Dungeon Master Trilogy – Book 1 – Prologue

Deep within the mountain of a dormant volcano in a land called Crom; it is set in ancient times. An old man dressed in a fine, black robe, he, has a white, long beard; it is not too long, it just covers his face. He is also carrying an illuminant, green staff in his right hand. He seems to be studying something deep down in the depths of the obsidian, dormant volcano; however, the flaming-hot liquid below is flowing beneath the small-ridge, below him.
You can hear the roaring sound of the incinerating and bubbling, hot magma; it gives off an intense aura of heat as the man wipes the sweat from his brow. He is attempting to fuse the staff with a large gem, which is carved into the wall; it gives off an illuminant, light-blue colour that sparkles brightly next to him.

“MASTER NO!” yelled a voice from the distance, “YOU MUST NOT FUSE STAFF WITHOUT KNOWING ITS TRUE NATURE; you will rupture the balance in the world!”
But, the man is too late to stop him as the man dressed in the black robes tries to fuse the staff with the large gem; suddenly an explosion happens instead and it echoes and rumbles throughout the magma chamber right at the bottom of the volcano. Shockingly, it does not erupt, but something has happened to him, “Finally, you have awoken me… my name is Chaos and I will consume your world with destruction!” said the man in black.
“Grey Lord?” asked the other man, “You have done well, Theron, helping the Grey Lord retrieve and study the Firestaff and brought it right to me. But, now I must study the staff further so I can can empower the staff with the Powergem, which is the gems true name and finally escape this cursed place!”
“ARISE MY MINIONS, rise once more and fight for me!” shouted Chaos.
Theron, watched in pure terror as he now looks at what is considered probification of pure evil. The grey lord is no more other than a large black, cloaked figure, his eyes glow with the embers of crimson-like fire. Suddenly, another voice is heard out of nowhere, “RUN THERON, get some adventurers, ASAP, we need to stop him from empowering the firestaff, I am the Lord of order, the good side of the Grey Lord!”
His form is now revealed to him as well; he is dressed in a white robe and looks more menacing as well, and a lot younger. He strikes at Chaos with a fireball, but it has no effect, “We cannot kill him, he also cannot kill me, we are one, there is only one way to stop him, and thats learning from the mistakes that I made, and thats why you MUST, ESCAPE quickly. Do not mention what has happened here today… other than they must restore the balance to the staff, as it will scare off adventurers!”
“Shut up… and die, you stupid, idiot!” yelled Chaos in fury and malice, as he strikes down the lord of order, with a gigantic Lightning bolt, “You were wrong it seems, I have killed you and I will destroy every last being of this land that you call Crom, with the power of the FIRESTAFF!”
“Oh, by the gods!” yelled Theron, now revealed that he is the apprentice of the wizard called the, Grey Lord who changed into the Lord of order and Chaos. Theron, runs as fast as he can and escapes the volcano unscathed; four years then passed after the incident within the gloomy mountain.





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