Dungeon Master(Ficitonal Story) Chapter 9 – A Blue Gem and A Third Degree Burn!

Once the door is fully opened they can see little bit ahead up to around 15 paces there is wooden door which is coloured brown. It also has a window at the top which is a semi-circular shape; it is too high to see through and past the wooden door. The cavern leads off to the left as well. Just in front of the door is looked to be another small square pressure plate on the floor. As the entourage got closer it was confirmed that was what it was also on the right hand cavern wall there was a new type of socket carved perfectly into it. It is shaped like a pentagon with the semi-circle at the top at and it is situated next to the wooden door that appears be tightly locked by this new mechanism. Some writing can be seen next to the socket was etched next to it.
“Step right up and step going down.” said Sabrina reading out the text on the wall using her lore knowledge to decipher it.
“Look out Andy there is pit in the side passage and you are going to fall down it!” yelled Karna as she grabs him by the arm and pulls him to safety.
“Oh thank you Karna, you nearly did the same earlier!” replied Andy, thanking Karna delicately.
“We need to find a way to close this trap door and then work out how to get this door open, unless the item we need is deeper inside this area. Also this is no room, why is it called Room of the Gem, or could be behind that door, very strange indeed!” mentioned Karna.

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Dungeon Master Fictional Story

Hello all, this is my first story I am working on I have now added 8 chapters to fictional story section of the site. All 8 chapters can be read in the contents page see link below I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed thinking it up with my creative mind and writing it.

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Welcome to my new Profesional Writing Website!

Hello all I am excited to finally release my brand new professional writing website. This site will contain many different professional written stories by myself in many styles and genres. Though I write better fictional stuff than anything I want to try new styles of stories for all audiences to enjoy,.

Just remember if you visit my erotica section this is for adults only please leave that section alone if you are under 18.
For more information on me check out my main site on navigation at the top, this also includes photos of me and much more!

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Over the Limit PPV Diva Storyline – Fanfiction – 22/05/2011 – Part 2 – Evel Intentions Backfire!

First a promo package is shown on how Eve became the number one contender and how she attacked Gail Kim, Eve is then smiling as she cuts her promo in the backstage area, “In a few short minutes we will be crowning me as the Divas champion for the third time, oh and Gail hope you are watching in on your TV, this is all your fault, you brought this all on yourself for being selfish, and not helping me as all you divas only care about yourselves!”

Eve comes out to her entrance music; she does not even do a pose at all in her entrance like she used to and she has her game face on and is ready to win back her covenant Divas Championship from Brie Bella. She gets ready for Brie Bella who comes out with the Divas championship, “I am sure their game plan has changed now that twin magic will not be affected in this match” said JR.

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Over the Limit PPV Diva Storyline Part 1 of 2 – 22/05/2011 – I Would not want to be Kaitlyn Right now!

A video footage was shown leading up to the match.

“This next contest is divas match and has No Disqualification, it is a falls count anywhere match and it is scheduled for one fall!” said Justin Roberts.
Layla comes out first wearing a brand new outfit; “she has changed, showing a darker side of late attacking Natalya for no reason and then this ongoing rivalry” said Josh.
“However, this maybe exactly what Layla will need to defeat Natalya here tonight!” replied Booker T.

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