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Dungeon Master Trilogy – Book 1 – Chapter 16 –...
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As soon as the dungeon door opened, up automatically, they are faced with yet again two more Magenta Worms, which they could see hiding around the corner. The two Magenta Worms move closer to them and, also the sound of moving branches could also be heard in the distance, “Screamers as well, let us use the door to crush the worms or isolate them?” suggested Sana.
“Let us just isolate them from the Screamers; If we are to simply crush the Magenta Worms we will not be able salvage any food from them at all as it will crush all their flesh,” replied Isai.
“You make a very good point, which is it and hurry the worms are almost on top of me?” queried Karna shouting.
“Let them through, Karna, I will close the door with an open spell over the top of them as they are low to the ground,” said Sana using her wits again.
Karna steps back just a little bit to allow the worms to pass through the semi-circular, windowed, wooden door; while the screamers are moving closer to the party, the sound of their branches becomes much louder.
Next, Sana casts her open/close door spell using the (ZO) Rune and the door closes behind the two Magenta Worms trapping them between Karna and the wooden door. Karna holds up her small, iron shield and immediately goes into a defensive stance keeping the sword ready to parry as well as block any incoming bites with her shield. Both, of the Magenta Worms attack at the exact same time one tries to go over her shield while other strikes low at her; this forced Karna to quickly block the lower strike and parry with the sword at the same time, “Oh god! That was too close! They have never done that in the past; please kill one of them and do it as quickly as you can. I do not know how much longer I can defend such speed and cunningness!” yelled Karna in desperation.
“Just move back, Karna, there is no need to keep them against the door,” suggested Rheill.
“Yes, but this whole area is one massive corridor here and this is the best spot to keep them away from Sana and Isai. I have an idea though; we said the poison cloud spell may not work as they are venomous. However, we have yet to test it and if, Sana, knows the spell by now she should be able to use it very effectively as they are not getting past me while I defend here. Although, it might poison the food, so the choice is yours!” said Karna while she continued to defend the two Magenta Worms attacks.
“We will risk it! I can always have us take an anti-venom potion after we eat it and have Rheill store this food separate so we know in the future,” replied Isai.
“I have learned those two runes, but have not mastered it so the cloud may not be as powerful as it should be yet, but Karna duck!” shouted Sana.
Next, Karna ducks behind her shield and Sana mumbles the Runes of (OH) and (VEN) then some green projectile shoots out, much like the poisonous bolt, but it expands into a massive green, rain cloud, Karna does not dare to move as she hears venomous rain cloud pour down against the ground and the on top of the two Magenta Worms.
The two Magenta Worms suddenly start to shriek out in pain and desperation as they look for a way to get past Karna so they are no longer inside of the green, poisonous rain cloud. However, Karna denies them passage and starts to even attack them to force them back to the door and suddenly they die as they could no longer withstand the venom from the poisonous rain cloud. The cloud then vanishes from sight as well as all the water from the poisonous puddle that remained on the ground as Sana stopped channeling the spell. This made it safe to move onwards and collect the food, “Now that is powerful magic indeed, so maybe the rain cloud is only poisonous while it is active, but we will use, Isai’s, advice earlier when we eat these Magenta Worm rounds,” said Sana.

Both Rheill and Karna start chopping up the dead worm, into Magenta Worm rounds and then they drink their anti-venom potions as a precaution as they stand where the venomous rain cloud was just to be safe.
“I will make you two new anti-venom potions, just hand me back the flasks please,” asked Isai as Karna and Rheill gently hand the empty, glass flasks back to him.
Next, Isai makes two more anti-venom potions and hands them back to both Karna and Rheill, which they both take and put inside their own backpacks.
“Keep your weapons out, we got to deal with the Screamers next!” demanded Karna.
“Yes, Ma’am!” said Rheill in reply mocking her teasingly, she just simply smiles.
Karna then opens, up the wooden door with the semi-circular, window and they swiftly charge into the room as there was a lot more space and see that there is only just two Screamers.
“Only two, but let’s not get sloppy!” said Isai forcefully.
Karna is already moving in to engage them armed with her sword and small iron shield; she blocks an incoming branch as Rheill chops it off from the side. The second large Screamer swings a branch at Rheill. However, Karna jumps in front with a parry, which just had the most perfect timing that was possible in this world as she got to it just before it got to Rheill.
“Thanks, Karna!” shouted Rheill.
“Do not mention it, let’s finish them off now!” replied Karna.
Karna thrusts at the tree, but misses and ducks another incoming branch and this time she lands a perfect thrust at the top of the tree; it shrieks out loudly and Rheill endures the horrific sound then sticks his axe in the same spot, which takes down the first Screamer. Sana and Isai throw their shurikens and daggers and they land perfectly in the life source area of the second screamer, which is then hurt badly. Next, Karna and Rheill both thrust and chop the tree-top to make sure it dies swiftly, which it does. Next, Karna and Rheill then start to already chop up the two dead Screamers so that Sana can start to hand Isai the Screamer slices as reserve provisions since her backpack was full.
“Thanks, Sana! Now we have more food, I feel a bit better now, knowing that our food is under control again, but we must make haste still,” said Isai.
“You are right, Isai, we need get to a new water source soon. Our water bottles have only two days, left in each of them!” answered Sana worryingly.
“We will be just fine.” said Karna encouragingly as she continues to speak, “We just have to go a bit longer the next two days to make sure we make it off this level. Also, we should pray to the gods that there are more Lion-headed fountains on the next level or we will have to rush back via the short-cut!”
“Yeah, despair leads to chaos and that is exactly what Chaos wants!” mentioned Rheill.
“So, what do we have in this room!” said Rheill.
After Rheill said those words; they begin to start investigating and examining the chamber they are in, minus the dead Screamer’s tree trunks.
“Look a rapier! A very large thrusting weapon, Rheill, please take for yourself so you can switch weapons when we meet slashing resistant creatures!” suggested Karna.
“Okay, if you say so, Karna!” replied Rheill.
“Yes, just take the rapier already!” said Karna as she stares at Rheill with her amazing hazel eyes that grow bigger.
Rheill quickly without hesitation takes the rapier. The rapier is long and sharp much like a fencing weapon; it is coated in a light, silver colour and has a brown sword handle for wielding the weapon and making it a great two-handed weapon or a one-handed weapon due to it being lighter than Rheill’s Axe. Although, Karna’s sword is a lot sharper and is more suited for cutting; however, this weapon is pure ace when it comes to piercing the heart of the weak armoured foes. Next, Rheill sheathes it inside of his scabbard and continues to use his two-handed axe.

After exploring the rest of the large chamber, they just fought the two Screamers and two Magenta Worms in, they see on the western side of the room inside of a small niche, another wooden door barring their way out of the room. However, the door had a semi-circular window again at the upper part of the door and it had a button on the right side of the door to open it as usual.
“Another button-operated door here,” stated Karna.
“Let us open up the door and continue and remember to close the other door that we came here through,” suggested Sana.
“Oh damn, good thing you mentioned that Sana!” shouted Rheill.
Karna quickly goes over to the other door and presses in the button to close it sealing them in the room, “Rheill, open the door! I am on my way back now,”
“Okay, Karna, the door is being opened as we speak!” replied Rheill across the room as he presses the button on the right of the semi-circular wooden door as it opens, up automatically.
The passageway is now revealed to the entourage as Karna takes point once again; they see it is a winding passageway, which turns ninety degrees to the left, “Follow the passage I guess nothing else is here!” suggested Isai.
“Yes, but please be cautious; stay close behind, Karna!” replied Sana to Isai.
Karna slowly traverses her way around the corner, which then leads to an odd-shaped room; the room is almost square, but has a dead end leading off to the west. Alas though, the dead end was empty, “WATCH OUT!” screamed Karna as she sees out the corner of her eye from down the long passage to the left of the square part of the room was a massive Rock-pile.
The Rock-pile was about the same size as the one they met at the entrance to this level; Karna draws out her sword and gets ready for combat, “Oh jeez, more Rock-piles!” shouted Rheill.
“Wait until it arrives at the room, this is a narrow passageway,” declared Karna.
“Good Idea again, Karna,” answered Sana heeding her combat advice.
Karna waits very patiently for the Rock-pile to arrive at their location as soon as it does Karna without hesitation thrusts with her sword near the ground, but she misses and remembers the defensive prowess of the first larger Rock-pile they encountered. She begins to think to herself, ‘Stillness again, I guess!’
“Wait a minute, Karna, I have an idea! My rain cloud will pour down between it’s rocks and kill it. Are you able to keep it in one spot for me?” asked Sana.
“Oh Gosh, yes we did not have that spell before, great idea, love,” replied Karna.
Karna draws her shield and gets close as she can to the evil, gigantic Rock-pile; she then stabs not trying to hit it. This forces the Rock-pile to attack her she simply jumps back as she knows she cannot block the fiery glands of the Rock-pile and it will catch her on fire again; she for sure, does not want that to happen again to her.
Sana channels her spell using the (OH) and (VEN) Runes and the green magical cloud appears above the Rock-pile; it starts to even put out it’s fire from it’s fiery area below all the rocks and boulders, which is the Rock-piles armour and defense. This shocked the party and they did not expect this to happen at all.
“The rain cloud is even putting out the fire from the creature, Sana!” mentioned Isai.
Karna quickly strikes it again and this time the blade connects and shrieks out in pain with the combined effort of the venomous, rain cloud begins to poison it and poison it every second it remained underneath the cloud. It tries to retreat suddenly; Rheill cuts it off from behind by running to the exit of the room, it slowly moves, but the damage had already been done. Karna then quickly finishes it off with several thrusts to its weak spot underneath and pile of boulders; it just simply collapses and the poisonous, rain cloud stops as soon as Sana had stopped channeling her spell.
“Great Job, Sana!” praised Isai.
“Now we can press onwards,” stated Rheill.

The group then pushes onwards down the narrow corridor where the Rock-Pile emerged from; it goes several paces forwards. Next, the tunnel/corridor takes a turn to the right and back to left, but before that is a turning. There was some slime on the wall directly facing them.
“Damn it! There is more slime coming out of the walls, hold your noses people!” said Karna as she grabs her tiny little nose.
Next, they walk past it and around the left turning and come to another square-shaped room with the passageway heading out from the west, which also leads to another square room with another section leading out going to the north. The area looks gross with the slime coming out of the grey-scaled wall, which is situated on the eastern wall. The corridor then turns left and then right following another right turn; this section is very confusing, but luckily for them it goes in one direction, just the passage was twisting very often. They follow the passageway further following another right turn and then a left turn, which leads to a twisting turn ending in a northerly direction, which leads to another wooden, semi-circular windowed door.
“Wow, how many of these types of doors are there! However, I feel we are getting closer to the Firestaff every day,” explained Karna
“There is a button here as well so could be a room or another corridor?” replied Rheill.
“I bet there is some Magenta Worms in here, Isai prepare anti-venom potions!” declared Sana.
“Both, Karna and Rheill, already have one potion each. Inside of the three remaining flasks I have used to make (VI), cure wounds potions in case someone gets seriously injured again after learning from our past experiences with the Rock-piles and Magenta Worms!” replied Isai.
“Get ready, I am opening up the door,” said Karna a bit louder than normal to make sure they were all ready.
Next, Karna pushes the button and the door opens, up and the way is then revealed to them; it appears to be a large room again after entering through the door. The room is pretty, massive and another wooden door could be seen in the distance on the northern wall; suddenly, two Magenta Worms appear from the distance, “More Worms!” shouted Rheill, which drew their attention.
Karna slaps Rheill and then says, “That was stupid! You could have just whispered or something; now the worms know we are here!”
“Shush, dear, they could see us anyway!” answered Rheill.
“Can you two stop arguing and just fight!” said Isai.
Sana closes the door, which they just came into the room through because, she was the closest to the door; meanwhile, both Karna and Rheill engage the two Magenta Worms after drawing their weapons out. Karna drew her sword out of her scabbard like she usually does and Rheill had been carrying his two-handed axe all the time while his rapier is now in his Scabbard. Karna grabs both of, the Magenta Worms attention, by arriving at their position in the middle of the large room. She slashes at the first Magenta worm and cuts it slightly; she then quickly blocks both of their bites with her small iron shield. Rheill Slashes at the same Magenta Worm from the side on the area that Karna had cut it already, which opened the wound even more injuring it further; it suddenly falls, down in pain, but remains alive still somehow.
“Rheill, watch out; the worm still lives, let us focus on the active one!” said Karna warningly.
Rheill quickly moves back away from the injured Magenta Worm and helps Karna deal with the other one. Next, Sana and Isai throw a dagger and shuriken into the injured worm to finish it off as they heard Karna mention it was not fully dead earlier.
Karna continues to defend the other Magenta Worm’s attack by blocking it each time with her shield and Rheill strikes several times with his two-handed axe and finally delivers the killing blow chopping the worm in half. Both Karna and Rheill chop up the worm and Karna takes the food as both Sana and Isai’s backpacks were full already of food. Also, the worm rounds that Rheill has in his backpack were the ones that could have been poisoned by Sana’s poisonous rain cloud.

“Look some elven boots here and some leg mail to match your mail aketon chest piece, Rheill,” said Sana as she spots the items on the floor.
They now head over towards the elven boots; they were of a bright, illuminant green colour, they were smaller than most boots, “I will take them as I feel they could be magically enchanted and suited for me; I cannot wear heavier armour anyway, so this will be perfect for me.” explained Sana as she takes off the black leather boots one at a time from each of her feet.
Next, she places the green elven boots on her feet one at a time, “They look good on you!” said Isai.
“Awww, thank you Isai!” replied Sana.
“Rheill, Take the Leg-mail; it will serve you better as you are our defender. I will be more careful until we find a set of armour that is more suited for myself. Also, I do have a small iron, shield where as you don’t to defend incoming attacks better!” explained Karna.
“Okay, I will remove the leather, slacks and use this then,” replied Rheill.
Rheill begins to take off his brown leather, slacks and reveals his long and muscular legs as he is then only wearing his warrior hide. Karna takes a special look at Rheill after he had taken it off and was in his warrior hide. She smiles and thinks to herself, ‘damn I really missed watching Rheill before he got this armour as I could see his shape better in only leather. I better take this time to sample those lovely, built legs as he will not be taking this off again, until we are out of this dungeon, unless he finds some plate armour!’
Rheill noticed Karna was watching him and he smiles and takes his sweet ass time on purpose to tease Karna some more; he then finally puts on the mail aketon legs.
“You look lovely, even when your body is covered in chainmail, darling,” said Karna slyly.
“Why, thank you, dear, I need to get used to moving in this still as it is heavier than my leather armour. I already noticed I am bit slower at moving and could be why that worm bit my leg 2 days ago; now they will have to bite through steel” replied Rheill.
“Now we have you well protected, Rheill!” stated Sana.
“Shall we eat and rest here or want to push on to the next secured area,” asked Isai.
“Here is good! I want to practise using my Axe using this full set, of mail, aketon before we continue,” declared Rheill.
“Okay, Rheill, go ahead I will prepare us some Worm, rounds and this will be the last of our water, we need to get more tomorrow!” said Sana worryingly.
Rheill begins swinging his axe and moving about and it seems, he is not slowed down as much as he through he would as he gets used the way the armour moves. However, he probably will not be able jump around as much.
Suddenly, he approaches the northern door still swinging his axe and this door is yet to have been opened; it was also made of wood with the semi-circular window at the top of it. He notices there is another empty, glass flask sitting upright on the ground, “There is another flask here, Isai,” yelled Rheill from across the room. He picks it up and brings it back to the party and then simply hands to Isai, “Thank you, Rheill, now we have six empty flasks. At the next lion-headed or whatever the water fountain looks like. I will use one of them to carry more water for us as the other three have the (VI) contents in them right now. Also, you and Rheill have one anti-venom potion each!” explained Isai.
“The Magenta Worm rounds are ready, let’s eat now. I know, Karna, said this before when she tried one and that it did not taste very nice. However, as she said this may have just been her personal taste of food and so maybe the rest of you and I will like it.” said Sana, as she handed out four Magenta, Worm rounds from her stock of provisions.
Karna does not like these at all, but knows she must eat and that this is the oldest food they have and need to eat that first.
“You are right, Karna, this does not taste as nice as the Screamer slices. However, this is what we have, to eat to survive,” said Sana.
“That is right, Sana,” replied Isai.
“For sure!” mentioned Rheill as well.
They all finish up their meal and take a last drink of their water-bottles that now become just a water-skinned bottle, the time of finding more water is now becoming the time of the essence. They all put their water-skinned bottles away inside of their personal backpacks. Next, they decide to get some rest as Karna lies close to Rheill on top of his armour, which makes it bit colder to lay on top of; although, she does not care and just wants to be close to her new love.
Sana decides to lie on top of Isai’s chest and she slowly closes her eyes, the room become pitch black as Sana falls asleep and her illuminant light Rune now faded into the darkness.
“Good Night, sweetie,” said Rheill to Karna.
“Good Night, Dear,” replied Karna as they raise their, plated helms to share a gentle kiss good night.

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