence, but Naomi counters into her submission, but Carmella grabs bottom rope with her leg quickly, “that was very close, Naomi almost locked in the bad place submission that she beat Alexa with!” said Corey
Carmella crawls out of the ring and as Naomi tries to grab her she pulls her neck down on bottom rope and she rolls in and Locks in Code of Silence but isn’t able use her hand to add the full pressure yet, “That clothesline on middle rope softened neck up for this, move and now it locked in fully, we could have a new champion, the title is on the line!”
Naomi is quite close to that bottom rope as Carmella cranks back the pressure, “MY god Naomi will not give up… no, one has ever gotten out this!” shouted JR showing why he is best play by play announcer in business.
Naomi, scratches and claws and finally she makes it to bottom rope, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!” screamed Carmella, at the referee as she argues, Naomi gets a cradle pin, but only gets a two and half count.
Carmella, then throws out Naomi over the top rope, and she then tries a suicide dive but Naomi catches her with a forearm and she lands hard on the outside.
Naomi whips her back into the steel, post and the referee is up to count of six, “Please don’t let this match end in a double count out, JR, this will achieve nothing!”
Naomi tries to clothesline her, and hits head first into the steel post, “NOAMI hit the steel post and Carmella made it back in, but she won’t win the title!” explained JR.

“Here, is your winner by Count out, Carmella… however, the title can only change hands on a pinfall or submission so still your woman’s champion, Naomi!”
“That is a shame…. As Carmella now holds 3 victories and one being in a championship match!”
Carmella then takes belt from the referee and holds it up, “I won… I, should be champion!” screamed Naomi.
“Carmella is not the champion!” explained JR, as Naomi tries to get back in the ring as she nails her in face with belt, busting her open and she then goes into a rage and starts hammering her in the ring, as she was so close to winning, until Daniel Bryan comes out.
“Carmella stop it!” he pauses, “I, saw what happened… you, will get another shot at the title, if you stop this beatdown as the match is over. You, will get your title shot at Money in the Bank PPV, and this match will be a, falls count anywhere match, to make sure we have a legit winner!”
Carmella, then holds the title up and stands over Naomi, “just, like she said she would earlier, JR, She is next champion!” said Corey.
“We will find out at the PPV, so long until next week!” said JR as the show comes to an end in the main event.

Time of Match 20 minutes and winner = Carmella by count out

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