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Book 1 – Journey to The Tomb of The Firestaff – Chap...
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Chapter 9 – A Blue Gem and A Third Degree Burn!


Once the door is fully opened, they can now see a bit ahead of them up to around fifteen paces; there is a wooden door, which is coloured brown. It also has a window at the top, which is a semi-circular shape; it is too high to see through and past the wooden door; the cavern leads off to the left as well. Just in front of the door, looks to be another small, squared-pressure plate on the floor. As the entourage got closer, it was confirmed that is what it was; also on the right-hand cavern wall, there was a new type of socket that is carved perfectly into it. It is shaped like a pentagon with the semi-circle at the top of it and it is situated next to the wooden door that appears be tightly locked by this new type of mechanism. Some writing can be seen next to the socket, which was carved into the wall next to it.
“Step right up, step going down,” said Sana, reading out the text aloud on the wall, using her lore and knowledge to decipher it.
“Look out, Rheill! There is a pit in the side passage and you are going to fall down it!” yelled Karna, as she grabs him by the arm and pulls him to safety.
“Oh, thank you, Karna! You nearly did the same earlier!” replied Rheill, thanking Karna delicately.
“We need to find a way to close this trap-door and then work out how to get this door open, unless the item we need is deeper inside this area. Also, this is no room, why is it called Room of the Gem, or could it be it is behind the door, very strange indeed,” mentioned Karna.
“Well, we know we can place an item on it, but we kind of do not have much, but because this is at the entrance we can grab it back again. I will sacrifice an arrow, since I do not have a bow for this yet anyway,” declared Isai.
He then places the arrow down and the trap-door closes and they can proceed via the intersection.
“This door looks like it will only open with the proper item,” said Sana.
Karna leads the way, but she draws her sabre and readies her wooden shield, although they come to another portcullis door that is sealed tightly shut. However, conveniently there is another blue diamond-shaped button carved into the wall with perfection, which is to the left of the portcullis door.
“Let us open it up!” said Rheill.
Karna moves to the door, ready for anything, as the passage branches around a corner, but nothing could be seen.
“Open it, Rheill!” asked Karna.
Rheill presses the button and the door opens, up, but something else happens that they do not notice as they head around the corner.
The passage winds two times around to the left and then to the right; they follow the path carefully, so as not to cut themselves on the razor-sharp edges of the cavern walls. It then comes to a junction; the left way leads to a dead end, a small niche, and nothing was to be found there, so they ignore it for now. However, they come across a group of four Mummies.
“Not these guys again!” shouted Rheill.
“They are not guys,” replied Isai.
“Focus, we now have much work to do!” said Karna as she moves in to engage them much like their previous fights.
She draws the creatures’ attention, “Do we have any torches left, Isai?” asked Sana.
“Yes, but hopefully we can discover a fire spell later to burn these!” exclaimed Isai, as he pulls out one of the spare torches.
Sana channels her magic to the torch and lights it up; Karna is busy defending all of them. The Mummies have no weapons so it is too easy for her to defend and she could do this forever. She continues to just simply block their incoming punches with her wooden shield and then she rushes away back to the group, “Now Isai, throw it and burn them to a crisp!” yelled Karna.
Karna’s yell attracts two blue, Ant creatures, who decide to turn up as the Mummies burn. They show amazing intelligence for Ant creatures and wait for the scorching, hot flames to die down from the burning Mummies. Now what shocks the group more than anything is that one of the blue Ant creatures picks up the torch and throws it at the group.
“Move now!” shouted Rheill as he pulls them all around the corner as the fiery, hot burning torch flies across towards the cavern wall. Next, it hits the wall, but the wall does not catch alight due to Chaos’ magic and being made out razor, sharp stones.
“What the hell gives them that kind of intelligence!” screamed Sana.
Karna and Rheill rush in now and engage the Ant creatures in melee combat and take them down easily as there were only two of them.

“Keep your weapons out; there could be more hostiles!” suggested Karna.
They move carefully to the left-side passageway and see that there is another way around the corner.
“Which way, do we go?” asked Rheill.
“Not sure, but the risk of an ambush is high, either way we choose. Rheill, please can you watch that turning ahead while I quickly scout out this way?” asked Karna.
“Is it wise to split up?” queried Isai.
“I am not going far, just a little bit to see if anything is there,” answered Karna.
Karna slowly scouts ahead; while Rheill watches over Sana and Isai. She sees another intersection and a pile of rocks in it. They are located, in the dead end of that intersection; the corridor also continues past that. She decides not to wonder off too far and quickly heads back to where the others are waiting.
“Nothing down there; let us go down the other way quickly since this is safe. The passage goes further though, and takes another turn,” said Karna.
“This was clear as well, but the passage goes further,” replied Rheill.
“Isai grab that torch and keep it in case, we meet more Mummies!” explained Sana.
She puts it out as her light source is far superior now to any torch. They follow the passageway that branched out around the corner rather than taking the left intersection instead, only to follow it to a dead end.
“Great choice this was!” declared Sana.
“We chose the wrong way, it is no big deal, Sana; let us just go back,” said Isai.
They backtrack all the way to the turning and take the intersection now instead. They see the dead end off, of the left intersection after taking the new turning that Karna had scouted out earlier.
“Let me check through this pile of rocks; maybe the item lies hidden here?” suggested Karna.
“Be careful, dear!” replied Rheill.
Karna walks over to the pile of rocks and begins to try to rummage through the rocks. Alas, to her dismay, they will not budge, although unknowingly to Karna, it happened to not be a pile of rocks, but a living creature. It suddenly shows it true form in the form of scorching, hot fangs that were hiding underneath it and it burns Karna’s arm; she falls, down in agony and her arm is on fire. Her leather makes a horrid, burning sound as the leather on her arm is engulfed and is burned to a crisp and is slowly spreading to the rest of her leather-armoured suit.

“I AM BURNING, HELP ME!” screaming in pure terror as the fangs felt hotter than any fire or burns she has ever had done to her. Luckily, the shield was on her back so it did not burn up as it was made of wood.
Karna is suffering badly, but her leather-armoured suit may have saved her skin from being totally, destroyed. Rheill hastily moves Karna away and uses his intelligence to smother the flames by rolling Karna over and over on the ground. His actions cause the fire to be extinguished quickly, as Rheill does not let it spread an inch further, but Karna is still screaming and rolling on the floor in pain.
“We need to make a swift retreat, we do not know anything about this creature and our protector needs serious aid and fast,” explained Sana, worryingly.
“It burns so much, make it stop!” screamed Karna, crying out.
Small teardrops can be seen from her light-hazel eyes and then become invisible once they reach the side of her cheek beneath her berserker-styled helmet. The pain is even too much for her to bear, without showing some form of visual emotion on her face; after all, she is only human, but helmet protected her pride a little. She struggles on the floor still; Rheill stays by Karna’s side, as he can see she needs him more than anything right now. He then holds her and gathers her up into his strong muscular arms again.
Now holding her in his arms, he attempts to soothe Karna, by saying, “Karna, lie still. I know it hurts!”
He clutches her good hand while holding her gently as he comforts her. Karna suddenly interlocks her fingers with his fingers and is extremely brave; Rheill carries her back, while keeping his right hand locked with hers. He does have to support the weight of her shield but it is not that heavy as it is only made of hardwood, though it is quite large. Also, luckily for the party the new type of rocky, fiery creature they just encountered seems to not move, or is very slow as it does not pursue them at all.Meanwhile, on the way back to the entrance to the Room of the Gem, Isai explains something, “I need to give her the VI potion that I gave to Sana, but we need get water on her arm to prevent further spreading and contain the burns. This is a huge risk we need to take and open that flooded area, or we could use the fountain, but it is further away!”
“Use the fountain, I can carry her, what the hell the pit trap is now blocking us!” yelled Rheill.
“That is impossible! The arrow had the pressure pad held down and there are no creatures between us!” said Isai in reply to Rheill.
“No, it is simply just some magic that teleported your arrow; it is over here. When we opened this door, the button must have been connected to a hidden vortex or teleporter and moved it. It is too hard to explain and we do not have the time right now. Throw the arrow again, Isai, so we can get Karna upstairs safely,” explained Sana.
Karna begins to moan in pain and starts to lose consciousness; Rheill shakes her, “Karna, do not lose consciousness, fight it, baby!”
A tear traces down Rheill’s face now for the first time, as he shows emotion from the incident, but the helmet shields his tear, but Karna hears his emotion, but not say anything at all. He is extremely worried and could not bear the thought of losing the woman he has just met and cares deeply for.
“Rheill, we will save her, just do not panic!” said Isai as he throws the arrow back onto the pad.
They exit through the chamber of the, Choose Your Fate room and back up to the stairs. Karna is barely awake and is about to fade away completely into an unconscious state, but Rheill gets the water on her wound. “Oh, by the gods, that burns, but not as much as what it did when it burned me!” screamed Karna.
Isai grabs an empty flask and pours his healing skills into it once again, making the VI potion.
“Karna, drink this! I am not sure if this will work against burns or just physical wounds,” said Isai.
Rheill then removes her helmet off, of her head allowing her, silky black hair, to be free and it flows down her back and her beautiful, but teary-eyed face is revealed.
Next, Isai, hands her the flask and she takes it with her good arm with all the strength she can muster and is able to drink it finally; suddenly, she magically feels no more pain, but the burning scar remains.
“Wow, I can feel no pain at all!” said Karna; she smiles for the first time after being burnt, “Thank you, so much, all of you and especially you, Rheill… you never left my side!”
She clutches Rheill’s arm tightly, as she speaks, “I need to cover this up to protect it from infection. Sana and Isai did not have to take off any of their clothes off earlier, as it was not armour.”
Karna then asks Sana to hold still, as she cuts a strip off, of Sana’s sleeve of her robe.
“Karna, what are you doing!?” shouted Sana.
Isai sees what Karna is trying to do, “Karna, let me do it and rest please. Sana, she needs something to cover the wound and we have no bandages here. Luckily, it was only her shield hand and part of her arm that got hit. Using the powerful, VI healing potion, Karna now, has been cured of the pain that she was suffering from her previous burning scar. No one has ever seen such medicine before. This, VI, potion is amazing, but it does not cure the wound entirely. Although, it does remove the pain and allows the body to function normally,” explained Isai.
“Let’s take a break; Karna was extremely lucky and it shows us now, we definitely need to use even more caution, as we now have monsters disguised as piles of rocks!” replied Sana.
Karna lies back into both of Rheill’s arms; she smiles and feels loved, “Just hold me please, Rheill! Sorry, everyone, for being a bit stupid; I should be more careful.”
She falls asleep in no time while Rheill was stroking her silky black hair until she finally entered her deep haze.“Oh, she has fallen asleep like a baby, already. We will have to eat after our rest; how are our food supplies doing?” asked Rheill.
“It is going down, but Isai has not touched any of his provisions yet and Karna has a load still. Isai, pass me your food, I now have room. We also have the cheese and corn we found earlier,” replied Sana.
Isai passes his Screamer slices to Sana, so she can manage those and Rheill then takes Karna’s supplies out of her backpack that she is carrying for Sana.
“Use Karna’s for tomorrow’s meal before we head back to that area and learn how to defeat this new evil, rocky-type creature,” said Rheill.
Karna still, continues to lie fast asleep in Rheill’s arms; she looks so peaceful, despite only a few moments ago she was suffering from a nasty, third-degree burn. Next, Rheill lies down and places Karna on top of him; he then lies back and tries to get some sleep, too. Sana and Isai then lie together, spooning each other comfortably on the floor, as they sleep.
Several hours have now passed and Karna is the first to stir. She feels no pain from her burns at all; she also then checks to see if she has any burning scars on her left arm. She finds her arm is fully red from where she was engulfed in incinerating flames. She was only able to see this when she lifted her arm right close to her eyes as the dungeon was in darkness without Sana’s, light rune. The leather armour really did stop her from burning her skin further. The left part of Karna’s leather is fully burnt and it is an obsidian, black colour, which will offer little to no protection now at all; luckily, she has her wooden shield, which was unscathed. She kisses Rheill on his forehead after lifting his helmet up slightly; she then stretches her arms and legs. The kiss seems to have accidentally woken him up as he rubs his hazel eyes with both of his hands.
“Good morning, Karna, wow you look great for what happened to you yesterday.”
“Thank you, Rheill, you never left my side, I cannot thank you enough; Isai’s, VI, healing potion saved me a lot of pain, although my arm is bruised and scarred. I know over time it will finally heal; you really did save me!”
She then shows Rheill the burn mark on her left arm. Next, he caresses it to see if she can feel any pain.
“I feel nothing, but visually the wound is there, but it is, dark you cannot really see it properly. Now, it is time to wake Sana and Isai up; I am starving!”
Karna and Rheill gently awaken Sana and Isai.
“Karna, you are awake; do not push yourself too much today,” said Sana, as she illuminates the area with her magical torch spell now Karna’s wound is even more visible.
“I am perfectly fine, thanks to the medicine,” replied Karna to Sana.
Isai wakes up as well, “Hi, Karna, how are you feeling today?”
“I feel much better, thanks to you, but like I said before, you two were awake, it is time to eat!” replied an impatient Karna.
“Someone is very impatient today, it seems!” laughed Rheill, mocking Karna.
Sana now prepares more Screamer slices for everyone to eat; they quickly get stuck into their food and then take the time to drink directly from the lion-headed fountain, that they are camped by. They then fill up all three of their water bottles, which they currently have.
“Time to head back down and get revenge for you, Karna!” said Rheill.
“Awww, how sweet, but do not fight recklessly on my behalf,” replied Karna, as she fits the helmet back on her head hiding her loveable face and the top of her long, silky black hair.
Next, they walk down the stairs back to the cavern-type area. They walk down the long corridor and arrive back at the Choose your Fate room. Next, Karna readies her shield and sabre and does a few test swings and block techniques to assure she is fit for fighting.
“I am just testing to see if my movement is okay, and if I can defend as well as I always have been able to. It looks like I am perfectly fine.”

They walk across the trap-door that is still closed from Isai’s arrow and back through the portcullis that they left open when they had to make their hasty retreat. They now reach the area where they found the pile of rocks, but it is now gone… “It has moved, be wary! There is a sling here; it must have been underneath the creature, although we did not pick up any rocks as they were heavier than most ranged projectile weapons,” said Isai.
“Let us take the sling anyway, at least we can use it for pressure-plated puzzles, or try to find some rocks or carve them from the creature that hurt Karna!” replied Sana.
“I will wait for a bow, although, I will use my dagger for the time being and just focus on healing; Karna and Rheill are doing an amazing job of holding their own in close-quarter combat!” answered Isai.
Isai puts the sling in his backpack and they continue around the corner and find the magical, rocky-type creature. There are two of them now, “Be very careful, there are two of them!” said a slightly frightened Karna, as she has felt what it can do to her already.
The rock monster again appears to be nothing more than a pile of rocks and boulders, but looks can be deceiving, to say the least, as Karna, had found out the hard way.
Sana decides to launch her poisonous bolt from her poison rune (Des), but it has no effect, as it hits only the rocky part covering up the evil, crimson-red, fangs that had bitten and burnt Karna earlier. However, the monster shows its fangs at Sana, she freezes in panic and Karna then steps in front of her to protect her. The Rock-piles now slowly move toward them; the sound of rolling boulders can be heard as if it was rolling along the floor.
Karna strikes it with her falchion on the top; however, it has no effect on the creature.
“It, is too thick to cut my sabre can cut through these rocks and boulders. We need to try something else!” Karna then jumps back out of the way as it strikes toward her with it’s red-hot, crimson fangs.
“Not this time, fiend!” yelled Karna angrily.
“I have an idea! We can lure them to either the portcullis and crush them, or drop them down into the trap-door and keep the trap-door sealed!” shouted Sana.
Once again, Sana’s knowledge and wisdom comes into play, they all lure the Rock-piles back to the pit, and both, of the creatures follow, but extremely slowly.
“These take forever to move!” said Isai impatiently.
“Just wait, what if they do not fall for it?” asked Karna.
“We use the door and if that does not work; we can lure them out into the big room and shut the door,” replied Sana.
“Hide behind the corner then, so it does not see us. Karna, you go and pull the arrow laying on the pressure pad!” explained Rheill to her.
“Sweet revenge, I love it, going now!”
Karna sprints over and removes the arrow and jumps off, of the pressure pad and the sound of the Rock-piles can be heard falling down the trap door below and smacking hard into the ground.
“Isai, throw me the sling!” shouted Karna.
Karna then jumps back on the pad to hold it down and trap door closes, trapping the creatures inside the trap-door. Isai’s launches the sling and Karna catches it perfectly and she then jams it down onto the squared-pressure pad.
“Why did you want it, Karna?” asked Isai.
“I wanted it, since you can take your arrow back, especially because you plan on using a bow for your arrows. Also, you did not plan on using it, as you mentioned earlier,” replied Karna, as she hands Isai back his arrow.
“It seems to be holding them; let us explore the rest of this place swiftly in case they escape!” said Sana.

They make haste and swiftly move all the way back to the cavern, that is yet to be explored; they continue onwards and it comes to another winding passage. It seems to go around in sort of a little circle and it ends up with a choice of different directions that could be chosen.
There is a dead-end, right in front of them, which is obvious to see so they leave this for now. The right route is the same story, completely empty and a dead end, so they decide to take the left path instead, which goes all the way to another dead end. As they all reach end of the corridor they notice to their demise, two more rock-piled creatures lay waiting for them. They raise the fangs Immediately Karna raises her wooden shield, but Rheill pulls her back abruptly, “Karna, they will burn the shield, get the hell out of there, there is no space in this dead-end!” Yelled Rheill.
“Rheill get off, of me, let me kill these, they tried to end my life!” raged Karna.
“Karna calm down, like Rheill said there is no space we need drop them down the trapdoor again, unless we can find a weak-spot on them!” said Sana.
“I vote the pit, and Karna you have honours of dropping the again!” explained Isai.
“Okay you win, I need control my emotions better… an angry fight soon becomes a sloppy fighter!” stressed Karna.
They quickly repeat the same process they used to trap the first set of rock-piles, it wastes even more time. Although, they rather be safe than sorry and try to fight them in a conventional manner head on inside the dead-end of the passage.
Karna removes the sling from pressure pad at the right time and she dumps them into large hole, and they are once again heard smacking the ground,
“Karna seal it now, and let’s investigate the rest of this annoying part of the cavern!” shouted Rheill.
Karna does exactly that and places the sling quickly on the squared-pressure plate and the huge pit, closely again trapping the rock-piles inside of it. The party then heads all the way back to where they found the rock-piles, realizing there is nothing there. Puzzled expressions, soon become vigilant, across all, of their faces and then Sana speaks, “There is something that we are missing, again!” exclaimed Sana.
“Hunt for a switch; remember inside of the area called the Matrix. There was a hidden switch, it is most likely the same situation here!” replied Rheill to Sana.
Suddenly, the rumbling sound of a wall opening is heard. It opened, up as Karna was dragging her sabre along one of the walls; she then readies it with precision, expecting something to jump out, but nothing was there.
“What did you just do, Karna?” asked Isai.
“Nothing, I was just checking for switches by using my sword on the wall, I guess I found something!” replied Karna, as she pauses for a second. “I will not do that again; I might accidentally activate traps. The switch is here, it is very small!”
“Wow, that is small indeed; you are special, Karna!” said Rheill.
“No!” she chuckled, “It was pure luck!”
“I am not sure, Karna, you have done some crazy stuff; maybe fate brought you here and not Theron,” explained Sana, expressing how gifted she really is.
They head into the newly discovered secret area and find a blue, sparkling object; it is cut in the most magnificent shape.
“Wow, that is so beautiful!” declared Karna, examining the object laying on the ground.
“Not as beautiful as you, Karna!” replied Rheill, she then blushes and smiles with happiness.
“Stop it, Rheill! Stop messing around and do not go straight to it; it could be a trap!” said Isai being all serious.
Sana then shrugs and looks at Isai and says, “Lighten up, no need be a stroppy-puff!” referring to the first part of his sentence; she continues, “But, do be careful that there are no traps, because no pressure pads are present.”
All of them scan the area thoroughly and find nothing; Rheill goes and picks the item up and as he gets closer, he sees it is a blue gemstone and he picks it up and places it into Karna’s right hand.
The blue gemstone sparkles in Karna’s hand; she begins to speak, “This is the exact shape as the mechanism, we saw earlier back at the wooden door with the semi-circular window, before that trapdoor,” explained Karna.
“Let’s head back then,” suggested Isai and the others nod in agreement.

They head back, all the way to the door that was locked by the pentagon-shaped mechanism. All, of the Rock-piles remain trapped underneath the trap-door still.
“This makes me sad… I have to now get rid of this gem, when it is so beautiful, but we need to advance!” exclaimed Karna.
She draws her sabre and readies her shield in case anything is waiting inside for them. She now places the blue, gemstone into the pentagon-shaped hole and it fits perfectly and is now locked in place; the wooden door opens, up automatically. It now leads to a winding passage, which finally leads into a large, square room. There are several objects inside, the first is another gold key. There also is a better plate helmet, which shields the front of the face more, leaving just openings for both, of the eyes and nose. It is coloured grey, much like both, of the two berserker helms they had already found earlier. Karna then takes off her berserker helm and her silky, black hair flings downwards as she places it on the ground; Rheill already has a berserker helm and it is far too heavy for either Isai or Sana to wear. She then fits the new full helmet over her head and you could no longer see her face; however, she is far more protected now. There is also some food that is laying on the ground, it is some corn and bread; Sana quickly picks it up and puts in her backpack.
“That is now four gold keys that we possess. We should search the two remaining areas as discussed before we entered this one, but be more cautious of new evil-beings,” said Karna, who is now a lot wiser from her experience of being engulfed in flames.
They head back outside and decide which portcullis to choose next.
“The vault should hold a lot of treasure as it sounds like a treasure vault. There is no option or decision needed here!” said Rheill being greedy again.
“Is that all you think about, Rheill; I hope you do not think I am a treasure!” asked Karna.
“You are way too precious to be any treasure, dear!” replied Rheill.
Karna looks at him with her brown, hazel eyes, “I was only joking, silly! Which portcullis do you two think we should take?”
“We are going to explore both, of the areas, so it really does not matter which we choose first,” replied Sana. Isai replies with, “I feel the same as Sana; the Vault could have some aid for us, in many different forms!”
“Let us just choose the first one we come to then,” suggested Karna.
They walk out of the Room of the Gem after discussing, which to explore first and they arrive at the next unexplored door. Upon opening, up the door, they traverse around the corner, which leads to the right of them. Now a large, golden door resembling a vault is visible, and they can hear a familiar type of footsteps, beyond the large door.

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