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Dungeon Master Trilogy – Book 1 – Chapter 5 – Lear...
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They now enter, under the archway of the opened, reinforced wooden door. The dungeon has now reverted, back to its old colour on the walls and ceiling. The heroes and heroines now follow the passage around the corner and find yet another squared, pressure plate on the floor. The party decides to step over it and they hear a clicking sound, but nothing seems to have happened.
“Hmm… nothing happened?” wondered Sana, “Maybe something has happened around the corner.”
“Step off, of the pad everyone and do not move further down that corridor. It could be closing a trap or anything, do not risk it!” replied Isai.
Luckily for them, they heeded Isai’s advice well; if one person had gone down that corridor alone, they would have been engulfed by a large chasm that had just appeared out of nowhere.
“What powerful magic! Oh, by the gods, how deep is that hole!?” exclaimed Rheill.
“Well, I am not going anywhere near to have a look at it!” said Karna, stamping her foot, not wanting any part of another disaster to do with heights.
The large chasm is extremely deep; the bottom cannot even be seen by the human eye. It is right around the next corner from the pressure pad.
“This looks to be the same type of mechanism, we encountered at the previous door,” stated Sana, using her intelligence.
As she finished her last sentence, the torch went out and it is now pitch black, “Hmm, this timing could not have been more perfect; place the torch on the pad and draw out your spare one, Isai. Do not move until we have light!” suggested Karna.
Next, Isai takes out his new torch and then he passes the burnt one to Rheill. Sana lights the new torch again with her magic, using the Ful Rune, and it is brighter than ever. Rheill places the burnt-out torch onto the pressure pad and it works; the pit closes instantly.
“Some strange magic in this place, run across now!” shouted Karna.
All four of them run, with Rheill and Karna in front with Isai and Sana behind; Sana is slightly behind Isai. Suddenly, there is that same clicking sound that the lever made earlier in the dungeon, and the large hole opens wide as before, but Sana is not across; luckily, she is almost across. She grabs hold of the ledge and screams, “HELP!”
Karna grabs one of Sana’s soft hands, while she holds onto the edge of the chasm, with her other hand.
“Sana, reach for my hand… with your other hand and don’t you dare let go of Karna’s hand!” yelled Rheill.
“Hurry, I am losing my grip, Rheill, Sana is heavier than she looks!” shouted Karna at Rheill.
Rheill does not hesitate for a second and grabs her other hand; with the combined strength of Karna and Rheill, they are able to pull Sana to safety. Sana quickly hugs both Rheill and Karna as a simple, thank you.
Isai then hugs her, “Are you okay, Sana?”
“I am fine now, thanks to Karna and Rheill; we really have to be on our toes from now on. Sorry, I should have been faster!” said Sana, apologetically.
“Do not worry, the main thing is that you are safe and we overcame Chaos’ pit-trap, puzzle,” replied Isai.

After a few minutes have passed, they decided to move onwards, following the winding passageway; they come across a square-pressure pad on the floor exactly, the same as the one for the pit. They decided to step on it; when they step on it, something faint appears on the far wall, it vanishes as soon as they step off, of it.
“Karna, step on the pressure pad please, I will go to the wall and investigate it,” said Sana.
“Rheill and Isai, go with her, just in case something is waiting around the corner,” replied Karna.
“Yes, sorry I will not be able to see without the source of light anyway. I should not go alone after what just happened to me earlier,” answered Sana to Karna.
Sana, Rheill and Isai, go and see what is on the wall and they find some writing. Rheill gets extremely mad at this waste of time, he strikes the wall with his falchion and yells, “What the heck is this… ‘This wall says nothing!’ You have to be kidding me!”
Karna rushes over to see why Rheill is so angry, although the writing vanishes as she steps off, of the pad.
“What on earth is going on?” she asked.
“The wall says nothing… that is what!” replied Rheill.
“Well of course it does, I stepped off, of the pressure pad,” replied Karna to Rheill.
“No, it really does say that, Karna, I saw it, too,” said Isai.
A puzzled expression comes across Karna’s face as she wonders why the wall would say that other than to anger the group and maybe lose the group’s focus.
“Rheill, calm down! I think this was a whole ploy to break our huge success that we are having right now. We are on such a huge role and our group is working extremely well together! Do not let Chaos get inside our heads with this dumb trick!” mentioned Karna.
“You are right, dear, sorry,” replied Rheill, as he sheathes his sword.
Rheill motions for them all to turn the corner as they come to the side passage that leads off to the right; the passageway continues to wind, off towards the left direction.
“Can we check down this side passageway?” asked Isai.
“I do not see why we cannot; Karna and Rheill, do you agree?” replied Sana.
Both Karna and Rheill, do not say a word; they nod in approval and lead the way for the group.
They set off down that corridor, but it does not go anywhere; however, another dagger lies on the floor here. Isai takes it for himself to add to his arsenal of ranged weapons; he only has the torch for his own self-defense along with the single throwing dagger, which he found earlier. The passageway does have another water fountain in the shape of a lion’s head. Sana takes a long drink from her already filled, water bottle and then passes it to Isai. Isai then takes his turn to drink, followed by Karna and then finally Rheill. Rheill fills up the water bottle again and hands it back to Sana.
“It is very nice that there is a lot of drinking water on this floor, so far, we have not really needed to use this water-bottle. What, I mean by this, is to have to use it away from the water fountains, which we have found so far. I really hope we can find more water bottles soon, they will, come in handy, indeed and we will have one water-bottle, each for ourselves,” explained Sana.
Next, Karna begins to speak to the rest of the entourage, “We should perhaps look for a suitable resting place soon as well. The previous battles were tougher than our first few, and we have been going on for several hours now!”
They backtrack on themselves to follow the winding, narrow passageway around towards the left. They can see a metal door on the right-hand side, leading into another corridor, but this door is designed very differently. It has two round circles in the middle of the door, one on each side, adjacent to each other. They join up in the middle of the door with two bright crimson, red patterns inside the circles carved into it. Also, there is a key lock to right of the door; as they get closer, they see the patterns read the letter ‘(B)’ inside both, of the circles. The current passageway still, continues onwards some more and takes yet another turn to the left at the end of it.
“How original, another locked door; I wonder when Chaos will realize locked doors, cannot stop us!” moaned Rheill.
“Stop whining, Rheill, and we cannot get sloppy!” replied Karna teasingly; she grins at him and looks back to the winding passageway as they continue to follow it.
It looks as if the corridor is coming to an end as it leads to a junction to the right, but there is another door and to the left is a dead end.

As Karna examines the door, it is the same as the previous door only that, the designs say ‘(I)’ on it; she suddenly draws her sword quickly.
“There is a Screamer behind the door! Watch out do not go near it, it is locked. We have to find the key, without it grabbing us through the bars!”
“Can we not just stab it, through the bars?” suggested Sana.
“We could do that, but there is not much room to maneuver here; we will open it and deal with it like men, not dirty fighters,” replied Rheill.
Karna and Sana are not amused by this sexist comment.
“Excuse me, did I hear you correctly?” as Karna opens her ears with her hands, “Could you repeat that, please, dear?”
“Guys and girls, stop it! This is not the place for stupid arguments!” shouted Isai.
“Isai is right!” replied Sana, siding with him naturally.
“We will continue this conversation later, Rheill!” said a displeased Karna, as she draws her sword, ready for battle, once they find the key to the door.
“Sana, could you please search inside the niche? We will yell if the Screamer comes close!” exclaimed Rheill.
Sana moves into the niche; she whispers to Isai, “Please could you shine the torch on the ground because, I think it is another camouflaged, key again?”
Isai shines the torch as it flickers and brightens up the ground.
“Stop right there!” said Sana to Isai.
She picks up the iron-coloured key quickly. Next, she moves out of the Screamer’s line of sight; it does try to grab her around the corner, but Rheill cuts the branch off with ease with a downward slash.
“Get ready, you two! I am opening the door!” shouted Sana.
“Let me take the lead, I will defend and you take it out Rheill,” ordered Karna, aggressively.
Karna moves in first in her defensive stance. The Screamer swings at her, she parries it easily and again the tree tries to strike; she blocks it again with her sword. Rheill is on top of the tree now and he thrusts into the life-force section once, but it does not die. The Screamer lets out a terrible shriek; Rheill thrusts it again, then a third time and it finally slumps down dead. The Screamer was no match for the party as they now know how to defeat them so much easier. Next, Karna takes her falchion and slices the Screamer up for more food, which she passes to Isai to put in his backpack as Sana’s pack is full of food already.

The locked door leads to a dead end, but Isai then shines the torch on the ground to reveal a new type of key. It is a very oddly, shaped key with the letter ‘(B)’ intricately carved into the top of it and the other end has the normal two points of a key.
“Well, this must be the key of B or the B key, which is for the other door, so could we please head back quickly?” asked Karna politely.
They all nod in agreement; Karna and Rheill sheath their swords away inside their scabbards as they start to head back along the winding passageway. Sana inserts the key of B into the lock and the door opens horizontally, rather than vertically, unlike all the doors they have encountered so far in the dungeon.
Suddenly, a Mummy comes around the corner quickly before Rheill and Karna can even draw their swords. The Mummy aims at Karna with a fist, but she swerves her body swiftly and sexily, just like a dance move to her left side, avoiding the contact. She then blocks the next attack with her forearm, although the Mummy is too powerful and tries to overpower Karna, but Rheill pushes the Mummy away. Sana throws a dagger right into the Mummy’s head, but it has no effect.
Isai suddenly yells, “Duck, Karna and Rheill!”
Karna and Rheill roll onto the ground as Isai throws his torch at the Mummy’s head, which sets it on fire.
“Sana, what are you doing!?” shouts Isai, as she reaches for her dagger and retrieves it quickly. She almost gets burned as the Mummy goes up into a ball of scorching, hot flame.
“I wanted my dagger back before it got burned!” replied Sana.
The Mummy turns into a pile of charcoal-coloured ash on the stony floor, while Sana continues speaking, “Well, if Karna and Rheill had their weapons drawn, I would not have had to take such a risk, Isai!”
“Oh, come on! You opened the door without any warning, Sana!” replied Rheill in a defensive tone.
“Sorry, I have to agree with Rheill here, but we can learn and move on from our mistakes and always have our weapons drawn when we open a new door, okay?” responded Karna very politely and suggestively.
“This argument does not help us; let’s take a break once we have secured this area, as we are tired and snapping at each other for silly reasons,” replied Isai.
Rheill and Karna now have their weapons readied as they then move more cautiously after the ambush attack, by the undead Mummy. They take a left turn, but it leads to a dead end, wasting more of their time, although they surprisingly, remain calm and head back and carry on. They are now in a winding passageway with many dead ends off, of the side passage, but they finally take a left turn and enter a massive chamber.

The chamber is humongous, the biggest room or place they have been to since entering the labyrinth. There is a dead end to the right where they entered; also, the sound of moving branches can be heard moving in the distance.
“Sounds like there are some more giant Screamers in this room,” whispered Rheill, as they move further into the room; they finally see the familiar gigantic trees and there are two of them. Also, between the far wall and behind the two Screamers is a closed portcullis that can be faintly seen in the distance.
“We have a ton of room to out maneuver them,” said Sana.
“Karna, you take the left tree with Isai assisting you and Sana can assist me with ranged attacks,” suggested Rheill.
Karna moves in swiftly, as she knows exactly how to block them easily, but is worried about Rheill in her mind; he seems to be not as good as her at defending. Karna parries the first grabbing attempt and slices the withered branch off. Meanwhile, the second tree is engaged in merciful combat by Rheill; he dodges the first strike as he watched Karna dodge the Mummy and learned her evasive maneuver, as he slices off the first branch. Next, Sana throws her dagger, but the Screamer grabs it in mid-air, and Rheill sees the opening to slice the top of the tree. The Screamer shrieks out and falls down dead instantly. Karna thrusts at the tree’s life-force, but it is blocked by the branch in a parry of its own; Isai throws his dagger from his scabbard right into the top area of the tree. The Screamer roars out and Karna does a forward somersault slashing cut right into the Screamers illuminate area in half with a single blow. Rheill suddenly begins to mumble and think aloud to himself, ‘Wow, this, lady, has some skill, what a finishing move!’
All four of them explore the rest of the room; they find a torch hanging inside of a sconce, which Isai decides to take and then puts inside of his backpack. Also, laying on the floor is another red apple and some new type of food that looks to be two round, cheese slices. The cheese is red on the outside with a delicious cheddar-like, yellow-flavored coating on the inside of it. Isai takes the apple places it in his backpack. Next, he decides to pass a slice of cheese to both Karna and Rheill because the cheese is slightly heavier and they will be able carry it easier as Isai and Sana are currently, carrying most of the provisions.
Karna and Rheill then place them inside of their backpacks as Sana takes out some more Screamer slices and begins to prepare their meals on the ground, near the sconce. Meanwhile the others explore the rest of the room, they cross to the other side of the room to where the dead end was situated. The end of the small corridor, contains two scrolls, which are covered in dust and look very old; the paper appears, yellowed with age. All of them also see three empty flasks on the floor; they are made, out of glass and are very fragile. The flasks are standing upright from the base on the ground, the containers are see-through as well and are empty. They appear to be of a great value to the party, as Isai reads one of the scrolls aloud.
“The first scroll says to use this rune (VI), which has two wavy lines to magically heal wounds; it requires an empty flask to work.”
Isai puts the first scroll down and begins reading the second old, dusty scroll.
“Adding the rune (Bro) will cleanse any deadly poison instantly from the body, once consumed; it requires an empty flask to be used as well. This will be a great aid; I am glad we checked this dead end, this may save our lives,” said Isai, as Sana yells for them come eat and rest.

Isai quickly stores the empty flasks; he safely puts all three of them into his backpack and rejoins the others in the corner near the sconce; they sit nicely together. Rheill and Karna are sitting close together; Sana and Isai are close together as well.
“Sorry for the stupid sexist comment earlier, Karna,” said Rheill.
“You are forgiven this once,” she winks and continues to speak, “I agree we are all tired, so do not worry about the dumb arguments earlier.”
They all get stuck into their juicy Screamer-sliced, meals again. Luckily, for them, they are tasty and they have lots of, consumable provisions, to eat in the days to come. Surly they would like something different to eat. All of them know that neither of them have any choice in the matter and have, to deal with it.
“Karna, your skills with a blade are really unmatched, you have some fine moves,” said Rheill to Karna.
“Thank you, sweetie, I learned all this back in my homeland. Us women, were all instructed in the fine arts of shield and sword combat and the ability to defend ourselves. I just perfected that last move through my long and hard training,” replied Karna to Rheill.
“Sana, you showed amazing courage earlier when you fell down that hole and perseverance to not let go,” said Isai to Sana.
“Yes, I could not let go. I could not give up; there is no chance I am leaving you either, Isai!” replied Sana.
All four of them just sit close to each other the two gentlemen put their arms round the two ladies as they sit friendly together, strengthening their bonds to each other, especially directly between Sana and Isai. Also, Karna and Rheill are becoming much more acquainted with one another.
“Good night, Karna,” Rheill places a kiss on her cheek as he lies down and places Karna’s head on his chest.
Karna smiles and her brown hazel eyes glow with happiness as she closes them tightly, shortly after.
He then says, “Good night, everyone.”
Isai kisses, Sana on her cheek as well, “Good night everyone, sleep well.”
He then lies down and, to his surprise; Sana lies her head on his chest as well. Isai gently strokes her blonde hair, which brings a smile to her face and her eyes glow warmly, even in the dark. She then falls asleep peacefully on his chest. Isai remembers to extinguish the torches flames, before he finally falls asleep. They know they are safe from harm and nothing can get past the steel door from the huge room that they now rest in.

After a long and needed rest, they wake up. Karna stirs gently and kisses Rheill on top of his forehead, as he is still fast asleep; she just watches his eyes for a bit. Karna suddenly goes in for a kiss, but then stops abruptly and thinks to herself, ‘I cannot kiss him, he has to kiss me, because I am the lady; it is a strong tradition where I am from.’
She gets up and stretches her arms slowly; the other three are still sleeping so well, especially Sana, since only the poor guys are on the stone floor.
She first takes Isai’s torch; she rubs it along the ground to light it with friction, but nothing happens ‘That should light!’ Karna thought to herself, aware that these are no ordinary torches and needs magic to light them. She sits patiently waiting for Sana to awaken. Isai slowly stirs and realizes his torch is missing. He then sees Karna is awake, but barely, as it is so dark.
“Good morning, Karna, you did not want to wake us up, I see?”
“No, it would not be wise; it was a stressful day yesterday and tougher battles await us in the future. How do you know it is morning; it could be night time, we are underground after all?”
“Yes, that is true, Karna,” he replied as next, he gently lifts Sana, trying not to wake her as she is still fast asleep. Next, he places her on the ground and, surprisingly, she does not wake up.
“Oh wow, Sana is fast asleep, so cute!” mentioned Karna.
Isai, smiles as he watches, her very closely.
“Without the light source, we cannot continue! I tried to friction-light the torch, but some strange magic inside this place prevents it from lighting the conventional way!” explained Karna. She then hands back the torch to him via her left hand; Isai takes it gently from her.
Rheill and Sana finally begin to stir from their most deserved rest.
“Hello, sleepy heads!” she says teasingly to Rheill and Sana.
As they rise to their feet, Sana flicks her blonde hair back and rubs her eyes; Rheill picks up his scabbard and puts it around his waist again and he rubs his eyes, too.
Sana casts her Ful Rune on Isai’s torch and the area illuminates brightly once more, but the torch seems even brighter than her last cast. It seems Sana’s practise is making perfection. They all decide to explore the rest of the large chamber and find a metal portcullis; they also notice another portcullis behind that one. In between the first door is a small, tight corridor that can be seen to branch off in either direction; it could be seen through the holes of both doors with the watchful, human eye. The doors impair their vision slightly, not allowing much more to be seen than beyond both, of the doors. Karna notices there is a normal square-type pressure pad on the ground directly to the left of the door. There is a new type of switch on the wall to the left of where the pressure pad is, it is right in the corner. The switch is shaped like a diamond, but it is coloured with shades of light green, matching an emerald stone.
“So, we have a green button and a pressure pad here; one of them must close the door and the other opens it?” asked Karna.
“Our knowledge of pressure pads this far shows they open and close doors and levers do the same, but this a new type of button!” answered Isai.
“What do you think, Sana; you managed to solve most of the puzzles to this point?” queried Rheill.
“I think the green button opens it and the pressure pad closes for the silly people who need to open their eyes or something like that, anyway!” answered Sana to Rheill.
“Shall we give it a try?” suggested Karna, in her sweet and gentle voice.
Karna unsheathes her sword and motions for Rheill to do the same, but he was already one step ahead of her on this play. Karna presses the green button; it makes a clicking sound, much like the pit traps did.
This time nothing happens, except the door suddenly then opens, up. Isai stands on the pad to test out Sana’s theory and again she proved to be right.
“Again, you are right on the mark, Sana!” said Isai.

Next, Karna pushes the button again; the door opens once more and she peeks inside with the others standing back to allow her to take the protector role of the group. She sees that the corridor does indeed go both ways, but they are both dead ends and clear of any hostile activity. However, there are two brown, shaped levers and another lion-headed water fountain down to the left could be seen.
“Come inside the corridor; it is safe,” said Karna to the others.
All three of them rejoin Karna as they pass through the archway of the now-opened portcullis door, “I wonder if these two levers need to be pulled simultaneously?” asked Sana.
“We will do that, we have four of us, why not try that!” suggested Isai.
Rheill then answers Isai’s question, “Could you and Sana do it, please? Karna and I will guard the entrance to the door we are trying to open; this will then give both of you enough time to get back to the middle. That will prevent either of you from getting trapped inside the dead ends.”
“Okay, that is a good idea,” replied Sana, as they move into position.
Karna begins a countdown, “one, two, three… pull now, Sana and Isai!”
They pull them with perfect precision and timing; the door opens, but they will never know, if the levers had to be pulled at the same time, or just both, of them being pull down.
Karna and Rheill are combat ready, falchions in both of their hands, but they find no signs of life. However, they do see to the left, a wooden, reinforced door, which is locked and the passage leads to the right; this appears to be the only way that they can go for now.
Karna motions them to move to the right with her left hand; they follow the corridor, it then goes through to a small room, but the room is totally spotless and empty. The party now comes to a transparent force field, which looks much like the vortex they encountered earlier, just with no wind. There is a square-shaped pit beyond the force field-type, object. The trapdoor looks to be not as deep as the one they encountered not long ago, but still probably deep enough to kill someone that was foolish enough to fall, down it. The hole is situated exactly at the end of the transparent area, with a small niche to the right of the pit where a golden key can be seen lying on the floor. Next to the golden key, lies a sharp silver, ninja throwing star, it is better known as a shuriken, which looks to be a much better projectile-type weapon than a dagger.
“There is some writing here; it reads ‘Leave a valuable on the floor to close the pit,’” said Sana.
“Sana, try surrendering your dagger to see if it means any valuable or if it means jewelry?” asked Karna.
“I could try it and take the ninja star as a new ranged weapon,” answered Sana to Karna.
Next, Sana decides to bend down and place her dagger on the ground. The same clicking sound is heard throughout the corridor; the pit slowly begins to close. Karna swiftly rushes and grabs the golden key and the throwing star, but this time the pit does not re-open at all.
Karna catches her breath back very quickly as she is very fit and used to this physical action and enjoys it very much, unlike most women. This is what interests, Rheill, more than anything about her; she is very, unique.
“Time to head back and open this door,” said Rheill to the rest of the group.
They then set upon their small journey back to the wooden, reinforced locked door. On the way, back; Karna hands Sana the Shuriken that she collected from her right hand while she is still holding the golden key in her left hand. It takes them roughly two minutes or less to arrive at the door, “This time, we arm ourselves before we open,” declared Karna, as she draws her sword quietly and slowly from her scabbard.
Rheill unsheathes his sword as well as the lock is opened with the golden key, by Karna. Conveniently waiting at the entrance are three Mummies; they were drawn to the sounds and voices behind the door. Beyond the door is a rather large hall; they cannot see much at, this time as the Mummies are blocking most of the view.
A raging battle begins as Karna charges the Mummies; she evades their blows as she gets inside the room. Two of the Mummies then fixate on Karna; she knows they are slow and lures them away from the group. Karna then moves into her defensive stance and taunts them to attack her. Rheill, Sana and Isai easily dispatch the first Mummy with a throwing star to the undead creature’s head. Followed by a slashing strike from Rheill’s falchion, which cuts the Mummy in half, it falls lifeless to the ground. The two Mummies try to strike Karna; she simply avoids the contact and chops the first one down, but it is still moving.
“Karna, watch out! That Mummy is not dead!” warns Rheill in a loud tone.
Karna heeds the warning well and evades it before it grabs her leg from behind; next, Isai places the torch on the fallen Mummy and finishes it off by burning it to a crisp. Both Karna and Rheill target the last and remaining Mummy with a high and low slash, which dispatches it instantly. The Party’s fighting and working together as a unit, is really starting to pay off for them, as they were easily able to defeat the three Mummies. They next look around to make sure that the other two are dead, since one did not die from a slash by Karna earlier. Isai, decides to burn the other two Mummies with his torch; the dungeon lights up with a bright red and orange glow and the flames give off tremendous heat. The Flame gradually fades away, leaving the flickering light of the torch still burning; the four of them are now completely convinced that the Mummies have been defeated.
“Should we take, a look around before we leave this room, since we need to find out where to go next?” suggested Sana.
They decide to look around the room, which is exactly, the same as the other large room, although this is smaller in width. Something shiny glistens on the ground as the torch flickers in the same direction to whatever it is that is lying on the floor.
Isai begins to speak, “Something is on the floor here. Ah! It is a copper coin; we should take this as it could prove useful.”
Isai slowly bends down to pick up the copper coin, thinking how strange it is for it to have been lying on the ground all this time. It is really, shiny and had not decayed a single bit; he puts it in his pouch for safe keeping. They look around for an exit from the oblong-shaped hallway that they are currently standing in. They see an exit at the end of this hallway. Karna and Rheill take point again, leading the group into the passageway; it then branches off to the left.
Karna asks, “Should we check this turning out?”
“Yes,” replied Rheill, as they go around to find a dead end; however, a brand-new torch is found lying upright inside the sconce. Isai quickly picks it up as his old one suddenly goes out as the torch’s life was expended, it is now pitch black. They hear something moving in the distance.
“Light the new torch fast, Sana! Something approaches!” yelled Karna hysterically, panicking for the first time in the dungeon. Sana manages to light it with her Rune and the area is lit up again.
“Get out of this dead end quickly! It sounds like Screamers are moving closer!” replied Sana, as the sound gets louder by the minute.
They move further down the tunnel and they come to a corner. Around the corner, they go slowly and with extreme caution; they are then faced with an open archway and a passageway that branches off to their right. As they approach the turning, a wooden door comes crashing down with immense force; it shakes the dungeon area near them.
“Leave the door for now; we can come back. We must deal with this threat!” Rheill said vehemently.

Rheill arms himself with his trusted falchion that has not failed him yet. Karna draws her sword as silently as a feather falling, down to the ground, as they prepare to meet whatever it is that they can hear in the distance. They move silently around the corner and see a room and in it are four large Screamers.
“We have never tried to take on four of these at once, but we have no choice this time; be ready I am engaging!” whispered Karna.
She draws her sword and backstabs the first tree, scoring a silent, but deadly strike. The Screamer shrieks, though, causing the other three to turn around; one grabs hold of Karna, but she slashes the branch in half while she is momentarily airborne. Karna gets knocked over as she was a little bit in the air. Rheill moves her out of harm’s way and just in the nick of time, too. One of the, evil Screamers tried to crush her with it’s thick trunk, hitting nothing but the solid, tiled floor, yet the floor was unscathed.
Sana, pulls out her ninja shuriken and launches it at one of the Screamers and it connects perfectly, striking the life source. Isai follows up with the dagger from his scabbard and throws it at the same animated Barkskin, entity; they have now slain another Screamer. Two trees remain, both with their branches intact as they continue to try and hit Karna on the ground, although she rolls and parries the blows while on the ground. Next, Rheill throws his falchion right into the head of one of them from behind; it falls lifeless to the ground. This Leaves Karna versus the last Screamer; she nips up and parries, slashes the right branch off and drives her sword straight into the tree in one swift motion.
“Such amazing defence, once again, Karna! You are a real asset; we could not have asked for a better protector!” praised Rheill.
Karna blushes a bit to the compliment from Rheill, but a little smile comes across her bright face and she replies, “Thank you, dear, but without our team effort I would have been crushed there.”
“More food for us; shall we possibly take a break to stop and eat at the next locked door?” asked Sana.
Karna wipes the sweat from her forehead with her right hand, being careful as she is still holding her sword in her right hand. She then tends to both of her eyebrows, as she got very hot from being in that tough predicament; she was just in from her previous battle versus the four gigantic trees. She then looks at Sana and her hazel eyes tell her that a break is needed soon; they all retrieve their weapons from the dead Screamer corpses that they had thrown to slay them.
Now looking around the room, they see a golden chest; it looks almost like a treasure chest. Rheill tries to grab it, without thinking at all. It could have been easily a trap, or the chest itself could have been booby trapped.
“Rheill, stop! It could be a trap!” shouted Isai.
But it is too late. Suddenly, an invisible force field pushes Rheill back and nearly knocks him flying. He replies with, “Sorry, you are right, I did not think. Please stand back, all!”
“I think that is why there was a door around the other side of the corridor we had just passed and it suddenly shut… why?” asked Karna.
“Move out of the way! I am going to throw my arrow to see if there is anything further beyond that invisible force field,” declared Isai.
Before Isai can throw it, Sana had already thrown her shuriken, but it is suddenly blocked by the same invisible force field, much like when Rheill tried to grab it physically. The ninja star drops down onto the ground, which she then retrieves.
“Just as you said, Karna, it has something to do with that door; could we please check that wooden door out again, before continuing out of the exit here?” asked Sana.
“Yes, that chest could contain useful supplies; we need to check it out,” replied Rheill. As he leads them back to the door, some writing on the right-handed wall in front of the now-closed wooden door reads ‘None Shall Pass!’
“We shall see about that!” yelled Rheill, as he strikes the wooden door with his falchion and it starts to chop through.
“Usually, that kind of dumb intelligence has failed so far, but on this occasion, it seems to be working,” said Isai.
Karna, helps, out, by chopping the door as well; together, they chop a hole into the door that allows them all to pass through. Next, they enter through the doorway and it goes around the other side where the golden chest is sitting upright on the floor.
Rheill picks it up, saying, “Whoa, this is really heavy, far too heavy to take with us to store things!”
He then places it down on the other side of the wooden door; he begins to open the chest, checking for signs of traps. It appears to be a normal, golden treasure chest; upon raising the lid, three unique items could be seen laying inside.

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