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Dungeon Master Trilogy – Book 1 – Chapter 12 –...
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Karna slowly, but surely gets to grips with herself, shortly after reading those words aloud, “Well words cannot hurt us! Chaos, is trying to play mind games with us!” said Karna softly.
“Yes, I think you are right, Karna,” replied Rheill agreeing with her.
From the corner of Sana’s left eye, she sees an alcove to the left of the grey wall where the non-cryptic text was carved into it, “I can see an alcove just beyond this wall, but nothing more,” explained Sana.
Karna motions them to start moving and exploring; they then come to a four by four room with the alcove, only to find there was nothing at all inside of it, just an empty alcove.
Suddenly, they hear a familiar sound one that sends chills down the spine of Karna; she is stunned for a second and then yells, “Weapons out! That sound is a Rock-pile!”
Karna draws her newly found sword and is ready to kick the Rock-Piles ass. The look in her eyes was scary, as she usually as the most beautiful eyes you will ever feast your eyes on. Although, they are now filled with hatred and malice towards this type of creature; she will one day get over the fear of being burnt by them, but it will take time.
“Lure, it into the room Karna, we know what to do to take these out now,” suggested Sana.
“I will, Sana, I am definitely not fighting it in the corridor, that is for sure!” answered Karna.
This Rock-pile is much larger than what they had seen inside of the gloomy cavern on the floor above; it also explained why the sound was louder as it was further away than what the entourage had thought.
“It, may be bigger and more dangerous, but not impossible to defeat!” said Rheill as he gazed upon the creature as he draws out his sabre and falchion.
They wait patiently for it and it finally moves around the corner and into the room.
“This room is small! We need to be extra careful!” explained Isai worryingly.
“There are no room for doubts, the battle begins!” roared Karna.

She engages the evil, Rock-pile as normal and does her dodging techniques; she does not care how gigantic her foes are. She treats them all as serious as the next opponent. The Rock-pile tries to burn Karna, but Karna is not having any of that and she jumps to the right and Sana is able launch a poison bolt at it’s crimsons, red-hot fangs. This does not seem to affect the creature at all, but suddenly it feels the venom flow through it; it may be magical, but it is still an entity with a life source unlike the undead, Mummies. It turns its attention to move towards Sana but Rheill gets in the way, “Get back Sana, it is very angry with you right now!” shouted Rheill.
Both Sana and Isai re-position themselves inside the small four by four room with Rheill and Karna trying to find the opening, but it keeps on shielding itself with it’s gigantic, grey boulders and rocks. Karna takes a shot with the sword on the top to draw its attention, but even then, it is impenetrable from behind.
“Hmm, even I do not know what to do here! It keeps shielding itself and we cannot even back-stab or flank it!” yelled Karna getting angry, but then she remembers her training.
She thinks to herself ‘Stillness!’ Suddenly, she then lets her guard down, “KARNA! What the hell are you doing!?” yelled Rheill in shock.
As Karna let her guard down she knew exactly what she was doing, she remained motionless as she let the Rock-pile attack her; suddenly, she moves like the speed of light with a somersault right over the top of the Rock-pile. However, it had exposed Sana and Isai momentarily, but they had clear shots at it Sana hits it with another poison bolt which connects perfectly and then Isai hits it with his throwing star. The huge Rock pile shrieks in pain, “Rheill finish it!” yelled Karna.
Isai and Sana run behind Rheill as Rheill jumps in with a barbarian’s rage and slashes and thrusts over and over until the Rock-Pile is finally defeated. Karna then snaps him out of his Barbarian rage by shaking him, “Rheill it is already dead!”
“Karna, no way I was letting one of those things hurt you again, not on my watch, but that was shear amazing on how you exposed the creatures’ weakness!” replied Rheill.
“yes, I remembered something from my training, there is always a weakness in any type of adversary even though it looks impossible; there is a way to make the impossible, possible, it is called stillness,” explained Karna.
She then speaks again, “This, is why; I did not want the steel armour it limits my moves!”
all of them smell the smouldering ash from the humongous, defeated Rock-pile, they hold their noses and hold their breath and move away being careful not to inhale any of the poison that was inflicted into it as not one, but two poison bolts were used in that previous fight.

Now they decide to explore onwards and see an intersection that branches off to the west and another passage heading west, which leads off, of a rectangular shaped room. Inside that room seems to be three metal gratings on the ground; they then move into the room to get a closer look. The gratings are indeed floor gratings, which are coloured in a light brown colour; they allow you to see below slightly but, nothing really can be seen on the level below.
“Seems to be just floor gratings; however, we have two directions we can go. The left from the room we are in or the first left via the corridor, which, do we choose first?” asked Sana.
“Let’s choose the first way from the intersection; if it comes to a locked door or anything, we can always come back,” replied Karna.
“Sounds good, Karna,” answered Isai.
All of them decide to push on now as they follow the advice of Sana. They follow the grey-scaled walls around to the left and it then takes a ninety degree turn to the left and it leads to another, four by four room with some items on the ground. They notice it is another water bottle and to the parties’ luck it is fully filled up; there is also some cheese laying on the ground, which is the round type again with the red colour coating on the outside and strange enough it is in perfect condition. First Sana grabs the cheese and puts it into her backpack and then Rheill takes the water bottle as he was the only member to not have one as he was sharing with Karna. They now come to some cryptic text that only Sana could read; this was carved into the wall on the left and next to a closed wooden door with the three separate beams of wood.
Next, Sana starts to read the text out aloud, “Do not let a closed door stop you!”
“Is that so?” replied Rheill, but this time he thinks and remembers there is one other area to explore as he speaks again, “We should go back then as there will be no way of closing this door as we have to chop it down.”
“Wow! Using your brains, Rheill, I am impressed!” said Karna teasingly and then her lovely lips curve into a beautiful smile.
“You are such a tease, Karna, really you are and I think you deserve a spanking later when we are alone!” replied Rheill.
“Oh boy, these two are too much together,” said Isai trying to keep it serous, but deep down, he found it pretty, funny.
Sana just simply sighs at Rheill; Karna just simply smiles again loving how naughty Rheill is being and not caring if it is in front of everyone. She is slowly falling for Rheill and is in love with him or at least that is what she thinks at this point, she is still unsure about the love part. Although, she likes him very much at this point in her life, but she hides it extremely well from him and the others.
Isai whispers to Sana as they head all the way back to other room with the three brown, floor gratings, “I think these two are in love, but Karna is hiding it!”
“You are right this will be interesting to watch this play out,” whispered Sana back to Isai so that neither, Karna or Rheill could hear their little conversation.
They now continue to walk down this corridor they notice another empty alcove and a dead end with nothing, but some horrible green slime pouring out of a hole in the wall, “Please move from here already!” said Karna aggressively as she spots the green slime coming out of the wall.
“What is wrong Karna?” asked Isai.
“What is wrong you ask? Just look at the dead end! That is what is up!” answered Karna.
“We have bigger problems than this Slime in the wall can you hear that sound, it is Screamers again?” said Rheill.

The party readies for battle as they know not to take anything lightly at this point; they however notice it is a pack of four Screamers; they are situated inside the first left turn and there is not much room to move and this is going to test their team work more than ever before.
Also by the screamers there looks to be a single column of wall as there is another way around in the same direction and to the right is a wooden door, but they do not want to worry about that door right now as they have an important threat to neutralize.
“Karna, do you want to lure them back or just fight here as there maybe instances where we have no choice, but to fight like this?” queried Sana.
“I had not really thought about that happening, this will help me improve my parrying and blocking skills so we will fight them here, also we can flank them since there is round wall in the middle here, look another turning. Rheill, can you please go around the other side you can hold your own against the trees and I will not be able hold both sides at the same time this time and we will split them up this way hopefully as well?” suggested Karna.
“Good Idea, Karna, remember, I have chain-mail on now!” replied Rheill.
Karna engage them from the closest passageway as she moves in and closes in on the screamers. Suddenly a Screamer tries to hit her with a branch and she swerves out of the way of the first incoming branch and chops it off with a downward spiral, slash. The same Screamer shrieks and attacks her with a vengeful wrath with another branch, but Karna simply just parries the blow with relative ease. Meanwhile, Rheill makes his way round the other side; However, Sana and Isai stay with Karna for protection and are, able to use their spells and ranged attacks much easier with Karna’s amazing defensive skills. Rheill finally makes it around the side and it indeed did lead around a square wall, but to Rheill’s bad luck, two of the Screamers had split off from the other two and were ready for Rheill. He simply starts luring them back a bit not wanting to try and defend two at once, “Karna, two of them have split off; I will keep luring them away but they will come around the other side. Sana and Isai, I need your help!” shouted Rheill!
Before Isai and Sana could even assist Karna, they both switch to help Rheill, “Karna will you be okay alone?” queried Isai.
“Yes, I think so! I can just defend until you take care of these two,” yelled Karna as she defends the best she has ever done in her life avoiding branch after branch.
Rheill dodges the branch with a sidestep and chops it off; Isai then throws his throwing star and it connects to the top of tree that only had one branch, but it does not die. Rheill throws his falchion into the top of it which finally kills it. This enrages the other two, trees; however, they leave Karna alone and start moving the other way.
“Rheill! Watch out the other two Screamers are moving towards you since you killed one of them, but I will kill them before they reach you with some luck!” screamed Karna loudly.
Karna quickly rushes and jumps and kills one of the Screamers behind but the other turns around suddenly and tries to knock her out with a branch; she manages to block it in time with her heavy, wooden shield.
“Damn that was too close, but I have the other tree fixated back on me!” yelled Karna.
“We have one left as well!” shouted Isai back to Karna.
Next, Sana casts a poisonous bolt and it hits the remaining tree on their side and it hits right in the life source area inside the illuminate, green leaved area, it Shrieks out and Rheill jumps and slashes the tree in the top in half with the sabre and they finally defeated their side. Isai quickly goes to help Karna out as she is busy with the remaining tree; he pulls out a second throwing star and it connects into the top of the tree from behind. Karna is then finally able to get a thrust from her powerful new sword right into the life-source area finishing it off and they are finally able to win the battle against the four gigantic trees in close quarters.
“That was tough! A damn good job, Karna, holding those two off for so long!” said Rheill.
“Thank you, Rheill! I was only able to kill one as they turned their backs on me and one almost got me, but this definitely improved my reflexes for the tougher battles to come!” replied Karna to Rheill.

“Well, we have a lot more food from these Screamers now. We also have the cheese and drumsticks as well that we found on the floor above; what would you like to eat?” asked Sana to the group.
“Let’s have some cheese for a change we can have Screamer slices tomorrow as we had nothing, but screamer slices for ages!” declared Isai.
Isai then retrieves both of his throwing stars from the dead Screamers and Rheill also picks up the falchion from the top of the tree-top. Rheill and Karna slice up the trees to make more Screamer slices; suddenly, they hear, the sound of moving boulders, which sounded like it was coming from behind the wooden door.
“More Rock-piles!” said Karna.
“Behind the door, I think or they would have ambushed us by now?” replied Isai to Karna.
“Yes, Isai, I think you are right as it gets louder the closer I move to the door!” stated Sana as she moves her head closer to the door and it feels warm as well.
Suddenly, Karna quickly drags Sana away as the Rock Pile sets the wooden door on fire before they could even open the door with the button as it was a button operated automatic door. The door then bursts into flames and explodes making a horrendous noise the explosion knocks them backwards but onto the ground as the Rock-piles smashes through the door with their fangs as they are immune to heat sources.
“GET UP NOW!” screamed Karna as she nips up to protect them and quickly re-arms herself.
The others are slower to get up as none of them have the athleticism that Karna possesses; she then prevents the Rock-piles from getting some easy prey on the rest of the party. Although, now the others had finally made it back to their feet as Karna continues to fend off the incoming Rock-Piles, “Well crushing them, will not work anymore as we no longer have a door! It is time for the old conventional killing method; least they are smaller than the other one we encountered earlier,” stated Karna as she continues to keep them at bay with her fencing techniques and jumping back to prevent her shield from getting engulfed like the door.
“There are freaking three of them!” yelled Rheill in despair.
“Focus, Rheill, there may be one more, but we still out-number them and they can be defeated remember, stillness?” explained Karna.
All of them remember what Karna had shown them earlier against the gigantic Rock-pile; the rock-piles attempt to burn Karna with their crimson, red-hot fangs; she sidesteps behind the wall as the Rock-piles strike as they are still stuck inside of the doorway as Karna never let them through it.
“Now Isai and Sana hit them hard with your ranged attacks!” yelled Karna.
They need no second invitation as Isai launches both of his throwing stars one after the other and dispatches at least one of the Rock-piles as it hits the crimson, red-hot fangs, the boulders and rocks all collapsed after it had died. This was the right rock-pile as the two of them were in the doorway side by side with the other behind it. Sana at the same time had launched several poisonous bolts over Rheill’s shoulder making sure not to hit him, they hit the left Rock-pile, which finally succumbs to the venom and it falls, down lifeless and again the boulders and rocks collapse. Rheill moves in now with both weapons and he is joined again by Karna as well as she moves back from behind the grey-scaled wall. Both of, them keep slashing and thrusting and finally Rheill gets his sabre through a gap between the boulders and rocks on top of the Rock-pile and it hits the creature inside of it’s crimson, red-hot fangs.
“Rheill you hit it from above, amazing!” shouted Karna, as she finishes it off as the fangs were fully, exposed after it shrieked in pain with a vicious thrust, which finally kills the remaining Rock-pile.
“Stillness, baby!” replied Rheill smiling at Karna, who simply smiles back at him and they suddenly look, into each other’s eyes momentarily.
They walk over the now burnt out rocks and boulders being careful not to step on them in case they burn their feet as the rock-piles fangs are extremely hot. Next, they investigate the area, but find nothing of use; although, there is some slime on the floor.
“Stop a second!” said Sana as she spots a gold coin under the dead Screamers, corpses as she picks up the gold coin and hands it to Karna to keep in her pouch.
“Thank you, Sana, let me check rock piles incase for some crazy reason they were carrying any other items?” queried Karna.
“Yes, do it, but be careful of the poison and heat!” answered Sana.
She moves the boulders with her sword and there is indeed, another golden coin, simply laying under the rubble of the three rock-piles. She takes the coin and places it with the other golden coin
They all decide to head back to the wooden door with the text and decide to rest for the day as they had taken part in three tough back to back battles.
Sana takes out two large pieces of cheese that they had found earlier in the dungeon and cuts them in half with her dagger. Next, she then hands three slices to everyone and takes one for herself and they munch away.

“Now that is probably what the text meant. Was, we going to meet our doom to the stronger Rock-pile or maybe the pack of three or even the Screamers? Guess what Chaos, we are still live!” said Karna.
“Karna, it could mean something worse. Possibly an entity we have not even met yet, so we must not get cocky!” explained Isai.
“Oh Isai, I know, I will never let my guard down again after that Rock-pile burnt my arm. But, thanks to your VI healing potion I only have, to suffer the visual effects of the burning scar until it finally heals up,” answered Karna.
“Since we are not alone, Rheill, you cannot give me what you said earlier! But, I will allow you to cuddle me while we sleep tonight!” explained Karna teasingly to Rheill.
“Awww!” said both Sana and Isai at Karna.
They then all get some sleep before progressing onwards in level four of the dungeon. Rheill snuggles up with Karna tightly as she said he could, she smiles and closes her beautiful brown, hazel eyes; the rest drift off as well and several hours then pass by.

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