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Hi all, My name is, Natasha, I am an, ex Webcam Model, (Was forced into it due to an ex boyfriend, giving me financial problems), now turned, professional writer. It has always been, my dream to be an author, since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, sensual, exotica, erotica stories, some based on my real life, some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess, I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be, behind closed doors.

If I do, Publish a story it will be removed from the site and put in a paid section or you will need buy the story. I will always have free stories for you to read and allow you to read my drafts of, my novels!

I, Really hope you enjoy the stories on my site.

Please leave your feedback in the comments section to the stories.
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Meaning you must be over 18 to visit my Erotica and Adult Video Section, the rest of the site is okay for children, Parents please supervise them accordingly the entrance of my site even states this so the risks are yours. i will not be held legally responsible for these actions.

The writing that I do is strictly done by myself unless stated otherwise. Do, not steal my videos either.


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Dungeon Master – Chapter 15 – Short-cut or no Short...
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The group then stops for a second after learning of a possible short cut through the dungeon and then determines what they want to do with this short cut, “Hmm, Do we wish to take this short-cut as we do currently have the golden key for it?” asked Andy.
“I would say no, but open it up anyway just to be safe incase we have to quickly get back to the water source on level 2. If we skip stuff; we may miss several Armour upgrades, Weapons and food that we will eventually need,” replied Karna.
“Good Idea, Karna,” replied Isai. Read the rest of this entry

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Lost in the Woods! (18+ Erotica story)
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It is a bright and sunny day with a gentle breeze flowing through the air; a woman who is aged about twenty six is packing her stuff to go hiking and possibly camping out in the woods. She has amazing black and silky hair, it is long and drapes down her back to her lower back. She is wearing a high cut, crimson, red top, which shows most of her body revealing her lovely navel, which is also pierced perfectly with a small ring. On her back she has a beautiful tattoo of Ma’at the goddess of protection on her tail-bone, which watches over and protects her. Along with her top she has a crimson, red shorts on and a pair of Nike, sneakers as she is preparing to go hiking in the woods after all. She has amazing hazel eyes that glisten in the light and can pierce someone’s heart making them fall in love with her. She also has an amazing figure as well along with a 36 D Chest size, which the top shows perfectly along with some lovely cleavage that they boys love so much. Read the rest of this entry

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Chapter 14 – A Supernatural Presence
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After they awake Karna rubs her hand over Andy’s forehead to check he is okay and does not have a fever or any side effects from the anti-venom, “Are you okay now, Andy?” asked Karna afterwards.
“Yes, Thank you, honey,” replied Andy as he gives her a good morning kiss not caring about Sana and Isai watching; Karna kisses him back and says, “I will bring my awareness up to an even greater feat, today!” explained Karna.
“No, Karna, you was already holding off two worms already. It was just two new ones came and this is where we need to help you; you cannot see everything that goes on all the time!” replied Andy.
“You are too sweet, Andy, but maybe your are right!” answered Karna.
“Yes, we will try to warn you also from the back, since we can see more being at a ranged perspective,” said Sana as she illuminates the area with her Ful Rune.
“We have these four worms lying here. Maybe we can use these as a source of food?” asked Isai.
“Hmm, let try cutting them up. Sana, your dagger is still sticking in the side of one of them, here you go,” said Karna as she passes the dagger back to her. Read the rest of this entry

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Chapter 13 – Deadly Venom Strikes!
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The four of them awake and stretch their bodies; both Sana and Karna flick their silky hair backwards and over their shoulders, “Morning, Lovely,” said Andy to Karna.
“Morning to you too, dear,” replied Karna.
Isai and Sana have a quick cuddle and kiss before Sana illuminates the area once again with her Ful Rune; the area becomes bright and they are faced with the closed wooden door that is now blocking the way ahead.
“I guess we should start chopping this door?” suggested Andy. Read the rest of this entry

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One, Hot Elevator Ride! (18 + Only)
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It is a cold day out, which is unusual for the weather of Jacksonville Beach, Florida in the month of May; a fine looking young lady gets out of her red, Ford Puma. She locks the door with her remote control and sets the alarm on her car; She is five foot and eight inches tall. She has really light, black hair, which shines and blows in the wind as she walks; she feels the light breeze of the wind as well as it blows gently over her. She has light, Brown hazel eyes and a body to die for one of the sexiest business woman you will ever feast your jolly little eyes on. The lady is wearing a a short, black skirt, but the professional black one. She is wearing no tights or anything to go along with the skirt that stops just above her knees as she seems to like to show off her legs a lot and it is to no surprise why. The woman also is wearing a white blouse with button up the middle of it; It does show a little bit of cleavage, but not very much and over the top she is wearing her professional business jacket which has the black line design and it is made by YSL.
Read the rest of this entry

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