Book 1 – Journey to The Tomb of The Firestaff – contents page

Note, this is still in the first draft stage, so if some of my grammar is wrong, don’t kill me please =p

Book 1 – Journey to The Tomb of The Firestaff

Prologue – View

Chapter 1 – The Great Journey! – View

Chapter 2 – The Hall of Champions! – View

Chapter 3 – The Descent Into the Darkness Begins! – View

Chapter 4 – Screamers and Mummies! – View

Chapter 5 – Learning the Value of Teamwork! – View

Chapter 6 – Making a Wish! – View

Chapter 7 – Choosing their Fate! – View

Chapter 8 – Dissension in the Party! – View

Chapter 9 – A Blue Gem and a Third-Degree Burn! – View

Chapter 10 – Voyage Into the Vault! – View

Chapter 11 – The Chambers of The Guardian!View

Chapter 12 – Preparing to Face their Doom! – View

Chapter 13 – Deadly Venom Strikes! – View

Chapter 14 – a Supernatural presence! – View

Chapter 15 – Short Cut or no Short Cut! – View

Chapter 16 – Learning the Usefulness of Magic! – View

Chapter 17 – The Magenta Worms Lair! – View

Chapter 18 – Treasure Stores – View

Chapter 19 – the Ambush of the Deadly Coautl! – View

Chapter 20 – The, Store Rooms – View

Book 2

Second Life – Dancer Guide to Becoming a Very Good Exotic Dancer.

This is my guide to becoming a good dancer in Second Life. Follow these steps. This all resembles me dancing in a skimpy white bikini so you will need change what you are wearing in the descriptions, this is just handbook, to help you. I am not creating a page for this as it’s a guide and not a story.

  • Your Appearance and Personality.

This is the first presence, people will notice when they enter your club. Make sure you are dressed properly too, you can go sexy outfits or full outfits and strip slowly to entice them, but make sure it looks good, there’s no alpha layers fitted wrong, get Mesh as well Maitreya Lara is what I use. Don’t use the basic shape make the avatar to fit your personality I did mine resemble me in real life but with volume turned up, more tattoos that are well designed and some red highlighted, layered hair.

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Dungeon Master Trilogy – Book 1 – Chapter 18 – Treasure Stores!

“It draws closer, get ready! It must be some form of swamp creature; it has slime pouring down from it’s body!” shouted Karna to the others with a disgusting and distained look on her face.
As the entity becomes visible; it is a dark, green colour and it darker than the Screamers, they had already encountered. The monster, also has blue tentacles, which are moving about and are coming out of the top of it; this appears to be the creatures face.
Suddenly, Isai yells out, “DUCK!” as an incoming poisonous bolt flies towards them through the air.
It was much like Sana’s poisonous bolt, but it looked to be a much larger and more powerful, projectile than what, Sana already possesses. They all duck out of the way just in the nick of time as the bolt then collides with the dungeon wall next to the grey-scaled, stairs, behind them that were leading back up to the previous floor.
“Okay, we have never had to fight monsters with spells before and we have very little room here to move and avoid other than ducking!” explained Sana.

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The Romanian Pole Dancing Stripper

Chapter 1 – A perfect meeting of a special Client!

In the town of Northolt, which is situated, on the west side of the city of London, which is also the capital city of the England. Lives a lovely Young lady that is aged twenty-five and she is a healthy young woman. The lady has the most sexiest silky, long black hair that drapes down to her mid-back that you will ever see. She also has a pair of stunning black opal, gemstones in as her eyes and they just melt your heart when she looks at you when it is not even meant in a seductive way. She is wearing a tight dress at the moment, which is coloured black and only goes down to her knees, she has a pair of matching louboutins, which are also coloured black. She also has a black Louboutin handbag, which cost around £500 she is getting ready to go out and to work for the night.

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The Persian Goddess, Vasanta Lockheart! 18+

In the suburbs of Northolt within the city of London a beautiful young lady is packing the last of clothes ready for her vacation in Jacksonville Beach Florida, she is about meet her boyfriend for the first time as she had been dating him online. She is a mixture of Persian and English heritage, she has opal, black eyes and long black hair that drapes down over her mid back. She is five feet and eight inches tall in height and has 36D sized breasts and a athletic-type petit, body with the cutest ass you will ever feast your eyes on. She is currently wearing a white tank top and black jeans, with black stilettos, she packs away her business outfit as she wanted to show him this outfit in person and refused to take a photo of this outfit, she also packs a kinky black, French Maid;s outfit as she thinks to out loud to her self, ‘If things go perfectly this would be a nice treat for my sweet and sexy Alan.

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