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I love to write fictional stories, sensual, exotica, erotica stories, some based on my real life, some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess, I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be, behind closed doors.

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WWE, Fictional Storyline, Smackdown, 23/05/2017
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“Welcome, everyone I am Jim, Ross, Joined by Corey Graves. Now, coming off, of the Backlash PPV, we saw The, Welcome Committee, put in their place as Charlotte, Becky and Naomi Purpose injured the leader of the faction, putting her out of action, as post-match they beat her down with steel pipe to back; she, is to have Spinal surgery (Kayfabe). She, will return in about 2 months’ time.
“This was a heinous act and uncalled for. These two, woman and the champion, should be setting an example for young girls and they should have been fined, heavily for this!”
“You, are wrong, Corey, they had this coming for weeks, bullying charlotte, Becky and Naomi, using their strength in numbers!”
Corey, just shakes his head at Jim, Ross as Carmela’s music as she moonwalks her way down with her mascot, so called boyfriend James Ellsworth.

Segment 1 – Opening Promo

She enters, the squared circle and grabs the microphone, she plays out the fact their team lost and doesn’t give a crap. She then explains the following, “I pinned Naomi, twice on Smackdown, Live. Where, the hell is my title shot?”
“Naomi, cannot hang with the, Princess of Staten, Island, I will turn her glow into a profound darkness, when I put her out with the, code of Silence!”
“She, makes a good Point, JR!” said Corey.
“Can’t argue with you, there!” replied JR.

Then outcomes, Daniel Bryan the Smackdown, General Manager to, yes chants with his music. He, says to Carmella, “You indeed, haven beaten her twice in tag matches. However, they were tag team matches, Playa!” taking a piece of, hall of famer teddy Long.
“I, don’t care, what it was… I beaten her twice, give my championship match now!”
“Jeez, calm down, Carmella… You will get your opportunity at the next, week… if you can beat, Becky Lynch, later tonight!” replied, Shane.
“Becky, has not won a match in ages, duh!” said, James Ellsworth.
“Last time I checked, I am the, General, Manager of Smackdown, Live and Naomi will be on commentary to keep your, ass in check, this match will be the main event tonight!”
Carmella looks, on not very happy, to say the least.

Segment 2 – Backstage Segment

Tamina is interviewed by one of the wwe interviewers, “Tough loss for your team, last night when it was an even playing field!”
“Shut, your mouth, and get the hell out of here… before I, I beat some respect into your ass!” said Tamina Angrily.
“Now, Naomi… I want that title as well, if my girl Carmella, does not win tonight. It would be my pleasure in beating the living hell out of your ass and taking what is rightfully mine, the Smackdown Live, Women’s championship!”

She, slams down microphone and she sees, charlotte backstage and she quickly attacks her from behind. She then rams her head, first into to steel door.
“My god, that was a brutal attack, and it was from behind!” said JR.
“Tamina, wanting to make a name for herself, here on Smackdown Live!”
Tamina then picks her up, and hits her signature, Samoan drop right on the hard surface backstage. Charlotte is hurt badly as, official run in to separate her from, doing more damage.

Shane, then comes backstage, “Since you like attacking people from, behind… I, have made a match next week between you and charlotte as I know, she will want revenge!”
“Good, I am sick and tired of being ignored or not being in a match on the show!” she then walks off and it goes to a commercial break.

Segment 3 – Becky Lynch vs Carmella w/ James Ellsworth.

The Smackdown Live, Women’s champion, Naomi comes out to the ring in her glow theme. And then hits the commentating area with Corey and JR; they both, shake her hand, “Welcome Naomi!” said JR.
“Its. Cool to be out here, you know… I want to see who the next victim of feeling, my glow is… you feel me!” replied Naomi.

Next, comes out, Carmella to her entrance music, with her annoying wannabe, boyfriend, James Ellsworth. She moonwalks on the isle, then gets into the ring and takes off her normal, ring gear and awaits… her opponent.
Next, out comes Becky, Lynch, the Irish Lass, Kicker. She gets a standing ovation being one of the top babyfaces on, Smackdown Live. The bell rings and the, number contenders match is under way.

Collar and elbow, tie up and, Carmella takes over Becky Lynch with an arm drag and lets everyone know about it, “She needs focus on what she is doing inside the ring!” mentioned Naomi.
Becky, yells, “Come on!” as she locks up with her again and pushes her against the ropes and tries for a clean break. However, Carmella, had other plans… as she takes a swing at Becky who ducks out the way and gives her a over the head belly to belly suplex across the ring, she slithers out of the ring as she knows a shot at the title is on the line, next week.
“Carmella showing, forms of brilliance here… breaking Becky’s momentum!” explained, Corey Graves
“She is just scared!” replied Naomi as she kisses her teeth at, Corey Graves.
Becky, chases after her and James Ellsworth, causes a distraction getting in her way. Carmella, then from behind shoves, Becky face first into the steel post, knocking onto the floor, “Gosh, lucky she wasn’t busted open right there!” said, JR.

Carmella now goes on the offensive as she rams her again face first into the steel post, before the referee comes outside and warns her, “Get in the ring now, I am telling you… or you be out of here!”
Carmella then throws Becky back into the ring, and she goes for a cover, “Only a two count, but Becky is hurt from that, outside the ring action!” explained JR.
“That, Ellsworth, needs be banned from ringside!” stated Naomi.
“No, he has a, managers license… so, he can be there all night!” answered back Corey with his cockiness.
Carmella mounts, Becky and strikes with several, vicious right hands to the face. Becky covers up, and pushes her off eventually…. but, she picks her up by her orange, coloured hair and shoves her into the corner and chokes, Becky with her long legs, showing her flexibility off, “What the hell does Carmella even see in Ellsworth?”
“I, couldn’t tell you, but Becky needs to get out of that corner!” replied, JR.
Becky fights back with an elbow… however, she misses the second one as, Carmella, moves and she then scores with a clothesline, and she covers her and gets, another near fall. Carmella, drops a leg drop across the throat of, Becky and after that, gets another count of two, on Becky. She, then starts to get frustrated at the referee, clapping her hands at him to count faster.
“Carmella needs to focus on, Becky!” Said Corey.
Corey, was 100%, correct as Becky knocks her down with a drop kick, but is unable to capsulize, on that offensive move.

Both woman, are slow to get up, and they beat each other in the centre of the squared-circle; Carmella, strikes with a right hand, but it is blocked and Becky, lands a right hand of her own instead, straight to her jawline. “Carmella. is rocked, Becky strikes again!” said JR as he raising his voice keeping right tone, being best announcer, to ever announce any form of entertainment.
Becky then connects with another dropkick, this one lands in the Kisser, and she covers, Carmella and gets a two and half count on her. Next, Becky, picks her up and gives her a snap suplex, for another near fall, “She needs to hook the leg if she has any chance of beating the Princess of Statin, Island!” said Corey.
Naomi, continues to watch on silently, watching her competition, as the camera zooms in on her.

Becky then, hooks her up for the, Beck plex, but Carmella blocks it, but, Becky, rolls through into the disarmer… however, she was too close to the ropes and Carmella, wisely reaches the bottom rope for the break and rolls outside the ring. Next, Becky, baseball slides, Carmella, right into the side of the jaw again and takes her down to the outside; she slides out after her.
Becky, picks her up and tries to get her in the ring, Ellsworth interferes yet again; but, Carmella, bit boots her own boyfriend, “HA, HA, that will teach him!” laughed Naomi.
Becky laughs at him and then decks, Carmella with a vicious lariat and her skull bounces off, of the thin mats on the outside of the ring. Next, Becky throws her back in the ring and goes to top rope.
“Becky going up top, for something big?” said Corey Graves.

Carmella kicks her in the head from the ground, and stuns, Becky, she then hits a devastating suplex and drapes her arm over Becky’s, chest, “Huge suplex, how close was that!” yelled JR in excitement.
“Damn, they are going all out tonight to face, me whoever wins, deserves to face me next week, damn girlfriends!” said Naomi, in her type of talk.
Carmella, attempts to wrap, Becky up in the Code of Silence, head scissors submission, she gets it locked in but is unable to apply full pressure with her hand as Becky is, able to get to the ropes, as well for the break.
“What a cowardly move by Becky!” said Corey.
“You, praised Carmella earlier, sigh!” JR shakes his head at Corey.
Carmella holds it for almost the full five count risking a disqualification, but she breaks in time.

The damage was done as she picks up, Becky and attempts a pile-driver, but Becky reverses it into back, body-drop, “GREAT COUNTER AND THE DISARMER IS LOCKED IN MIDDLE OF THE RING!” Yelled JR.
“What, the hell is, Ellsworth, doing on the apron… let, me go take care of this!” said Naomi as she leaves the commentating area, Meanwhile, Becky is distracted, “CARMELLAS GOT HER ROLLED UP!” shouted JR as Becky, this time kicks out at two and a half.

Next, Naomi kicks, Ellsworth in the legs, knocking him off the apron; Becky has had enough of him as well and goes to help Naomi. They both grab, Ellsworth and get on the announce table, “For love of god, get down… Corey, let’s move!”
“I am with you partner!” as they both quickly get out of the way; JJ, still has his head set on somehow.

Carmella watches in shock; but, takes full advantage and springboards over the top rope knocking both, Naomi and Becky Lynch down to the canvas. She then grabs the woman’s championship, belt and hits Becky in the face with almost knocked her out; whilst, the referee was attending to naomi.
“My, god that’s not right… damn it!” yelled JR, as Carmella rolls Becky in the ring now.
“The leg is hooked… this academic now, NO ITS NOT OVER… NOT RIGHT NOW ANYWAY, AS BECKY GOT A SHOULDER UP!”
“How the hell did she kick out of that!” replied Corey in total shock.
Carmella, tries to lock in code of Silence, but its countered into kick to mid-section, followed by Beck, Plex to other side of the ring. Becky, staggers to other side, of the ring, Becky, goes for the cover.

However, Carmella, counters with the Code of Silence due to damage sustained to, Becky’s head with that title, belt shot. Carmella, Twists, Becky’s body so she, is more in middle of the ring and cranks the pressure back with her hand, “BECKY WILL NOT GIVE UP, SHE BETTER TAP OR SOME SERIOUS DAMAGE WILL BE DONE!” yelled Corey.
Becky fights with everything she got, but damage was done to her head, and she fades into unconscious, state… but, she never gave up as referee, rings the bell, and awards, Carmella victory.
“So, we know next week, it will be princess of Staten Island vs Naomi for championship, and it will be the main event again, so long until next week’s folk”

Match results – Time 15 minutes – winner and number one contender – Carmella.

As the show goes off the air, Carmella leaves Ellsworth, lying in heap and rubble… formerly, known as the announce table, not caring about him at all, as she was just using him to get to the title.

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