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Hi all, My name is, Natasha, I am an, ex Webcam Model, (Was forced into it due to an ex boyfriend, giving me financial problems), now turned, professional writer. It has always been, my dream to be an author, since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, sensual, exotica, erotica stories, some based on my real life, some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess, I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be, behind closed doors.

If I do, Publish a story it will be removed from the site and put in a paid section or you will need buy the story. I will always have free stories for you to read and allow you to read my drafts of, my novels!

I, Really hope you enjoy the stories on my site.

Please leave your feedback in the comments section to the stories.
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Meaning you must be over 18 to visit my Erotica and Adult Video Section, the rest of the site is okay for children, Parents please supervise them accordingly the entrance of my site even states this so the risks are yours. i will not be held legally responsible for these actions.

The writing that I do is strictly done by myself unless stated otherwise. Do, not steal my videos either.


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Exotica Erotica Story
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The First Time, I ever Made Love (Written In 3rd Person) ( Real Story)


It was a nice, hot summer day and in the town of Northolt, outside the city of London, lived a girl named, Natasha. She, had just turned eighteen years old; she was craving, what it would be like to finally get some dick, inside of her, as she wanted to make love, so badly to her first boyfriend, that day. She was forced to wait three, long months, which seemed unending; because, her boyfriend Daniel was not eighteen, until this very day.

Natasha, was a very beautiful, young girl, who had dark, long silky hair, with deep, sensual black, opal eyes, and a smile that could warm any, arctic cold breeze into an incinerating, hot blaze. To, go along with her beautiful face, was a body, that every guy at school wanted to fuck, as it was athletic, toned and chiseled, like a statue of a beautiful princess, from a fairy tale. She, had recently got a beautiful silver metal, piercing inside of her, tummy button. It was in the shape of a ring, that went through her tummy, button and out at the top. Soon as, Natasha, turned an adult age and could purchase any tattoo, that she wanted; she, already knew what she wanted to get inked onto her tailbone. It was a very beautiful, tattoo of a Goddess of Protection, called, Ma’at, to watch over her. Natasha’s parents, did not like this idea; but, her mother and father supported and loved her, no matter the choices she made in life as, Natasha, was their baby girl. Her, heritage is an exotic mixture of Romanian and English, which made, Natasha, have such an exquisite, look to her; she knew deep down, she could fuck, any guy at school, she ever wanted. Although, she decided only one guy, at her school, was worthy of entering her, sacred cavern.

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Dungeon Master Trilogy – Book 1 – Chapter 19 – The...
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The creature is colored yellow along its scaly body; but, the head is a dark, green colour. The entity has shades of green on its tail and it has two large, blue tinted-wings as well. It is a cross-breed of a dragonfly and a large king, cobra, but much bigger in size of a serpent. It has an extremely, large mouth, which was vast enough to bite a limb off; Karna tries to intercept it, with her iron shield, but it much too fast for her. It lunges with its mouth and grabs Isai by his left leg, and then starts to drag him away from the party. “GET IT OFF, OF ME, KARNA AND RHEILL!” yelled Isai in total panic and pain as it starts to gnaw on his leg.
Karna, quickly catches up and stabs the creature in the side of the serpent’s throat, forcing it against the right-handed, dungeon wall, “Drop him now, minion of the Aztec god, Quetzalcoatl!
This forces the monster to drop him momentarily onto the floor, Sana, quickly pulls Isai out of harm’s way, and Isai, has a massive hole in his leg; blood squirts on her face.
“Isai, I don’t mean to make you worry more, but blood is going everywhere!” screamed Sana in desperation.
Next, Sana wipes the blood from her face with her free hand and reaches for her dagger; she cuts off strips of his leather jerkin. Rheill, sees Sana helping him and shouts, “Seal his wound and move him behind the teleporter, to where he cannot get you, me and Karna will finish this new devastating, beast off!”

Sana, looks at him in disbelief as she wants to help after patching him up.
“SANA, DON’T ARGUE WITH RHEILL, JUST DO IT!” Screamed Karna, she then lowers her voice a little bit, “He is the only one that can heal. This thing is poisonous; give him the antidote, ASAP!”
The evil snake-type beast, pushes Karna with massive force to floor as it frees itself from her blade, but it is bleeding heavily; it then tries to bite Karna; but, she blocks it with her shield laying on her back. The creature takes her shield into its mouth and as this happens, Rheill shouts “Karna roll, out of the way!”
Rheill comes crashing down with his, two-handed Axe, and chops the serpents, head right off, in the same spot, Karna, injured it with the blade of her sword.
After slashing right through the serpent’s neck, the axe then strikes the ground violently; he didn’t want to damage her shield or well-being, “Thank you, Rheill, for warning me!” said a thankful, Karna.
Meanwhile, whilst the fight was going on; Sana reaches for the only Anti-venom, potion that was left. This, creature seemed to have a less toxic venom than the Magenta Worms; but, Sana followed Karna’s instructions to be safe. She, gets, Isai, stable and stops the bleeding and hands him an empty flask, “When you have the strength, try to make another, VI, healing potion!”
“Please, hold the flask for me as this pain is unbearable,” cried Isai,
Sana, comforts him and holds the empty-transparent, glassed flask in her right hand. Isai, is now able to channel his magical energy into flask creating another, VI, healing potion, “Let, me help you drink open your mouth, darling!” said Sana as Isai finally is released of the pain from that terrible bite.
Karna and Rheill poke the dead, beast and they see there is no way the creature is edible, as all that is left is its wings and snake-skinned, scaly body; they return to Sana and Isai back inside the chamber.

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Dungeon Master – Book 1 and Book 2 Contents page
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Note, this is still in the first draft stage, so if some of my grammar is wrong, don’t kill me please =p

Book 1 – Journey to The Tomb of The Firestaff

Prologue – View

Chapter 1 – The Great Journey! – View

Chapter 2 – The Hall of Champions! – View

Chapter 3 – The Descent Into the Darkness Begins! – View

Chapter 4 – Screamers and Mummies! – View

Chapter 5 – Learning the Value of Teamwork! – View

Chapter 6 – Making a Wish! – View

Chapter 7 – Choosing their Fate! – View

Chapter 8 – Dissension in the Party! – View

Chapter 9 – A Blue Gem and a Third-Degree Burn! – View

Chapter 10 – Voyage Into the Vault! – View

Chapter 11 – The Chambers of The Guardian!View

Chapter 12 – Preparing to Face their Doom! – View

Chapter 13 – Deadly Venom Strikes! – View

Chapter 14 – a Supernatural presence! – View

Chapter 15 – Short Cut or no Short Cut! – View

Chapter 16 – Learning the Usefulness of Magic! – View

Chapter 17 – The Magenta Worms Lair! – View

Chapter 18 – Treasure Stores! – View

Chapter 19 – the Ambush of the Deadly Coautl! – View

Chapter 20 – The, Store Rooms – View

Chapter 21 – Karna’s Tenacity! – View

Chapter 22 – Dangerous Potions! – view

Book 2

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Second Life – Dancer Guide to Becoming a Very Good Exotic ...
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This is my guide to becoming a good dancer in Second Life. Follow these steps. This all resembles me dancing in a skimpy white bikini so you will need change what you are wearing in the descriptions, this is just a handbook, to help you. I am not creating a page for this as it’s a guide and not a story.

  • Your Appearance and Personality.

This is the first presence, people will notice when they enter your club. Make sure you are dressed properly too, you can go sexy outfits or full outfits and strip slowly to entice them, but make sure it looks good, there’s no alpha layers fitted wrong, get Mesh as well Maitreya Lara is what I use. Don’t use the basic shape make the avatar to fit your personality I did mine resemble me in real life, but with volume turned up, more tattoos that are well designed and some red highlighted, layered hair.

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Dungeon Master Trilogy – Book 1 – Chapter 18 –...
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“It draws closer, get ready! It must be some form of swamp creature; it has slime pouring down from it’s body!” shouted Karna to the others with a disgusting and distained look on her face.
As the entity becomes visible; it is a dark, green colour and it darker than the Screamers, they had already encountered. The monster, also has blue tentacles, which are moving about and are coming out of the top of it; this appears to be the creatures face.
Suddenly, Isai yells out, “DUCK!” as an incoming poisonous bolt flies towards them through the air.
It was much like Sana’s poisonous bolt, but it looked to be a much larger and more powerful, projectile than what, Sana already possesses. They all duck out of the way just in the nick of time as the bolt then collides with the dungeon wall next to the grey-scaled, stairs, behind them that were leading back up to the previous floor.
“Okay, we have never had to fight monsters with spells before and we have very little room here to move and avoid other than ducking!” explained Sana.

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