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Dungeon Master Trilogy – Book 1 – Chapter 13 –...
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The four of them awake and stretch their bodies; both Sana and Karna flick their silky hair backwards and over their shoulders, “Morning, Lovely,” said Rheill to Karna.
“Morning to you too, dear,” replied Karna.
Isai and Sana have a quick cuddle and kiss before Sana illuminates the area once again with her Ful Rune; the area becomes bright and they are faced with the closed wooden door that is now blocking the way ahead.
“I guess we should start chopping this door?” suggested Rheill.
“Yes, Rheill, there is no way we can open this. There are no locks or switches present,” replied Sana.
“There is an axe here; we must have overlooked it. It is laying right in front of the door,” said Karna who laughs to herself and begins to speak again, “Take it, Rheill, instead of the falchion or sabre!” demanded Karna.
Rheill picks up the axe and drops his sabre as he no longer needs it anymore, but he realizes it is a two-handed axe so he then drops the falchion as well. He starts to chop the door with ease as the axe is much more powerful than both of his previous weapons. Next, Karna watches Rheill with happiness as she loves to see him work his muscles, even if they are concealed under his Mail Aketon, chest-piece.
After several strikes, the axe chops through the door and a hole is made inside the archway. They are now able to progress deeper, on this level of the dungeon; all of them now move through the archway of the door and into the next area.

They are now standing on a brown grating on the ground, which has several square holes between the brown and metal material, much like the ones they encountered earlier on the floor. There are two spaces to the left; although, it does not lead anywhere so they ignore it and move on.
The entourage come to another small niche, which branches off to the left and there is a tiny pressure plate on the ground. It is just slightly ahead of the intersection.
“This is smaller than all of the pressure plates we have seen so far; we need to be careful as it could be a trap or a dangerous mechanism,” mentioned Isai.
“Let me step around it. I will arm myself first,” replied Karna.
Next, she carefully treads around it and heads a bit forward to find a metal portcullis that is tightly closed.
“There is a door here. So, we need to work out this enigma, which is probably controlled by this small pressure pad,” explained Karna.
Karna slowly steps onto the pressure pad and the sound of the portcullis rattles within the distance.
“It opened!” said Rheill, but as all of them step off, of the pad.
However, there was a hidden trigger or something that forces the door to come crashing down, which echoes throughout the corridor.
“Then how the hell do we get through the door!” yelled Rheill
“Calm down, Rheill! It was far too obvious that we would not be able to simply just walk through the door,” replied Sana.
Karna tries to place down her sword on top the small pressure plate, but it has no effect whatsoever. She then retrieves it and speaks, “This pad is just like the one that we had encountered near the beginning of the dungeon, where we could not put an item down as it was not heavy enough.”
“That is right, Karna, so there must be something else we need to do. Let us check the wall for hidden switches.” suggested Isai.
They begin to search but cannot find anything at first; however, Sana finally spots a small crack in the wall on the left wall which is exactly where the tiny pressure pad is, “look, it is here!” said Sana loudly.
“Wow, that was well concealed, nice catch, Sana,” mentioned Karna.
“Thank you, Karna, that was a sweet thing to say,” replied Sana.
“Okay, so who wants to be first person to press the small crack-type button?” asked Rheill.
“I will do it… if it is okay with everyone else?” queried Karna.
“Sure, Karna you are our protector after all,” stated Isai.
Karna slowly pushes in the small crack-type switch and suddenly she is teleported towards the door. Suddenly Karna uses her quickness and rolls sideways underneath the archway and is, able to get through the portcullis before it closed on top of her. Meanwhile as Karna lifts herself back up and onto her feet; she then notices a small brown lever on the side, but leaves it alone for now.
“Seems you will all have to press the switch one at a time; there is some strange magic that moves us a few paces forward and allows us to get under the door in time. This lever will open the door, but as soon as you are moved next to the door there is a hidden pressure plate that makes the door close after a few seconds!” shouted Karna.
“Also, I will pull you under now I am here on the other side of door,” said Karna again.
“Sana, you go next,” suggested Rheill.
Sana nods in agreement a she then presses the crack-type button and she teleported to the door, she quickly rolls under it easily much like Karna as she is light and wearing no heavy armour. Sana meets up with Karna on the other side and they wait patiently for Isai and Rheill to now get through the door.
“I will go next and let us hurry and rejoin Sana and Karna; we are now divided up into two groups and this is not good,” said Isai in a worried tone of voice.
Next, Isai presses the crack-type button and he is ported and he then rolls under the door as well. Finally, Rheill does it and he has some problems with rolling underneath the portcullis as he is bigger and more built than the rest of the group; also, he is wearing a heavy steal Mail Aketon around his body. Karna quickly helps him through the door as it comes crashing down and nearly crushes him.
“Thank you, Karna, you saved my life again!” said Rheill as he embraces her in a gentle cuddle.
“It was nothing, dear,” replied Karna as she wraps her arms gently around his waist and smiles at him.
Next, both Rheill and Karna release their arms from each other, as they disengage each other from their short cuddle.

The party is now standing inside a small chamber, which leads off to the right and that goes into another chamber. The second chamber has two exits, which leads to either the left or the right. They then move to the junction and see the left passageway leads to nothing, but an empty four by four area with no objects or anything even on the grey-scaled walls. A very feint sound can be heard within the distance, “shush, can you hear that?” asked Sana.
“Yes, it is getting louder too,” whispered Karna in reply to Sana.
Suddenly, they soon realize it is the buzzing sound of some, kind of insect, the sound gets extremely loud. Karna quickly turns around and at the same time unsheathes her sword extremely quickly. Seconds after, she places her shield right in front of herself, as suddenly, a massive, Giant Wasp flies at the group; but, bounces off, of her large, wooden shield. The wasp is coloured yellow with two large white wings and the area above it’s yellow head is an emerald colour. Karna jumps and tries to deliver an aerial slash at the wasp, “Damn it… that wasp is freaking fast!” yelled Karna as she misses it. Isai throws a throwing star and the Giant Wasp, simply evades the contact as it flies out of the way and tries to hit Karna again, “Karna! Shield yourself and shield bash it, hopefully it will get stunned this time!” declared Sana.
Once again Karna quickly pushes the shield in between her and the Giant, yellow Wasp and she bashes it with the shield as it still tries to sting her through the shield; her trusty, wooden shield protects Karna again. This time the Giant Wasp is stunned as Karna used more obsessive force; Sana then channels her poisonous bolt spell, which homes in on the wasp and strikes it. The Giant Wasp then suddenly, drops down dead from the air and onto the ground and lands right in front of Karna’s shield. She finally reveals her beautiful self from behind the shield and sees the wasp has succumbed to the venom of Sana’s poisonous, bolt spell.
“Nice call, Sana,” said Karna.
“We cannot use it for food, so let’s continue, shall we?” suggested Isai.
“I guess we should,” replied Rheill.

They follow the passage that leads the opposite way to the small squared room that happened to lead to nowhere at all. They follow it for a while and they see another brown grating on the ground at the end of the corridor and a right-hand turning, which leads to a larger corridor, to the right. However, they needed to move closer to confirm that as the naked-eye, could only see so far ahead; they turn the corner and follow the passageway and suddenly, the sound of something slithering along the ground can be heard.
Two shadows can then be seen from around the corner, they are not high off the ground so it is something they have not seen before inside of Chaos’ dungeon. The shadows then vanish as whatever it is, slowly reveals itself and it looks to be two large worms that are coloured magenta. At the front of them, which looks to be very large, sharp and pointy teeth that go all the way around it’s mouth in a large circle. Their tails are at least a few feet long, luckily for them they seem to move slowly, but quicker than the Rock-Piles.

“Magenta Worms… be ready! We need to be very cautious as we have not seen these before!” declared Karna as she pulls out her sword and readies her shield to protect her from these vile creatures.
“Karna, shall we fight them in the larger corridor while it is available to us?” asked Rheill.
“Yes, we already proved we can do tight spots as well when it comes down to it, everyone please get back into the larger corridor!” demanded Karna in a fighting tone of voice.
Isai and Sana follow knowing that Karna is the protector and when it comes to combat there is no finer leader, in this aspect of life. After they all get back to the corridor, they then simply await the arrival of the Magenta Worms. Rheill is armed with his two-handed axe and readies it over his head in his barbarian offensive stance. Next, Karna moves into engage them, the first worm lunges at Karna; she simply sidesteps to her right to avoid the attack and chops the Magenta worm that was attacking her. However, the worm moves it’s head out of the way extremely, swiftly and she slashes the ground, which makes a high, pitched screeching sound.
“They are faster, than they look, Karna,” said Sana.
“You got that right, Sana, but I can handle their attacks it seems.” replied Karna.
The worm tries to bite Karna again, but she blocks it with her shield, meanwhile the second Magenta Worm moves around to Karna’s right hand side that is exposed. Rheill sees the second Magenta Worm going for Karna and yells, “KARNA, TO YOUR RIGHT!”
Karna hears Rheill yelling at her and feels she must be in grave danger, for how much he cares for her and Karna’s feelings couldn’t have been more perfect. Karna quickly decides to jump backwards as the Magenta Worm to the right of her suddenly smashes its head into wall where she was standing. Although, again the wall was unfazed by the strange magic that is held within the dungeon. Only the thundering sound of the attack could be heard booming throughout the corridor.
the Incident that just happened finally sinks in to Karna as she finally realizes exactly how lucky she was and Karna is not flanked very easily at all in fights, if ever; this was really a first for her, “Oh my god… thank you so much, Rheill!” stressed Karna.
Finally, Karna, manages to get her head back into the game; she goes straight back into melee range of both, of the long and large Magenta Worms. This time she lures them more into the centre of the corridor giving everyone more space to flank them and so that she can keep an eye on both, of the worms at, all times.
The two Magenta Worms continue to strike at Karna with their mouths trying to bite Karna. Although, she is too good for that and decides not to attack; she simply just defends herself rather than attacking as she parries and dodges all, of their incoming attacks. Rheill finally moves in and flanks the first Magenta Worm and chops its head right off, green blood squirts and pours everywhere onto the ground as the worm takes an instant death. Suddenly, the second Worm turns to Rheill, but Karna jumps in the way and blocks the attack. However, what none of them knew is that two more giant Magenta Worms were slowly slithering towards them as they were silent during the heat of battle. The two new Magenta Worms get closer and closer while they are still fighting as Sana throws her dagger into side of the worm that Karna blocked from biting Rheill. Karna then strikes it down with her sword chopping it in half. “RHEILL, MOVE NOW!” yelled Karna.
Karna grabs him violently and tries to move him out of the way of the incoming worms attack and she does the best she can. She is a second too late as one of the worms catches Rheill and bites him on the left leg; right through his leather, slacks. Red, blood stains, can then be seen through his brown leggings and he yells, “OUCH!” he screams in pain, but continues to fight and he goes into his barbarian rage.
‘Damn it! Where did these even come from; I need to work on my awareness more’ she thought to herself beating herself up over Rheill getting bitten. Meanwhile, Rheill goes into a frenzy and slashes both of, the worms down in his rage, Karna tries to calm him down; but then, suddenly he falls, down to the ground.

“RHEILL!!” screamed Karna in despair.
Isai quickly checks on him, “He is still breathing, but he seems to be dying from something, I think the Worms may be poisonous!” said a worried Isai.
“ISAI, DO SOMETHING!” cried Karna loudly with panic as she removes her full-plate, helmet and now tears can be seen flowing down her face and cheeks like a small stream and she suddenly breaks down emotionally to the ground dropping her shield and sword. She holds onto her face and begins crying loudly as even more tears are shed, showing the first sign of vulnerability the group has seen from her.
Sana goes to Karna to comfort her; she holds Karna and embraces her, “Cry on my shoulder, Karna.”
“Please tell Isai, I am sorry for shouting at him,” cried Karna to Sana.
Isai thinks and re-looks over Rheill, one last time and then looks at the condition and sees Rheill is fading away; he has literally only a couple of moments left to live. He soon realizes it is indeed a deadly new type of venom that no one has ever encountered before and prepares the Anti-Venom potion that they were taught via the old scroll on floor two.
“Sana, can you help me, I know what is wrong and Karna is just emotionally distressed… I know she did not mean to take it out on me; but, I have probably a few minutes left to save him!”
“Karna, I need to help, Isai! He can cure Rheill, be strong for me, okay?”
Karna continues to weep more knowing, she is about to lose the one man in her life who really cares about her and takes interest in her and what she likes for the first time in her entire life. He is the new love of her life and she knows now, but it could be too late for her to even tell him. However, she suddenly, gets up and rushes to Rheill, as he lies unconscious fighting for his life. Karna to everyone surprise suddenly kisses him deeply on the lips, but what shocks them even more is what she then shouts out loud to encourage him to fight for his life, “DON’T YOU DARE DIE ON ME… FIGHT IT, I LOVE YOU!”
She holds his head up and removes the helmet from his head and says, “Isai, pour the anti-venom potion into his mouth please. I am so sorry for shouting at you and breaking down like this!”
“Karna… it is okay. We understand, I would do the same for Isai,” replied Sana.
That brings a smile to Isai knowing Sana cares as much as Karna does for Rheill; even though Karna held her feelings away, but now she has shown every feeling out loud and on a silver platter.
The anti-venom soon kicks in and the poison slowly begins to dissolve from Rheill’s body; Karna holds him tightly not letting him go and finally shows a smile when Rheill speaks for the first time after collapsing to the ground, “Eh, Karna, what happened all, I remember was you yelling for me to move, loudly?”
“You were bitten by two more Magenta Worms that happened to of snuck up on us and ambushed us while we were fighting. I tried my absolute best to move you out of the way, physically, but one caught you on your, left leg. What is more, scary is they carry in their mouths a very, deadly Venom, you went down quicker than a stone dropping to the ground as soon as your adrenaline ran out,” explained Karna as she continues to hold him tightly.
“Close your eyes, Rheill, you need to experience what you missed when you were, sleeping!” suggested Karna to Rheill.
He listens to her as he closes his brown eyes; his eye-lids are now tightly closes as Karna presses her soft and delicate lips onto his as they kiss for the second time. However, this is the first kiss that Rheill got to experience and he kisses her back once and they then stop out of respect for Sana and Isai who are watching them.
“Welcome back, Rheill,” said Both Sana and Isai.
“There could be more of them! We need to now check that this area is clear before we rest. Sana, can you please look after Rheill while Isai and I go and see what is further ahead?” queried Karna.

Karna quickly grabs hold of her sword and wooden shield and rearms herself from where she had dropped them; when she had her small emotional break down earlier. She then puts her full-plated helmet back on as well.
Next, Karna and Isai then set out to see what lies ahead; they follow the passageway around the corner from where the Magenta Worms came from, which leads to a small room, which then branches out into another large, wide corridor. It then turns more to the left and leads to another large room, “Should we continue?” asked Isai.
“Yes, Isai, we need make sure there are no enemies, Rheill needs to rest and so do we. I am getting fatigued to tell the truth and need to rest my body as well,” explained Karna.
“Okay, Karna, but if we meet some monsters we will go back to where Rheill is,” said Isai.
“Yes, Isai, we will do that for sure; I do not want to fight split up,” replied Karna.
They explore the large chamber to find nothing; the chamber is large and branches off into two wide dead-ended corridors in the northern and western directions. In the eastern direction, it leads to a new pathway, which looks to be a pretty long corridor; both, of them, decide to follow it and at the end of it. The passageway then takes a right turn and at the end on the left is a small rectangular alcove. They then traverse around the corner and come to a button-operated, wooden door, which had the semi-circular window at the top of it.
“Looks like we are safe, a door is in the way of anything, let’s hurry back to Rheill and Sana!” said Karna.
“I am okay, Now Sana,” said Rheill to Sana, while Rheill and Karna are on the way back to them.
“No, you will rest! You almost died, Rheill…” said Sana still worried about him as he is not listening to her.
“Rheill, you will rest,” said Karna looking a bit cross at him as she sees him trying to get up from down the corridor, “Do not make me tie you up or something, just so you cannot move!”
“Yes, Karna, my love, you are right!” replied Rheill as he lays back down; Karna moves in close and kisses him again before resting with him.
“Oh, by the gods, you are bleeding still, we need to conceal the wound like my burnt skin, give me your leg!” said a worried, Karna.
She pulls his ether slacks up and there is massive bite mark on his leg, she looks away as it looks nasty, “Isai, we need a, VI, potion for his leg and can you wrap his leg up like you did with my arm?” asked Karna.
“Certainly, Karna, I’ll use some of your burnt leather, as it pretty much gives no protection anyway!” replied Isai.
“Yes, take it from my left arm, as the wound is concealed by Sana’s robe material,” responded Karna.
“Let me help, you look exhausted from all that defending you did earlier… please rest with Rheill!” said Sana.
Both Sana and Isai conceal Rheill’s, wound with the leather strips from Karna’s left arm.
Karna, snuggles up closely once they are finished bandaging him and she closes her eyes inside of her helmet on his chest.
“We will rest here it is safe and Rheill can regain his strength,” explained Sana.
“Agreed, Sana,” answered Isai.
They all decide to get some rest from the grueling battles today and the near venomous death of Rheill; they all now know they have, to be even extra careful, especially of the new, Magenta Worms. As they carry some new kind of deadly toxic that was so powerful that it was, able to drop Rheill within seconds of only a small bite from their teeth. Several hours then pass by before they wake up again.

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