Diva Fan-fiction Storyline – Night of Champions 2015!

Earlier in the evening Jim Ross was re-hired to Commentate only on the divas Division by Divas GM, Stephanie McMahon. She Explained the Diva Revolution is not just a slogan, but the future of this business after that she thanked everyone for their timed and set the motion for the first match.

Later on in the night we come finally to the Divas Championship match where Charlotte Flair will challenge Nikki Bella, “It is now time for the most anticipated Divas championship match!”
“let’s show you how this all came to play, the longest reigning championship reign will be tested against the Hall of Famer’s daughter Charlotte and it is in her blood and genes and a former NXT Divas Champion. It is also her dream to be Divas champion can lightning strike much Like, AJ when Paige burst on the scenes and Upset AJ, take a look at this!” explained Jim Ross.
The promo package is shown, where they showed Nikki dominating and then Stephanie changing the game with introduction of new Divas such as Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Charlotte. Also they explained that Nikki Bella can lose the title via a disqualification and count out due her constantly using Twin Magic.

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