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Dungeon Master Trilogy – Book 1 – Chapter 6 – Maki...
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They stumble across two see-through flasks much like the previous three they found in an earlier room. Inside them, this time, there is a blue-tinted liquid with a strange symbol along with a dusty, old tome, which reads ‘Drink these for magical protection.’
Rheill decides to take these and passes them to Isai, who has knowledge in the healing arts being a Priest/Monk; Isai puts them inside his backpack, “So that was worth going back for indeed,” said Isai.
“We should check what is beyond the room we just fought the Screamers in and if we are now concealed, let us get some rest,” replied Sana.
Karna and Rheill both lead the way back into that room and then they progress through the room out of the other side. Isai’s torch is about to fade, but luckily, he has two torches in reserve inside of his backpack. They follow the path; it takes a winding, sharp turn and they come to a steel portcullis with squared holes again in the middle of the door. There is another lion-headed water fountain next to the door on the right. A trickling sound of water can be heard flowing from the lion’s mouth to the base of the fountain. On the adjacent wall, some faint writing can be seen next to it on the right; it reads ‘This fountain accepts only one wish.’
“This appears to be a good spot to rest and a water supply makes it extremely convenient for us, while we work out this new riddle,” said Karna.
As she sits down opposite the fountain and watches the water flow, she thinks about if she would ever see the rays of the sun shine upon the green grass and wilderness outside again. Also, smelling the scent of flowers and red roses is once again on her mind.
“What is wrong, Karna?” asked Rheill.
“Oh, it is nothing; do not worry about it,” replied Karna, hiding, what she was thinking about.
Rheill could tell she was hiding something, but he simply just holds his arm around her shoulder to comfort her. Karna’s glistening lips curve into a gorgeous smile as she closes her eyes gently.
“We will eat after resting,” declared Sana; as she finishes her sentence the torch suddenly burns out.
“Could we move away from the door, just to be safe? Let us go and camp in big room,” asked Isai.
“Yes, that is a marvelous idea; I will carry Karna because she is fast asleep,” replied Rheill to Isai, as he picks her up in his arms gently.
The previous battles seem to have taken a lot out of her. Sana adores the site of Karna in his arms and her face melts into a smile as Rheill places her gently down in the room next to him. Next, he places her head onto his chest as he then lies down to rest. He then places a good night kiss on her forehead. Meanwhile, Sana and Isai get comfortable together and fall fast asleep sleep as well; Sana lies the same as Karna, using Isai as her pillow. All four of them now rest for several hours in a deep and hazy, well-deserved and needed sleep.

Eight hours have now passed as they awaken from their slumber; Karna and Rheill are up before Sana and Isai, who are currently still sleeping.

“Awww, look at them, they make such a cute couple,” said Karna, watching Rheill stretch his arms and limbs. Rheill smiles and watches both Sana and Isai sleeping.
“Yes, you are right, Karna,” Rheill replies as he then watches Karna stretching out her body; she is loosening herself up for the events that may occur later, on.
“Let us prepare the food, while we wait for Sana and Isai to wake up, or should we wake them?” asked Rheill.
“We should wake them; Sana was looking after the provisions for us. We should not interfere with her work as we could jeopardize our food supplies.”
Karna shakes Sana and Isai gently and quietly, “Time to get up, several hours have passed.”
Sana stirs as Karna explains to her, “Rheill and I will be close to the door, figuring a way to open it, while you and Isai get ready.”
“Sure, I will prepare food shortly; we should eat before continuing and this will give us time to chat and perhaps learn more about each other,” replied Sana to Karna.
“That sounds lovely,” replied Karna cheerfully to Sana with a bright smile upon her face.
Sana prepares the food and she sits close to Isai, whereas Karna sits close to Rheill. Karna then begins to speak, “Sana, where did you come from?”
“I was raised in a small village in the south of this country; it is called Magika and I learned my magical arts from the school there,” replied Sana to Karna as she bites into her Screamer slice.
“Karna, you are from the north, right? Your fighting style is most impressive; I have never seen anyone do the moves that you can do so easily,” uttered Rheill.
“The name of the village where I am from is called Rune. I learned how to defend myself at a young age as people do not care if you are a woman or a man, especially the wild and dangerous animals, like that snake we met in the forest. These evil creatures will not hesitate to take your life, no matter what sex you are!” stated Karna. She continues, “Rheill, your fighting style is superior to mine. When it comes to wielding two-handed weapons, you wield them with ease, although your style is most different from mine. With our combined techniques, we make a good team.”
“Please tell Rheill and Karna a bit about yourself, Isai; you told me a bit earlier on our way here a few days ago,” mentioned Sana.
“Sure, I was raised not far from where you were raised, Sana, near the village of Magika; my village is called Curan Abbey. My lifestyle is different; I was raised as a Monk/Priest to heal and mend the living and prevent the sick from dying, but it also includes stave and mace fighting,” replied Isai.

The four of them finish gobbling up, all, of their food.
“Shall we try to find a way past this strange door with no locks?” asked Karna to the others.
“Yes, a good idea, let me think,” said Sana, as she relights Isai’s torch with her magical Ful Rune, so they can see more clearly.
All four of them take a drink from Sana’s water bottle; Sana refills it, using the water from the lion-headed fountain.
“It accepts only one wish,” said Rheill.
“Well, it is simple really; we wish for the door to open,” answered Isai.
“It is not working; I wished for it to open,” said Karna, poking her tongue out and mocking Rheill teasingly and at Sana and Isai, but mainly to Rheill.
Isai shakes his head in disappointment at Karna, “Karna, you, silly girl! How do you usually make a wish?”
“There are lots of ways; you could just pray with your hands at a wishing star, although that is just one example,” replied Karna to Isai.
Sana interrupts, being the brains of this small operation, “Wait! You can wish also by throwing a coin in a well or a fountain; we have a fountain right here in front of our very eyes!” explained Sana.
Isai pipes in, “Also, remember that we found a copper coin earlier; I have it right here in my pouch!”
“Get ready, guys and girls, I will open it; be on your guard, we do not know what lies passed this door!” Karna pauses a slight moment and continues speaking, “We have had to deal with undead Mummies and gigantic trees that shriek; what else may lie ahead?”
“Oh, Isai place the coin in the fountain.” asked Karna.
“Here, Karna, you do it; Sana and I will stand slightly back.”
Karna takes the coin gently from Isai’s left hand and then places it inside of the sparkling, clear-blue water coming out of the lion’s mouth. Suddenly, the door rattles open magically and the way is now clear.
“Well done, Sana!” said Isai.

Next, Karna unsheathes her falchion, ready in case there was an ambush waiting beyond the door. The party notices another door to the left with no keyhole, but it is a see through-metal door much like the door they just passed through. There is no lock for the door but they can see something faintly on the right-hand wall.
“Isai move the torch closer or even put it through metal hole; there is something there!” said Sana.
Isai slowly places the torch carefully through one of the square holes inside of the portcullis, the wall illuminates with a fiery glow. Also, the four of them can see another large falchion on the floor and are able to see past the door to another wall, so it is simply a dead end.
“Let us move on as the torch’s light is still burning and there is no apparent way to open this yet. Karna, if we do find a way to open it, you should take the sword as a spare in case yours breaks,” explained Rheill.
“Good idea Rheill, let us move silently,” replied Karna.
They tread carefully and Karna motions the others to stop suddenly.
As Karna sees four Screamers down a side passage on the left, “More Screamers, be ready to fight!” whispered Karna.
Karna and Rheill move in quietly; the Screamers are facing the other way. Karna thrusts right inside of the first Screamer’s life force, which they know is situated on the top of its head. Sadly, to the groups’ dismay, the Screamer shrieks before it dies, alerting the remaining three Screamers of their presence. They swing at Karna, but she rolls out of the way. Rheill moves in with his falchion, and slashes at all, of the Screamer’s branches that are going for Karna. Sana throws her shuriken at one of the Screamers that was about to crush Karna, but Karna had the tree well scouted and simply rolled out of the way. However, the shuriken still strikes the Screamer in the head and it falls lifelessly to the ground.
Isai pulls Sana back as one of the other remaining trees lunges a branch at her for killing its friend. Karna is back up on her feet now and she slashes and parries the two remaining Screamers. It is like she can read both, of the Screamers actions and anticipate where they are going to strike. Next, Rheill takes down another one with a slashing blow to the head from behind as both, of the Screamers were too focused on Karna. Rheill then takes out the other one as well; Karna just cannot be hit, she knows how to move her body and sense attacks before they even happen. She has a rare gift when it comes to her defensive fighting skills and it is improving with every fight as well. It is clearly unmatched by anyone in the entire world of Crom, meaning this could be why Theron brought her here.
“Let us rest a second and then gather up the food, also there is another water bottle laying here. This means we can take a double amount of fresh drinking water with us,” said Sana.
“Sana, take your shuriken,” Isai said as he passed it back her; Sana simply smiled to say thank you with her lips.
“Something is coming!” whispered Rheill silently.
“What do you mean?” answered Karna quietly.
“Come nearer the alcove we just entered and listen, but move silently,” replied Rheill.
“It is not a Mummy, but sounds different from a screamer, like a louder version of a Screamer,” mentioned Isai in reply to the others conversation.

The sound gets louder; finally moving of tree leaves can be heard, but it is so much more, noisier than what they have all heard before. Rheill then readies his sword and so does Karna.
“Move into the big room; we can use the larger space inside the room to maneuver, we are clustered here,” said Rheill.
“Just do not get caught in that dead end where the water bottle was though,” replied Karna, as they moved in.
Isai even gets his dagger out and places the torch on the ground, although close enough so they have light. A huge, shadowy figure passes around the corner and across the walls towards them. Then they see that it is a massive Screamer, bigger than any, which they have seen before, “Looks like Mommy is angry!” shouted Rheill.
“Let it move in more; I should be able to dodge it, but I do not know if I can parry it. As it probably possesses twice the strength of the others,” replied Karna.
It moves slowly through the corridor into the room they are standing and awaiting a tough battle. The huge gigantic head is dragging the ceiling as it moves inside the room.
“Not even sure we can reach the head from the floor with our weapons and the trunk is huge; we cannot chop it!” said Rheill in despair.
“Calm down and focus! Use what we know about the other smaller Screamers. We can take this down, just do not get hit!” said Isai.
Karna moves in and she ducks under an incoming branch and parries the second one but the force knocks her backwards onto the floor; she shakes it off and gets up.
“Just like I thought; it is too strong to use my normal tactic on. We need to do something different!” declared a startled Karna.
Rheill moves in, slashing at the branch, but it will not cut because it is too thick. Sana and Isai move slightly around the side, “Damn! This is too thick to cut with our falchions; even my strength could not cut it, but I hurt it. Be careful you two, neither of you have any close combat experience,” said Rheill, in the heat of battle.
Karna lunges at the huge Screamer and leaps to try and hit it in its life force; it knocks her away, but she lands on her feet like a cat. Next, both Isai and Sana respectively launch their dagger and shuriken into the back of the humongous Screamer’s head. The Screamer makes a loud and terrible shriek.
All of them are then forced to cover their ears with their hands and next, the tree turns around. Karna and Rheill drag both Sana and Isai from harm’s way; Rheill gets knocked down, but he shielded the blow with his sword.
“RHEILL!” screamed Karna loudly.
“I am fine, I blocked most of the blow; just finish it off and protect the others, Karna!” replied Rheill, as he staggers to try and get back to his vertical base to try and help them.
Isai tells him, “Stay down, Rheill; let us finish the tree, it is hurt!”
Karna is enraged now that Rheill got hurt again, feeling that she failed at her profession. She lunges at the giant Screamer that is hurt; the branches now have little accuracy. She leaps high in the air and throws her falchion with amazing precision and it strikes right in the centre of the tree. It finally falls, down, as its life force was drained. Karna breathes heavily from the fight and goes over to check on Rheill; she looks, into his eyes and rubs his forehead as she helps him back up to his feet.
“Damn! I failed at my job again!” she sighed.
“No, you did not, Karna; I put myself in harm’s way to save Sana and Isai, you did nothing wrong,” replied Rheill.
“Thank you, Rheill!” Isai and Sana say together with thankful voices.
Rheill and Karna embrace in another friendly hug. Next, they retrieve their weapons and Rheill sits back down to recover his strength.
“Rheill, you must rest! I will help Sana and Isai with gathering more food and we should eat and drink again,” said Karna.

Karna also moves around the alcove and checks the other place where the tree came from alone to see if anything else is lurking about. She finds that it is clear and empty of all signs of life, but it is closed off by the portcullis door with the square button to operate it, so she comes back.
“Where did you just go, Karna?” asked Sana.
“Oh, I just wanted to make sure there were no more surprises; it is secure and clear.”
“After we eat, we should check this room more carefully now that we have a moment of breathing space,” answered Isai.
“We are fortunate here; this huge tree provided twice the amount of food. Karna, could you carry some for me in your backpack?” queried Sana again.
“Sure!” replied Karna.
Karna takes some of the Screamer slices from Sana, mainly the stuff that will not fit and she puts it in her backpack. “Should I take the other water Bottle that we just found, rather than you carry two of them, as they seem pretty heavy?” asked Karna.
“Yes please, dear,” replied Sana.
So, Karna decides to put it inside of her pouch, “Put that torch out; we no longer need them for exploring. Although, keep all the torches for puzzles that require pressure pads to be held down by objects. I have finally figured out how to light an area slightly by deciphering this Ful Rune to greater use; I will light it now to test it out,” said Sana.
Sana channels her energy, lighting up the area.
“That is pretty amazing! This will come in handy, if we do happen to run out of torches and will enable me to fight with you along-side you better,” replied Isai.
“Hopefully, I will learn how to channel this rune better so we will not need a torch anymore at all; as you can see it is not quite as bright as the torch just yet,” answered Sana.
Rheill has fallen asleep from resting against the wall; they leave him there, “Should we rest now and eat when Rheill wakes up?” asked Sana.
“Yes, I think it would probably be for the best to get a few hours, sleep before moving on. We have a water source close by and can save the torch and we have plenty of food,” replied Karna.
Karna moves over to Rheill and rests her head on his shoulder to sleep, while Sana and Isai snuggle up on the ground. Isai then kisses Sana on her cheek, “Good night, Sana, or it could be day; being underground, we have no clue,” whispered Isai.

After time had passed on, they all wake up; they have some Screamer slices for food, which they are starting to get bored with, but they are tasty to say the least. They also use Sana’s water bottle to drink out of. Rheill has now fully recovered as it was only a glancing blow, thanks to him shielding it with his falchion.
After they have eaten, Sana goes back to the fountain to refill her water bottle, making sure not to waste the flowing water that they are blessed to have right now.
Sana channels her rune onto Isai’s torch to relight it so the area is brighter than her magical torch spell. They see another shuriken on the ground. Isai then takes it and puts it in his scabbard, giving him an extra, ranged weapon along with his arrow; they also notice a lever in the corner. They did not notice the lever before, as the area was not so illuminated with all the hectic fighting that went on with the Screamers.
“I am guessing this opens up the door back by the fountain, as the other door is a button-operated door in the other room we have not explored yet,” explained Karna.
“Okay, I am pushing the lever down now. Please be most wary of any traps or anything,” said Isai.
Isai pushes the lever down, they hear a distant, rattling sound of a door opening nearby, “You were right, Karna!” praised Rheill.
All of them next decide to check back where they entered this new place of the dungeon; they find the door is now open that had the falchion laying on the ground.
“Rheill, I know you asked me to take the sword as a spare. Are you able to duel-wield it, being stronger than me?” asked Karna.
“Yes, I can, if you think that is best; I will use it for more offense, as you seem to be able to defend incoming attacks rather well and we need to find you a shield.”
Karna nods in agreement; next, she pushes down another lever that was found inside the dead end with the falchion, which was situated on the left wall. A clicking sound is heard again and the rumbling of a wall opening, up can be heard in the distance.
“Let’s go back and check out that rumbling sound, we just heard! It is probably near the area or through the door we have yet to open?” suggested Sana to her friends; the bonds strengthen that these four are sharing every day.
“Can we go back to that alcove one last time, just in case something new has opened up there?” asked Isai.
Next, Karna motions them with her hand signals to do what Isai said; they arrive and see that a side opening and a new room has opened, up where the water bottle was. There are no creatures contained in the room, however, they find a ring on the floor covered in writing that reads ‘Ring of Time!’
Isai examines the ring more closely; it also reads on the bottom of it ‘Hold up to freeze all life!’
“This could come in useful for bigger creatures, but I must be careful that it does not freeze any of us,” declared Isai.
“Yes, that would be catastrophic if it was to happen in battle,” replied Sana.
“Well, there is nothing else in here at all; let us head to the door you found, Karna,” explained Rheill.
They press onwards into the room and prepare to open the door, “Not sure what could be in here, but does this dungeon go deeper than the ground, that we now stand on?” asked Rheill.
“Who knows, but be prepared for anything; I am opening the door!” exclaimed Karna.

The dungeon takes a turn to the left; the walls in here are the same grey-scaled colour.
They tread cautiously around the corner, and it opens into a huge chamber, the biggest area yet in length, it is huge. Near the corner, on the side they are entering is a small buckler on the ground; Karna quickly rushes to grab it and then sees approaching in the distance two white-bandaged, undead Mummies.
“Mummies approaching, I think. It is very hard to tell; Sana, cast the magical torch spell, and Isai, put the torch down so you can fight better,” declared Karna.
Sana channels her Ful Rune and Isai chucks the torch down, “that is impressive, Sana; when did you learn that?” asked Rheill, as he was asleep and knew nothing about this.
“I learned it yesterday. I only perfected it a while ago when you were sleeping, Rheill,” replied Sana.
Sana readies her shuriken and Isai takes out his shuriken, ready for ranged combat. Rheill wields his two falchions like a raging and aggressive barbarian. Next, Karna unsheathes her sword and now has more protection, but not too much as the buckler is very small.
The two figures finally come into view and it was indeed two undead Mummies; they move slowly and mindlessly as before. Karna gets ready to go into tanking mode, an iron curtain of defence. Karna moves in closely as the Mummy attempts to punch her in the face; she holds her shield up and blocks the blow. Rheill moves in behind Karna, “Ranged weapons are useless on these; we will need to come into melee range with you,” explained Isai.
“Yes, do that. We outnumber them four against two; oh, damn it!” yelled Karna.
“What is it?” asked Sana.
“Four more; that is what is up!” roared Rheill as he strikes the first Mummy with both swords, lopping off the Mummy’s head, which kills, the creature.
“Oh, the Mummies can be killed by taking off their heads; Isai, burn them as well!” shouted Karna, while she is fending off five Mummies at once.
Karna realizes she will get hit eventually and backs off; luckily, these are mindless, dumb and they cannot see very well, either. Isai re-picks up the torch from the ground, “Sana relight my torch, please!” asked Isai.
“Sure!” answered Sana in reply.
Isai then quickly sets one of them alight in a blaze of fire and it spreads to all the nearby Mummies creating a scorching hot, ball of fire. The flames burn hot as a blacksmith’s forge as Sana shouts, “That was brilliant, Isai!”
Karna and Rheill move away; Karna, with Rheill’s help, managed to get them in a single spot as the fire continues to burn the remaining mummies. Suddenly and swiftly, Karna pulls Rheill back further, “That fire is insanely and immensely hot; move the hell away before we catch on fire!” yelled Karna desperately.
Sana and Isai pull them away as well and they barely escape with their lives, “Sorry, that was careless! I should have told you to all move, but did not realize they would burn that quickly!” explained Isai.
“Thanks, Isai and Sana! You have saved us from that deadly fire; we may have been engulfed as well, either way we know how to take out groups of them with ease now,” replied Karna, relieved to be alive.
The four push on, moving over the black-darkened, charcoal remains of what were the five Mummies; the other dead one was burned as well by Isai for safety.
They head around a corner and follow the winding passageway and come to another golden chest, much like what they found earlier, “Do not open it yet; secure the area first!” exclaimed Isai.
Karna checks around the corner; it leads to another lion-headed water fountain and some stairs leading further and deeper down into the dungeon.
“All clear! There are some stairs that lead down and deeper into the dungeon; feel free to open the chest, it might contain some aid for us,” shouted Karna from the passageway.
Rheill begins to open, up the chest; surprisingly, it is not locked and they find some food within the chest. There were some loaves of bread and red, round cheese slices. More food is also found inside the chest; it is in the form of corn-slices. Another empty flask made, out of the same material as previous ones that were found and another old, dusty tome was found.
Sana reads the scroll aloud, “Cast Des, Ven to conjure up a Poisonous Bolt.”
the symbols are encased into the tome next to the names Des and Ven, “I think I can learn this and use it against living creatures, but this will not work against the undead,” she looks at Isai, his dry eyes clearly glazed on her.
“Isai, is there anything wrong?” asked Sana.
“No, it is nothing sorry! I did not mean to startle you, Sana.”
Next, Sana smiled joyfully after she looked away; she was clearly teasing Isai.
“Enough romance you two; let us head down the stairs and I will try not to fall on top of Rheill this time,” said Karna jokingly.

They drink from the fountain before boldly stepping down the stairway, this time not slipping as they have a torch burning brightly; they are then peering into a long cavern that appears to go on for miles. The cavern is covered in jagged edges of grey-dry rocks, the ceiling is the same and the ground seems smoother, though; this looks like it was a man-made cavern.
All of them eye each other up and they prepare to tread onwards, not knowing now what awaits them as the dungeon has changed totally in its look. Theron never said anything about an underground cavern or a dungeon surrounding this volcano. The only thing now that is certain is that they are progressing deeper into Chaos’ domain and getting closer to the Tomb of the Firestaff. This is all that they know, other than the Grey Lord’s note that he explained what took place and how Chaos got free, or was created. They peer once again down this long cavern of razor-sharp rock one last time before walking slowly and boldly forwards.

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