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Dungeon Master Trilogy – Book 1 – Chapter 17 –...
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Sana is the first one out of the four that was awake and then she channels her light spell, using her (Ful) Rune and the chamber that they had just rested in became illuminate again. This awakens the rest of the party as Karna gently rubs her hazel eyes, wondering where all the light had just came from, so suddenly, “Oh, good morning Sana,” she said as she makes it to her feet.
“Let the guys rest for a while, they deserve it always having us on top and we can have some girl talk!” said Karna.
“Good idea, Karna, tell me do you plan to marry Rheill after this quest is all done?” asked Sana.
“Hmm, Sana, that is a very good and interesting question! I have not decided yet and do not plan to rush things, but my heart tells me I should; however, one thing at a time. Oh, and he has to ask me, he is the man after all!” explained Karna.
“Yes, too right he does!” laughed Sana.
“What about Isai, Sana, will you marry him?” queried Karna.
“I have decided I will, but not until we are out of this horrid place. However, he will have to ask me the big question anyway, much like you said earlier, Karna!” answered
“Ha, ha, so he should!” chuckled Karna.
After the girly conversation had just taken place about their love lives; both Isai and Rheill awoke from their deep slumber to see that the girls were both up and chatting.
“Good morning girls,” Said Rheill and Isai as all of them then get ready to continue exploring as they all knew they had very little water left.

They all head over to the wooden, semi-circular door; this was where Karna had found the empty flask that she had given to Isai, before they went to sleep, “So this is the way forward, huh?” said Rheill.
“Yeah, this is only way, Rheill, weapons out as I am opening the door!” stated Karna.
“Karna, let me just use the open (ZO) Rune so you are both ready,” explained Sana.
“Sure, Sana, we learned that magic is very useful yesterday. The more spells we can get you to learn the easier time we will have as we get deeper into the dungeon!” answered Karna.
Karna unsheathes her sword while Rheill already had his two-handed axe out. Next, Karna readies her shield as Sana channels the Rune of (ZO) and the door opens, up automatically; they are then faced with two more large Magenta Worms.
“Let them into the room everyone and Sana close the door once they are inside with your spell!” queried Karna.
“Okay Karna, but keep them away from me if possible!” replied Sana.
Karna continues to strike and thrust at both, of the two Magenta Worms; she then suddenly retreats and they slither and follow her slowly. Sana channels her Rune once more and the door slams shut, which thunders throughout the chamber, the Magenta Worms turn around as they also hear the sound and realise they are now trapped; the Two Magenta Worms show signs of intelligence.
Karna does not give them a chance to regroup, “Rheill, now strike, they are distracted!”
“Yes, Dear!” replied Rheill as Karna and Rheill take out the first Magenta Worm with a double thrust to it’s long, magenta coloured body.
“One Down!” said Isai.
Karna lures the worm towards her by moving in first and blocks the lunging bite style of attacks with ease and Sana throws her dagger into the upper body of the remaining Magenta Worm. Next, Isai throws his shuriken which lands into the lower body; Rheill then chops the Magenta Worms head decapitating it from it’s body and the worm then remains motionless on the ground.
“A nice lucky break we just got from the door slamming shut! It allowed you and Rheill to take the first one down before they even knew what had hit them!” said Isai.
“Grab your projectiles from the ground!” said Karna as she starts chopping up both, of the worms.
“Thank you, Karna, I almost forgot about my dagger there,” replied Sana thankfully.
Both Rheill and Karna hand over the Magenta Worm rounds to Sana who now has more room in her backpack as they ate some of the Magenta Worm rounds from her backpack yesterday.
“Okay, the food is packed let’s see what lies beyond the door; now that the worms, are dead!” said Sana.

Next, Karna opens the door via the button this time and the entourage enters through the door and then Karna closes it behind them, once all of them were passed the archway; the door slams shut again, which echoes throughout the corridor.
They now see that the passage winds towards the right and then turns to the left. There is also a demon face on the wall to the right of where they entered the corridor via the wooden, semi-circular door and, also next to the face is some slime coming out of the wall. The party moves swiftly to avoid the stench and the horrid visual images of the slime coming out from the wall. The passageway then turns again to the left in the form of a sharp ninety-degree turn, which leads to the corridor turning right. However, before that on the left side just before the right-handed corner is a portcullis leading off somewhere, which they cannot see until they finally reach the door, but moving branches could be heard coming from the direction of the metal-grated door.
“What the heck! There are eight Screamers in this room!” yelled Rheill shockingly!
“Wow, there is! Not sure if we even want to fight this many at once, but that is a lot of food and we need to take it with us!” said Karna.
“Let’s do what we did with group of six we split them up using the door, but the problem is the close spell will not work unless we are directly in front of the door,” suggested Sana
“Also, another thing! We have not explored past the door, so let us leave the giant trees in there for now. Maybe there is a better place to fight them then this corridor and we are certainly not going inside there; four versus eight is not good odds, right?” mentioned Isai.
Karna simply nods in agreement and she leads the entourage onwards and around the corner leaving the Screamers behind the portcullis.
They come to an oblong-shaped room with the upper-left corner being jagged, as a wall is sticking out on that part. On the right side of it is an alcove, and on left side next to that wall sticking out is another demon-type face, which looked similar, to previous ones. Also, next to that is some more slime coming out of the wall from a circular outlet, which is right next to the demon face that was carved into the wall.
“This looks a much better place to fight them, but how we close the door, I do not know? We simply cannot let all of them out either or we will be pretty much in trouble to say the least. However, if we can take least a few of them out here before others get to us we might stand a better chance!” explained Karna to rest of them.
“Why don’t one of us just simply rush back to the door and close it?” suggested Sana.
“Hmm, yes that would work,” replied Isai.
“Either Isai or Sana, should do it… I think, or maybe even, I should do it; whilst Karna keeps them occupied somehow!” mentioned Rheill.
“Okay, so this is the plan; let us put it into motion!” said Karna.
“I am going to go open the door now and see how many Screamers I can lure out here then!” declared Karna.

Karna goes back to the portcullis and presses the button and the door opens automatically as normal and first group of screamers move towards the door; Karna quickly runs back to others, but suddenly the door shuts before they could get out of the room.
“Something triggered the door to close; maybe a hidden trigger or pressure plate?” said Sana using her intellectual prowess.
“Well now we know this is going to happen; it will make it even easier to split the two groups of Screamers up. We will fight them four at a time, which we are used to!” stated Karna.
Karna goes back to open the door and she sidesteps to her right and waits for the Screamers to pass through the door, the sound of the Screamers moving their branches swaying in the illuminant light from Sana’s magical torch spell. Karna then rushes back to the group and the portcullis slams shut leaving the screamers outside as they follow Karna towards the room.
“Do not use the rain-cloud spell please, in case it messes up the food as least the Screamer slices are delicious!” stated Karna.
“Was not planning to; however, we need to test those Magenta Worm rounds out that Rheill has in his backpack. We shall do this the next time we eat as eight screamers will give us plenty of food; I just hope we can carry it all!” mentioned Sana as the Screamer drew closer to the room that they stood in.
Karna wields her sword above her head and readies her sword for combat, “Get over on the right side of the room please, Sana and Isai!” declared Karna, so they had better range and less chance of getting hit by the Screamer’s branches.
The gigantic trees make it into the room as Karna greets them with a slashing blow; this catches the first Screamer by surprise and it cuts the branch off, which makes it shriek out loudly. The party is used to the sound now so they are not affected by it at all; Karna blocks several attacks after that from the rest of the Screamers and after she had blocked them. Next, Karna smartly jumps back to get out of striking range from further attacks.
“Shoot the one with only one branch left I am going back in to keep the rest busy, Rheill Help me as three is bit much!” said Karna.
“Of course, Karna!” answered Rheill.
Both Rheill and Karna move in Rheill chops off branch after branch with his two-handed after Karna had blocked each one with her small, iron shield or parried the attack. Meanwhile Isai throws his shuriken followed by Sana’s dagger and it hits square in top right where their life-source was and the first Screamer comes crashing down to the ground.
“One down!” roared Isai.
“We should be able to finish them they have hardly any branches left, but no cockiness allowed!” shouted Karna while fighting.
Karna then evades the next attack sideways and thrusts her sword into the top of the second Screamer, which dispatches it swiftly. Rheill throws his two-handed, axe with such power and it lands inside the top of another Screamer’s Life force killing it instantly. This even amazed Karna, ‘what power!’ she thinks to herself and then suddenly ducks a branch that saw out the corner of her left hazel eye.
“Karna, careful!” shouted Sana worryingly.
“I am fine!” replied Karna.
The two remaining Screamers attack Karna relentlessly, but they are just too slow for her and she simply ducks and defends herself on every attack. Meanwhile, Rheill sneaks up behind and then draws his rapier out silently and thrusts into the head of one of them and it shrieks and collapses. Suddenly, the remaining tree turns towards Rheill, but Karna quickly slashes without malice, several times into the life-source of the remaining Screamer and the party is then victorious. Although they know four more await them inside the room.
“You want to fight the second group of Screamers inside that room or here?” asked Karna softly.
“Here please, Karna, so all the food is easier to gather up,” suggested Sana.
“Such wisdom as always, Sana,” praised Isai.
“Awww, thank you!” replied Sana.
“Going back to the door now and letting them out. Please get your weapons while I do that!” stated Karna
Karna disappears momentarily while Rheill, Sana and Isai collect their weapons from the dead Screamers. They all re-arm themselves as Karna comes back after letting out the second group of gigantic trees, the door slams shut behind them; Karna hurries back to the group and she is ready for combat again.
Karna jumps back against the wall that sticks out not realizing it was a false wall, she loses her balance, but manages to stay on her feet and she then quickly moves towards her left and out of the false wall.
“Watch out that wall sticking out is not what it seems!” shouted Karna.
Rheill swings his two-handed axe violently, but is unable to land any blows on the Screamer directly. Although, he does manage to chop an incoming branch off with it into two, causing large chunks of bark to fall onto the floor and make a horrific noise. Sana throws a dagger, but the screamer shoves it away in mid-air with one of its branches; Karna then sees the opening and chops off that Screamer-branch that was exposed to her.
“Nice, Karna!” said Rheill,
“Isai, try to hit the Screamer now; I will rush the other three Screamers,” demanded Karna.
Isai followed Karna’s guidance perfectly as soon as Karna had rushed towards the other three Screamers; he throws his shuriken, which lands in life source killing one of the gigantic Screamers. Next, she quickly puts her shield up to protect herself and blocks all. of the incoming branches with relative ease. Karna continues to hide behind her shield and peeks out every now and again and finally she thrust into life force of another Screamer and it shrieks out loudly. Karna goes back to concealing herself behind the small, iron shield and blocks some more incoming branches with it. Rheill then begins to chop off it’s branches one at a time with forward, downward slashes until all of them are gone as that particular Screamer, was injured from Karna’s stabbing motion. He eventually chops the tree in half from the top, which left only two Screamers alive.
Sana pulls out another dagger from her quiver and gets it ready to throw at the other two Screamers. This time; however, she waits for Karna to start attacking them in between her defencive stance. Karna lands a few blows, which separate their branches from their tree trunks and Sana then throws the dagger straight at the top of the Screamer and it sticks inside of the life force area and it dispatched yet another Screamer. Next, Karna moves towards the remaining Screamer, joined by Rheill. They both slash away at the remaining gigantic tree, which they then take down with ease; the party then stands victorious over the second group of trees.

“We Win, we Win!” shouted Karna triumphantly.
“We sure did, Karna,” replied Rheill.
“Let us check this secret area… during the fight; I almost stumbled to the ground due to this wall deceiving us. This is much like the one we found a while back in the cavern area of the dungeon on floor 3,” explained Karna as she shows the rest of the party as she disappears through the wall.
“See, come though it; there are some objects lying on the ground here!” shouted Karna to the others.
The other comes through and they see a pair of chain mail boots known as a, Hosen. They are coloured silver, which matches the rest of Rheill’s mail aketon, chainmail set. “Rheill, do you want the boots since you already have a full set, of mail aketon?” asked Karna in a magnanimous gesture.
“No, honey, you are our protector, please take the boots as they are better than your leather boots and I already have a full set of armour!” replied Rheill.
‘Awww! So sweet!” Sana thought to herself as she watched Rheill and Karna talk to each other.
Meanwhile Isai watches on and smiles; Karna then begins to take off her leather boots one at a time and exposes her lovely long and magnificent legs and petit feet; Rheill watches her and does not take his gaze from her. Karna senses Rheill is watching her and she simply smiles, knowingly that Rheill loves her very much. ‘I really am starting to love him more’ she thinks to herself, she then realises every day and these thoughts run through her mind, ‘we must get through this so he can take me to the altar!’
She then places each hosen boot onto her feet offering her much better protection from possible attacks.
“Look there is another drumstick and a torch that we could take even though, we do not need the light from it; we could still find a use for it to solve puzzles in the future,” said Sana.
Karna takes the drumstick, which looked the same as the ones they found earlier; although, they have yet to encounter or come into, contact with such a beast. Karna takes the torch as well and places it inside of her backpack as Isai and Sana’s backpacks are full up with Screamer and Magenta Worm rounds.
“Let’s cut these trees up. Rheill you carry this lot of Screamer slices and give me the Magenta Worm rounds that we think could have been poisonous from coming, in contact with Sana’s venomous raincloud spell.” Asked Kana softly.
“Sure, here you go,” replied Rheill.
“I will take a bite now to check if it is poisonous from being killed by venomous attack. I have an anti-Venom potion, make me drink it, if I collapse suddenly” explained Karna as she takes a bite into the worm round and nothing seems to happen to her at all.
“Looks like it is safe,” said Karna while Rheill chopped up the dead Screamers by himself, which he had no trouble with using his two-handed axe.
Next, she gives the other Magenta Worm round to Rheill to eat for his meal as Sana pulls out two more Magenta Worm rounds for herself to eat and Isai. All of them get stuck into their food, while they exit out of the false wall section as it was a dead end.

After they finish eating their Magenta Worm, round meals. They then all get up and ready themselves to continue their journey through the dungeon. They then decide to leave out of the room to the right as they knew that the other room only contained food. The grey-scaled walls of the dungeon then take a right-handed turn and then a left-handed turn. They walk down the corridor after taking the two twisting turns and come to another left turn, which leads into a medium sized chamber. The chamber has normal grey-scaled walls, minus the one with the demon face on the top. right wall. Sana has an excellent eye for detail and she notices a golden shiny object on the ground, which was lying next to another brown floor grating that was carved into the ground, and again it was shaped into a square with holes in it.
“Look something is on the ground!” said Sana excitedly.
Karna moves towards the entrance as a look out, as the area beyond was to yet be explored by the entourage. Sana notices it is another coin, but this time it was coloured in golden and it looked polished and shiny as if it was brand new.
“Wow, that is shiny, did chaos put it there or what?” asked Sana.
“No idea, Sana-baby,” replied Isai.
“Awww, Sana-baby that is so cute!” shouted Karna from the chambers exit; Sana simply smiles.
“Look, Isai, this is what you have been waiting for since level three and for a quite a while too! A very nice wooden bow!” said Rheill as he points towards it on the ground.
Isai wanders over to the bow and picks it up; the bow is coloured light, brown as it is made from pinewood and the string is of a white colour as well. Next, Isai bends down and picks up the bow and he then pulls out one arrow from his quiver, “Karna, could you please move a second I would like to test this bow I just found?” asked Isai.
Karna quickly comes back into the room, as Isai lets loose an arrow which flies all the way and hits the grey-scaled dungeon wall. Next, Isai picks up the arrow; he just fired from his bow as Karna motions them to follow closely behind her that.

The corridor turns sharply to the right and back to the left after the brown square-shaped, grating that was carved into the ground. It then moves two paces forwards before it turns again towards the right and again twisting to the left. The passage then leads north a bit, before it turns to the west. Into a small room that has a passageway, leading out towards the south-west.
“Watch out!” yelled Rheill to Karna.
Karna stops suddenly and asks, “Why?”
“There is a pit to the left and some cryptic text is carved into it!” explained Rheill catching the pit out of the corner of his eye.
Sana starts to read out the cryptic text, “This is my prisoner, let him suffer!”
Sana notices a Mummy is across the pit in a dead end; although, it is standing on top of a squared, pressure plate. Sana screams softly after noticing the Mummy, but she soon realises that the mummy cannot cross the trap door to get her; next, Isai cuddles her comfortably.
“Leave the Mummy for now and explore the rest of this corridor!” stated Karna.
They start walking and notice an empty alcove towards the right on the wall; it is almost adjacent to the pit trap, but is slightly after it. After that is a brown, squared-grating, which is a few steps beyond the alcove and then there is a crack on the ground. The crack is minor and coloured black, but is far too small to fall, down. After that the corridor goes to a junction with a wooden door that has no way of being opened.
“This door needs to be chopped?” queried Sana.
“Yes, I think so, but check the end of the corridor, so we know what we are dealing with!” replied Karna to Sana.
Karna heads down the corridor that leads away from the wooden door and learns that the passageway, just turns towards the right into a dead end; so, she simply rejoins the party.

Rheill starts to chop down the wooden door, Karna offers her assistance in the form of swinging her sword and they both cut through the doorway. The small group of four then enter through the archway and come to a four by four room with a long corridor leading off to the west. Sana shivers slightly as she sees yet another demon face on the left wall. Karna’s face then holds a disgusting look as she holds her nose as she suddenly, smells that same horrid odour again. It is the same smell of some slime coming out of the wall again to the right, next to the demon face on the wall. They see a strange type of horn lying on the floor and a sealed, metal-grated portcullis, leading to the right and some stairs heading down to level five of the dungeon.
“Here is an exit; there has to be some water fountains below, but we need solve this prisoner enigma now!” suggested and explained Sana.
“Yes, let’s go back, I think we need to kill the mummy as it says, let him suffer?” said Karna.
“Hmm, that probably is the answer, but I sense a trap from it,” said Sana in a worried tone.
“We will just have to deal with everything just like we have in the past!” explained Rheill.
“Spot on, Rheill!” said Isai.
They head all the way back to where the pit was situated and they can now see the mummy; Karna withdraws the torch from inside of her backpack and holds the torch up high. Next, Sana channels her Ful Rune and lights the torch so Karna can throw it at the Mummy and she throws the torch directly at the mummy cross the pit. The Mummy starts to burn until there is nothing more than burnt black, obsidian charcoal and ash that now resides on the floor and then a chain of events seem to have been put in motion.

The wall suddenly, starts opening, which was to the right of the Mummy, which seemed to be in between the stairs and the pressure pad; where the mummy was. At the same time the portcullis door rattled open, which now allowed them to exit the level. Suddenly, now the trap had been thrown into full motion as there are now a load of Magenta Worms crawling about. They could see this from looking over the large, hole in the ground and through the wall, which just opened, up. Also on the right wall some new, cryptic text appeared; Karna then notices the feint un-readable text, on the right wall before the pit, and asks the following question, “Sana please translate this, quickly!”
“There is, four packs of Worms… they were not there when we just explored.” screamed Sana in desperation as she then moves quickly to wall on the right to read the text Karna asked her to.
‘You will regret this!’ she read out in despair.
Karna rushes over to Sana, “Sana, Focus, this will be a tough challenge, although, we have a bow and arrow now; we know it is safe to use your rain cloud now!” said Karna as she holds Sana by her shoulders with both of her soft hands gently.
She shakes her softly to re-assure her that just because there are a large, number of Magenta Worms, eight to be precise.
Karna quickly draws out her weapons as she knows they will head through the door that they had chopped down earlier.

“This is there Lair!” shouted Rheill,
“It maybe, their lair but they need to get past me… NONE, SHALL PASS!” yelled Karna loudly as she stands her ground.
“Karna stands to the right please once the first set of Magenta Worms reach you. So that Isai can use his new bow and arrow to reign death on them from afar. I can use my poison bolt spell as you will move around a lot. The venomous rain cloud will not be as effective here as there are many worms and we need to keep moving,” explained Sana in detail to the rest of the party and mainly to Karna.
Karna moves quickly to her right and Isai starts to shoot arrows he fires two and they both land inside the head of the first Magenta Worm, which kills it before it even reaches Karna. Sana channels a few poisonous bolts, which lands on the remaining worm. Suddenly, more groups could be seen approaching Karna; so, she motions them to move back a little bit towards the first square room.
Isai has two arrows left; however, he saves them for when they need them to kill multiple Magenta Worms at the same time.
The other Worm had succumbed to Sana’s poisonous bolts as only the second group of worms had arrived in the small room.
“Kill them quickly as there are four more somewhere!” said Isai.
Karna begins to slash her sword at one of the Magenta Worms, but then she quickly blocks and parries their bites; she shield-slams, the worm that bites her stunning it.
“Die Worm!” yelled Rheill as he decapitates its head from its body and it dies instantly.
“Karna then parries and stabs the other worm, but it does not die yet, until Karna thrusts it a second time deep into it’s purple, slithery skin.
By now four more worms had reached them, but alas they were all together now.
“I cannot defend four of these at once… they are too fast! Isai, shoot at them, do not worry if you miss as we will run back to the room where we found the secret, dead-end with the, Hosen boots, we need to get least one of these dead.” Stressed Karna in a desperate tone of voice.
Sana channels her, rain cloud several times so that the Magenta Worms get severely poisoned by the cloud as it covers the corridor. The sound of the gushing, green vile rain cloud, rains down the corridor as she stood in front of the rest and shouts, “Isai, shoot now!”
However, the worms were smart and did not move down the corridor, but Isai lets lose two more arrows into the air; unfortunately, they miss due to all the venomous rain clouds, blocking his vision.
“Damn it!” he yelled.
“Do not worry, damn these are smarter than we initially thought. We will go hand to hand with them as we are out of arrows!” suggested Rheill.
I can channel more spells, but it drains my mental strength with each spell I cast per day it seems. I can only cast a limited number of spells before resting!” explained Sana
“Use the corridor, Karna!” said Isai.
“I think it is best only two can attack me then and they will not hit me then!” stated Karna.
Karna hides behind her shield; Rheill then goes into a frenzy as the worms try to kill Karna, with their bites. Karna, just simply remains calm and uses her stillness, to not get hit.
“Oh jeez, he has gone into a barbarian rage he did this once before!” yelled Karna.
Rheill fights with pure power though and Karna aids him getting in the way of a strike. This unfortunately, gets Karna, bitten by one of the Magenta, poisonous worms on the arm through her leather jerkin sleeve; she screams in pain, but not as loud as when she was burnt by the rock-pile. Suddenly, blood starts to flow from the arm, as the bite went extremely deep into the arm that was her weapon arm. Danger is now upon Karna as the severely, dangerous toxic venom enters her blood-stream and she is unable to take the anti-venom potion as it forces her to drop her weapon on the floor.
“Karna drink the anti-venom now!” shouted Isai.
“I am little busy here! Rheill give me your anti-venom potion or take mine out of my backpack, before I die…” screamed Karna in Agony as she feels the venom flowing through her body she collapses, but lucky she falls backwards.

Isai quickly snaps Rheill out of his berserker rage by shaking him violently, “Why is Karna on the floor?” he queried as he snaps out of it.
“You went into that raging place again!” replied Isai.
Now that Rheill has all, of his senses back he pulls her away from the worms along the ground; he then removes her helmet, revealing her beautiful face. Karna is in a critical condition and starts to close her sparkling, hazel eyes as the poison starts to kill her. Much like it did to Rheill, but Rheill is much larger and took bit longer to affect him. He takes out the Anti-venom potion from his backpack, “Karna, stay with me!” he shouts; but, not as in as much despair as Karna did three days ago. He knew this; because of how powerful the anti-venom, potion is, as it saved his life once before.
He hastily pours the liquid into Karna’s soft and pretty lips and it flows down back of her throat. She then, feels the deadly, venom being purged from her blood and arteries; she then opens, up her hazel eyes. Sadly, for her the first thing she sees is the four, large Poisonous Magenta Worms crawling over her sword and towards the party. She looks in horror as she sees the blood dripping from her right arm. She clutches it tightly and picks herself back up with all the strength and fight that she could muster and yells, “I cannot fight like this, we have to retreat, unless you can kill the remaining, four Worms!”
“Please let’s retreat, back to the screamer room, unless the worms can bite through metal… we should be safe and we can patch you up, Karna!” demanded Isai.
Both Isai and Rheill, help Karna back to the room as she is able walk, but her right, tricep, is giving her severe pain, “Thank you, both of you, Rheill, I will discuss with you how to help your berserker rage, as it is becoming a real issue now as you can see the results of it!” she pauses and speaks again, “We can do this while Isai, makes me a new, VI, healing potion and they find something to conceal the wound!” she presses on it tightly and pain can be visually seen across her face.

They finally reach the portcullis, metal door; Rheill presses the button and opens it up for Karna to enter the room. She then sits down against the left-handed, wall; she remains holding her arm as Isai passes her a VI, potion to her. She takes her hand, away from the wound and drinks the potion to eradicate the pain from her right bicep, and speaks with relief, “Oh, thank you Isai, this pain is gone and so happy, Theron; brought you to the Adventures Inn as your healing skills are what have saved Rheill and myself from two near death experiences!”
“Don’t mention it, Karna; every one of us, is playing their part in this quest to save the world!” answered Isai.
Karna then begins to help Rheill with his berserker rage problem; as Isai, cuts off the leather material from Karna’s right arm and shoulder exposing her flesh.
Sana looks away as she sees the huge teeth marks on Karna’s right tricep all the way to her bicep, “That does look nasty!” shuddered Sana.
“Yes, but least it is no longer bleeding, thanks to Isai’s first aid skills” said Karna as she then turns to look at, Rheill.
“You let your barbarian rage get the better of you; I got hit because I had to change my defensive to offensive moves. You need to focus and learn to forget everything; I need to teach you the art of stillness. Even though, this is really dangerous… when this happens; you do gain such strength as well it is almost double-edged sword.” explained Karna.
“Yeah it just happens Karna, in middle of battle. I welcome the help with open arms as I would rather fight in control than a killing machine!” said Rheill
“Yes, Rheill Learn to control your emotions and you will learn to anticipate the enemy’s movements like I can.” replied Karna.
Sana screams suddenly, as she sees two of the remaining four worms, at the entrance; they attempt to bite through the steel door as they can see their prey inside of the small chamber.
“The Worms are here!” yelled Rheill, as he pulled out his rapier, with quickness from within his scabbard; he then stabs one of them through the bars killing with element of canniness and surprise.
“Rheill give me that rapier, these worms have hell to pay!” demanded Karna.
“Hell no, my baby, Sugarpuff, you rest here; we will finish them off!”
Karna simply smiles and finds her new pet-name extremely cute and she simply just rests her frame against the dungeon wall, exhausted from the ordeal, she had just suffered.
“Isai, you still have your shurikens, right?” asked Rheill.
“Yes, oh, I just realized why you asked that!” replied Isai as he throws the throwing star through one of the lower, squares within the portcullis striking the Worm in its mouth killing it instantly.
After the worm dies; the shuriken makes a metallic sound as it hit the ground.
“There is only two left; but I am out of spells. However, I do have my daggers still!” declared Sana.
“Let’s open it and go after the remaining two, poisonous worms!” said Rheill wanting to avenge his mistake that left his lady in an injured state and holds himself responsible.
“Close it after… in case the creatures, go for Karna, she needs to rest.
Rheill hands Karna his rapier, to be safe, “Hold onto this, Karna, so you can defend yourself; It will make you feel safer as well!” said Rheill, lovingly.
“Thank you, Rheill, I really do Love you!” she replied as she sees him open the door up and leave with Sana and Isai.
They take a single step towards the worm’s lair; suddenly, a loud sound is heard as the portcullis slams shut sealing, Karna inside the room
“Oh, my god… they split up; I see only one worm!” yelled Rheill as he looks at the lone worm in front of him.
“Too make things even worse, the door shut from the hidden mechanism!” said Isai.
The other worm, then suddenly slithers around the corner from behind towards the three-party members; Luckily, Karna sees the worm and flings the rapier that Rheill had left with her. The blade travels right through the, squared-hole of the metal door. The rapier connects with such precision into the side of the worm it collapses in pile of green blood, she then screams, “Rheill, I just killed a worm creeping up on you guys; now kill the last one for me!”
“I am so glad, I left that rapier with her now; she just saved us a major ambush!”
“That Is a problem I knew would arise eventually; it wasn’t a question of would it happen. It was a question of when would we have to deal with such a problem this dungeon. Usually we have been lucky enough, to deal with all, of these threats contained between closed doors. However, it is not over yet, the worm approaches!” explained Sana.
Rheill, just throws his axe right into the head of the last and remaining worm and they party finally stands triumph over the eight, Magenta Worms, “Great job to everyone, seriously!” praised Sana.
They now reclaim all, of their lost equipment from where they are and from where Karna was bitten by the worm. Rheill places the axe on his back; so that he can pick up, Karna’s Helmet and sword.
He then returns to Karna to return her gear, she then places her full-plate helmet back on top of her head and takes her sword back. She gives Rheill his Rapier back to him; so that he can put it away back inside of his scabbard, for emergencies just like this. Karna is now able to make it back to her feet and move around pretty, well again as the, VI, Healing potion effects, were fully influencing her body. She returns with Rheill to Isai and Sana who were standing by the first lot of worms that they eliminated.
“Let’s cut these worms up, take the food and eat any we cannot carry and then find your arrows Isai!” said Rheill.
“I already took my arrows and placed them inside my quiver and Sana retrieved her daggers; whilst, you were giving Karna her equipment back.
Rheill and Karna cut all the worms up starting with the closest worms; Karna is, able to help Rheill slice and dice the worms into round slices. They then do the same with the Magenta, worms corpses all the way back near the screamer room; Karna and Rheill keep the new food as Isai and Sana both have their provisions full.

Next, they then all decide to head before the opened portcullis in front of the stairs that descend to level five of chaos’ evil dungeon.
Sana then pulls out four more Magenta Worm rounds and hands them and says, “Here is your food, we will eat now!”
“We are out of water, but we need to rest and I am exhausted after that last battle, and I got hurt badly!” said Karna as she rubs her hazel eyes and slumps down to the ground next to the wall.
“We should be okay to rest for at least a few hours, until we find a water source on the next level; or we are running back to get more from level two!” said Sana.
They all slowly get some rest as they all sleep, tightly together as they are all fatigued from the fights against the Screamers and large group of Magenta Worms.

They awaken after only four hours of sleep as they need to desperately find some new water for their water bottles. Sana channels her Ful Rune and illuminates the area again so it becomes bright again. Next, they head towards the stairs now and step boldly down the stairs into the fifth level of the dungeon and see a lion-headed, water fountain facing them as soon as they descended the stairs, “WATER!” yelled Karna loudly.
However, Karna’s yelling attracted a new type of entity from down the long corridor. Only a shadow could be seen of it approaching them it was nothing they had previously encountered. Karna draws her sword ready for combat.

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