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Dungeon Master Trilogy – Book 1 – Chapter 10 –...
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They see no apparent way to open, up the large, golden doors. They all decide to search around for clues or anything that will help open the door, “There must be some way to get this door open?” queried Sana.
Karna replies to Sana with, “There is some writing here on the left wall, it reads ‘You must pay for your entrance!'”
“Remember, we have the means to pay; we found two golden coins in that treasure chest in the Choose Your Fate room,” shouted Isai.

Rheill notices there is a coin slot on the wall next to the door and he points to it, “Look, there is a coin slot here!”
The coin slot is made, out of gold and it is a rectangular shape; it is the perfect size to accept the coins.
Karna withdraws both, of the two shiny, golden coins from her pouch as she speaks, “Here they are… I am going to insert one of them into the slot to see what will happen!”
Karna moves her right arm slowly up to the coin slot and inserts one of the golden coins into it; the sound of the coin falling inside of the slot can be heard.
“Nothing is happening! Shall I insert the other coin?” asked Karna.
“Yes, Karna, there is no other way to open this, it seems,” answered Sana.
Karna places the second coin into the slot and suddenly the golden door rattles and it then opens, revealing the pathway ahead.

Karna quickly unsheathes her sabre and readies her shield just in time as two blue Ant, creatures appear from around the corner that turns to the left. She quickly engages them, as Rheill is still drawing both of his Falchions out of his scabbard. Karna hides behind her shield as the Ant creatures try to bash her with their wooden clubs; Rheill then joins her as Sana casts a poisonous bolt, which hits one of the creatures in the head. It is stunned and slows down; eventually, it falls lifelessly to the ground as it succumbs to the deadly venom from Sana’s poisonous bolt. Karna then stabs the other one as she gets an opening between the creatures’ strikes; her shield absorbs all, of the blows without it breaking so far. Finally, the two Ant creatures are dead. However, the sounds of battle attract Four Mummies into the fray.
“We need a torch for these Mummies again, Isai!” yelled Sana.
“I will keep them away from us until you ready much like the four we burnt in the room of the gem!” replied Karna as she swings her sword at them, not trying hit them as she moves them away in the corner of the four by four room. Isai pulls out a torch and Sana lights it, “I am moving now throw it into corner of the room!” yelled Karna.
Isai needs no second invitation to throw the torch right into the four mummies who burn instantly. The party is forced to look away from intense light and heat of the mummies being engulfed by the scorching hot flames. He then grabs the burning torch and puts it out and at the same time Sana illuminates the area with her, Ful rune.

Next, they traverse and maneuver through the small square-like room and they come to a passageway that is carved into the cavern that leads around a small column of razor-sharp rock. After they move around it, they see another deep pit; after the pit in the distance, a wooden door can be seen and it has a button in the top right corner of the door.
“Hmm, I bet the way to close the pit is beyond that door, but how do we open it from here?” asked Isai.
“Look, encrypted text!” shouted Sana, she then begins to decipher the text and reads it aloud, “Cast your influence, cast your, might!”
“This is a riddle! Sana, you need to play the influence aspect as you are our sorceress and you are the power, Rheill, as your strength is unmatched in this group. I remember that scroll we found earlier; it read, use the symbol ZO to open certain closed doors. I remember it as clear as day; you read it out loud only a few days ago, Sana,” explained Karna.
“You are absolutely right, Karna, I will now practise this spell and try it out on this door. Give me several minutes of time as I have the Rune already memorized.
Next, Sana moves to the pit; she then channels the ZO symbol that she had just been practising over the last several minutes. Suddenly, a blue-coloured projectile flies from Sana’s right hand and hits the closed, wooden door. Suddenly, the door then opens, up just as if the button had been pressed and the way is then revealed to them.
“It is hard to see any further, but I need one of your shurikens or something that is extremely light to throw,” suggested Rheill.
“Use one of my daggers, Rheill,” replied Isai.
Isai passes his dagger to Rheill; Rheill then throws it with all the strength, he can muster. The dagger flies right over the pit and the sound of it hitting a cavern wall is then heard and it echoes throughout the cavern. Suddenly, the pit closes as well after the sound of the dagger falling to ground was heard.
“Yes, it actually worked!” yelled Karna.

The entourage is, able to proceed further into The Vault. They now move across where the pit trap was and come to another square-shaped pressure plate; the dagger is then seen laying on the floor.
“Look, a pressure pad is here and it is what closed the pit. We should either not pick the dagger up or replace it with something before we leave as this will most likely open the pit up again,” explained Sana.
“Yes, leave it there for now; I have arrows and another dagger that I can throw for ranged projectiles,” answered Isai.
They then move around the corner of the cavern that took a sharp, ninety-degree turn to the left. They see an alcove carved into the cavern wall before the passage continues around another sharp corner. Inside the alcove is a polished silver coin that is laying down inside it.
“There is a silver coin laying inside this alcove, let’s take it!” said Rheill.
“Wait, Rheill, do not just take stuff; you have been told many times before!” stressed Karna, as she pulls him by the arm to stop him.
“Yes, we need to check for traps or if anything is ahead of us,” replied Isai.
Next, they decide to check further ahead; they notice some door hinges as they turn the corner by the alcove and they soon come to another wooden, shut door. Rheill spots another coin slot on the door; it looks exactly, the same as the one before they entered The Vault and he points to it.
“What are you pointing at, dear?” asked Karna of Rheill.
“There is another coin slot. So, we do need that silver coin, but it looks too damn easy to get, as you said earlier not to just take stuff,” replied Rheill.
All of them head back to the alcove and check if any other traps are close by; they find nothing, “No traps, let’s remove the coin then,” suggested Isai.
Karna slowly removes the coin from the alcove; suddenly a wooden door slams shut where the hinges were, which all of them had noticed earlier, before the corner, “What the hell!” yelled Rheill as the sound startles him slightly.
Karna decides to put the coin back to test something and the door opens back up again, “Just as I thought, we need to put something here instead of the silver coin, I think?” queried Karna.
“I think you are right! Try to take the coin and then I will put one of the scrolls in its place that we no longer need as I now know these symbols/Runes,” replied Sana to Karna’s suggestion.
Karna removes the coin again and the door slams shut once again; next, Sana takes the scroll for the magical torch out of her backpack and then places it inside of the alcove. Suddenly, the door re-opens, although this time they now possess the silver coin, so they then hurry back to the shut, wooden door with the coin slot next to it. Karna readies her weapon and shield; she then passes the silver coin to Sana, “You open it, Sana, so Rheill and I can be ready for combat,” said Karna.
Sana then inserts the silver coin; it does seem strange that a silver coin would fit a golden-coloured coin slot, however, the coin fits perfectly and the door rattles open.

They follow the passageway beyond the door slowly and come to the larger room. Inside of the room are several more Ant creatures; Karna moves into the room first and engages them as she already had her weapons out. Rheill follows right behind her as he also had his weapons drawn; however, this time they are all separate from each other and are not grouped up, which makes it more difficult for Karna to defend against. There are five of the creatures in total, but Karna is faster than the Ant creatures in every way possible, as she uses her body to evade any incoming attacks from the side as she can see them with her peripheral vision. She also uses her sabre to parry and her shield to block all, of their incoming attacks in front of her.
Suddenly, Sana launches another poisonous bolt at one of the Ant creatures that was about to hit Karna from behind. Rheill sees it as well and thrusts both falchions into it; Karna moves quickly as she hears it collapse to the ground behind her and she moves into a better position to defend against the rest of the Ant creatures. This now leaves only four; Isai then launches his remaining dagger, which lands in the back of the head of another one of the remaining Ant creatures, killing it instantly. Next, Karna bashes another with her shield and then jabs it several times with her sabre, which dispatches another, leaving only two more to deal with. Rheill then makes quick work of them with both falchions, slashing them down from behind.

Suddenly, the moving of boulders and rocks can be heard in the distance, “NO, NOT THESE AGAIN!” yelled Karna as she still fears them and rightfully so. Also, it makes her blood boil, as she feels so much hatred towards them from the scary incident, the day before, this time she learns to channel her rage and remain focused.
The two Rock-piles move extremely slowly, as they emerge from around the corner, just beyond the room they were just fighting in. In between where they are fighting and the Rock-piles are currently situated in another small room.
The two Rock-piles move closer from down the corridor and into that room, “Let them come into this larger room than the smaller one so we have more space or do we want to try and crush them with the alcove-operated door?” asked Karna.
“We need to learn how to defeat these properly as we may not always have a pit to drop them down into or let alone a door to crush them!” stressed Sana.
“We know they cannot be hit from above, but they must have some form of weak spot,” replied Isai.
“Karna, I know you fear them, but we need you to attract them and try to get the Rock-piles to attack you. This will allow us to hit them from below and possibly is their weak spot as we only saw their fiery fangs so far,” explained Rheill.
“I will do my best and will not let my fears consume me,” replied Karna, bravely.
Next, Karna draws out her sabre and readies her shield in her left arm; the burning scars are still there, but covered by the robed-bandage on her left arm from her first encounter with these monstrous entities. She moves in and bashes them with her shield to tempt the Rock-piles into attacking her, which they do; she then jumps back as they show their fiery fangs at her, but Karna shows no fear at all. She keeps on dodging the Rock-piles’ attacks and Rheill then lunges and thrusts into their fiery fangs, which causes the blade to become hot. Although, the Rock-pile that was struck in it’s fangs, suddenly shrieks out in pain.
“You hurt it, Rheill! They do have a weak spot; now we know how to defeat these much easier,” shouted Karna, as she then jumps back and thrusts into the fiery fangs of the same Rock-pile and that one eventually dies.
Karna keeps making the other Rock-pile attack her and Rheill is able, to strike it several times while the lower part of the creature is exposed. The other Rock-Pile then finally succumbs to his melee attacks and remains motionless.
“We did it!” yelled Karna in excitement.

After they take a short moment to take in the victory over the Rock-piles, they look around and examine both, of the rooms very thoroughly. In the first room, Isai discovers another arrow laying on the ground; he retrieves the arrow and adds it to his collection of four arrows. In the second room, Sana finds a small wand, laying on the ground in a dead end that branched off to the left.
“A wand, this will be a great help and should enhance my magic further,” said Sana, as she picks it up and wields it in her right hand.
They then follow the cavern passageway where the two Rock-piles had emerged from, only to arrive at another dead end, but there is a coin slot on the far wall; this one looks the same as well.
“Another coin slot, there is also a golden chest here,” said Sana.
Karna looks for traps near and over the chest, but she finds none. So, she decides to open, up the treasure chest to find four more copper coins and one silver coin laying inside of the chest.
“More coins, hopefully they will open this; although, this does seem rather easy,” said Isai.
“Yes, it does, but we have no other options,” replied Sana.
Karna tries the silver coin first, but it does not fit.
“I tried this one first as it looked different. We should just hang onto it; it may be useful later,” explained Karna.
Karna slowly inserts one of the copper coins and suddenly the wall next to them on the right opens, up. It reveals a single area inside of a dead end; nothing else is visible at first. Sana examines the right wall inside of the newly-opened area to find an extremely, small switch in the middle of the wall.
“We must press this since there is nothing else we can do,” said Karna suggestively.
“Yes, get ready for any nasties, anything could be hiding in another secret area!” stressed Isai.
Next, Karna readies her equipment and uses her shield arm to place the copper coin inside the slot. Suddenly, the sound of a wall opening, up can be heard in the distance; they all quickly rush out of the dead end to see what the hell is going on. They arrive back into the first room that comes out from the passageway, which they were in with the switch. All of them see that a new area has now opened, up; inside it near the entrance is a fifth golden key. Strangely, there is also quite a bit of food, which happens to be laying on the ground; the food is two pieces of cheese, some corn and a red apple. All the food looks like everything they have found before. Although, to the parties’ delight; they now have some more food that they can eat.
“We now only have one area to explore, but we should do that tomorrow. Let’s eat some of this food, we just found to have a break from eating Screamer slices, all the time,” said Karna.
“Good idea, Karna,” replied Rheill, as Sana and Isai nod their heads in agreement as well.

They all decide then to take the long journey back to the lion-headed water fountain on the level above, once again. They sit around the fountain and Karna shares her water bottle with Rheill so that he can drink, as he still does not have his own yet.
“Thank you, Karna,” said Rheill.
“Do not mention it, Rheill,” replied Karna.
They start eating the food they just found as Sana rationed it equally, giving them each some corn, pieces of red apple and finally cheese.
“Time to get some rest and tomorrow we can tackle the Chambers of the Guardian door,” said Isai.
The party then decides to rest for a while so they are well rested for the final door.

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