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Dungeon Master Trilogy – Book 1 – Chapter 19 – The...
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The creature is colored yellow along its scaly body; but, the head is a dark, green colour. The entity has shades of green on its tail and it has two large, blue tinted-wings as well. It is a cross-breed of a dragonfly and a large king, cobra, but much bigger in size of a serpent. It has an extremely, large mouth, which was vast enough to bite a limb off; Karna tries to intercept it, with her iron shield, but it much too fast for her. It lunges with its mouth and grabs Isai by his left leg, and then starts to drag him away from the party. “GET IT OFF, OF ME, KARNA AND RHEILL!” yelled Isai in total panic and pain as it starts to gnaw on his leg.
Karna, quickly catches up and stabs the creature in the side of the serpent’s throat, forcing it against the right-handed, dungeon wall, “Drop him now, minion of the Aztec god, Quetzalcoatl!
This forces the monster to drop him momentarily onto the floor, Sana, quickly pulls Isai out of harm’s way, and Isai, has a massive hole in his leg; blood squirts on her face.
“Isai, I don’t mean to make you worry more, but blood is going everywhere!” screamed Sana in desperation.
Next, Sana wipes the blood from her face with her free hand and reaches for her dagger; she cuts off strips of his leather jerkin. Rheill, sees Sana helping him and shouts, “Seal his wound and move him behind the teleporter, to where he cannot get you, me and Karna will finish this new devastating, beast off!”

Sana, looks at him in disbelief as she wants to help after patching him up.
“SANA, DON’T ARGUE WITH RHEILL, JUST DO IT!” Screamed Karna, she then lowers her voice a little bit, “He is the only one that can heal. This thing is poisonous; give him the antidote, ASAP!”
The evil snake-type beast, pushes Karna with massive force to floor as it frees itself from her blade, but it is bleeding heavily; it then tries to bite Karna; but, she blocks it with her shield laying on her back. The creature takes her shield into its mouth and as this happens, Rheill shouts “Karna roll, out of the way!”
Rheill comes crashing down with his, two-handed Axe, and chops the serpents, head right off, in the same spot, Karna, injured it with the blade of her sword.
After slashing right through the serpent’s neck, the axe then strikes the ground violently; he didn’t want to damage her shield or well-being, “Thank you, Rheill, for warning me!” said a thankful, Karna.
Meanwhile, whilst the fight was going on; Sana reaches for the only Anti-venom, potion that was left. This, creature seemed to have a less toxic venom than the Magenta Worms; but, Sana followed Karna’s instructions to be safe. She, gets, Isai, stable and stops the bleeding and hands him an empty flask, “When you have the strength, try to make another, VI, healing potion!”
“Please, hold the flask for me as this pain is unbearable,” cried Isai,
Sana, comforts him and holds the empty-transparent, glassed flask in her right hand. Isai, is now able to channel his magical energy into flask creating another, VI, healing potion, “Let, me help you drink open your mouth, darling!” said Sana as Isai finally is released of the pain from that terrible bite.
Karna and Rheill poke the dead, beast and they see there is no way the creature is edible, as all that is left is its wings and snake-skinned, scaly body; they return to Sana and Isai back inside the chamber.

“Rheill, managed to slay the Couatl, it was the minion of the Aztec god, there are smaller versions of this particular serpent near rune, and they live in warm environments; like forests and jungles. This is how I knew about that snake earlier, they also live in the Montoya, Jungle, which is situated, east of my village!” explained Karna, to the group.
“You have to deal with serpents that big!” asked Rheill curiously.
“No, never this big they are usually the size of a normal King cobra, but this thing was faster than even myself, so sorry you got hurt Isai, I feel I failed as a protector here!”
Karna, knows deep down; she needs to improve and she thinks to herself, ‘I will practise tonight when they rest; as we should stop now before we continue to allow Isai to rest!’
“Let’s go back to main room and seal this area for the minute, Isai is hurt and we should rest. If there are more, large Couatls; we need tread a lot more carefully, and I will learn how to defend them better!” suggested Karna.
“Yes, Karna… Isai, is in no condition to fight; we need him to make more healing potions, we were totally unprepared for this ambush!” explained Sana.
“I will make two, antidotes and four healing potions after we have rested. I will now smarten this leather concealment you made Sana, for someone not skilled in this profession; Sana, you did very well!” explained and praised Isai.
“Would you, peeps, like drumstick meat; if we cut it up one should be enough for all four of us. I still wonder what type of beast this is from it looks like a mammal!” explained Sana.
“Yes, please we had so many horrid worm rounds, the Screamer slices are nice, but we need a break from it once and a while; meat sounds too tempting to pass up on,” replied Rheill.
All this chat about food took place as they walked back through the opened, reinforced wooden door, “Oh, please don’t leave doors open; here was okay, because they had to come through us!” explained Karna.
“Yes, that was really, bad of us, we usually always close doors… I know it sometimes hinders our retreat, but better than getting caught in a backstabbing/pincer, styled ambush!” said Rheill.
“Anyways, let’s just chat and eat!” ordered Rheill, as, Sana, cut up the one drumstick they had found into four pieces of large meat; she hands them out to the group.

“So, Sana, how are you so intelligent?” asked Isai; trying to get to know her a little better.
“Back in Magika, we were always given puzzles, riddles to try and solve as part of our magical training. So, you see it didn’t just come in form of learning to use the elements of fire, water, earth and air. We also were taught never to use the fire element inside the building as it can cause such destruction. However, here in this dungeon only certain spells work that I have learned so far like the lighting of the torch, the poison bolt, the venomous rain cloud, I do, wish I could find some more destructive magic to help in fights more. Isai, we need find you a better scepter, so you can help with melee!” explained Sana.
“Sounds interesting; the training is helping us out a lot, and thank you Sana… this helps, take my mind off, of this deep wound I suffered; I was lucky to keep my leg, mobility is going be tough for a while. I am hoping this Potion helps me with that, or at least the pain is gone now!” asked Isai.
Sana, then asks Isai, some questions, “So you said you was from Curan Abbey; Please tell me more about yourself, since I, explained a lot about myself”
“Sure, as you know I went down the path of being a monk. It is a cleric, but with hand to hand combat with crushing weapons. My order taught me to never disrespect woman, or men. To always be honest and faithful as well. In fact, we are not meant to date at all, but I don’t agree with the non-dating part of our training, not a slightest bit!” explained Isai.
“Are you not scared of going against the rules of your order then?” queried Sana.
“No, I actually left the order once my training was completed; you could say, I have gone rogue!”
“If it makes you happy and I really see you like me a lot and we both get on really, well; maybe not quite as good as Karna and Rheill. Although, we are getting there, but I think we should be just friends until after the quest!” said Sana.
Isai, looks a bit shocked as they already kissed, but then he smiles and says, “If that is what you want, Sana… on a side note, it will cause complications!”
After, Karna, had finished she moved to middle of the room and started, practising her interception skills.
“Wow, Karna, come rest, honey!” said Rheill.
“No, Actually Rheill come and train with me; I want you charge at me, several times and attack me, like that snake. I would like you to teach me some of your offensive moves as well!” asked Karna pleading with him almost; as she wants to mold herself into the perfect fighting woman that Crom, has ever known.
For least half an hour Karna and Rheill Sparred with each other in close combat; she started teaching Rheill her defensive arts. Rheill also started to stand behind her and showed her how to do his style of stances and he then gave some sneaky kisses on her shoulder, “Mmm Rheill, you make me feel really good. I think we learned a lot from each other; although, now I want us to practise a new skill!” she giggled as she takes off her helmet showing her beautiful face.
“Miss Karna, what would that be?” he chuckled, knowing exactly what she meant, as he removes his helmet; He then pulls her down on top of him. She rests her chest on top of his Mail armour and she starts to explore his mouth with her lips; they kiss passionately for least five minutes. Isai and Sana notice them snogging from a distance, “Oh damn, these two are getting it on maybe we should leave this room so they can make love!” said Isai.
“No, if I know Karna being a woman myself… she will want her first time to be special and in the comfort of their bed or in a more romantic setting!” explained Sana as she caresses Isai relaxing him for sleep.
Karna and Rheill finish their make out session and rejoin the group for some sleep, they keep their helmets off until the morning, “Thank you, Rheill for not taking advantage of me like most guys would have. You stuck to kissing and being patient!” said Karna to him as she rests her head on his chest, letting her black, silky hair flow over him.
“Karna, I would love see that sexy body of yours, but there is a place and time for it. I do want to do lots of nice things with you, darling; so, let’s finish this quest and save the world so we can be together for all eternity!” said Rheill, as he plays with her black, silky hair; as he knows Karna likes that very much.
Next, the entourage decides to sleep now that everyone is more relaxed from the terrifying end the day; they wake up after several hours of sleep.

Sana, illuminates the dungeon as both Karna and Rheill place their helmets back on top of their heads so they are armoured and ready for combat once again. The party of four, quickly return to the place where they met the giant, Couatl. They traverse the corridor and follow it, they see another lion-headed, fountain on the right wall and two objects, lying on the floor.
“Do not touch the fountain, we can drink later; this area is unsecure, and there could be more of those large Couatls!” stressed Karna in her leader tone of voice.
They move closer towards the objects and they see a familiar one, as it was a piece of corn. Isai, slowly takes the corn and puts inside is backpack as Sana’s rucksack is full of organised rations. The next item is some form of a necklace. It is tinted, black around the outside of it and in the middle where it fits around someone’s neck it is decorated with a dark, blue colour.
Karna, takes the necklace without asking the others and puts it in her backpack, “We will sort out who should have this later, as there are no doors so far concealing monsters!” demanded Karna.
“Karna, watched out there is toxic slime behind you!” shouted Rheill as he pulls her out of the way.
“Thank you, Rheill, always looking out for me!” said Karna as she smiles underneath her, full-plated helmet.
Karna, motions them onwards as the passage turned to its left; it is a long corridor, that heads in a straight direction until it hits another right-handed turn. They travel down the tunnel, and turn the corner to see another circular-hole of toxic, slime on the dungeon wall to the left; right, where the dungeon takes another turn to the east.
“Watch for the slime, Karna!” chuckled, Rheill, teasing her, she makes a frown under her helmet; luckily, Rheill could not see that her eyes, had evil intentions.
“Don’t think you have won here, Mr. Rheill!” replied Karna in a tone of voice that sounded like, I will get you back later when you least expect.
“Stop messing about as usual!” exclaimed Isai, as he walks about on his injured leg.
“Isai is your leg bothering you?” asked Sana as she, saw he was getting little annoyed.
“Not pain just finding it hard move about a bit… so sorry if I am snappy lately!” replied Isai.
Karna, just ignores him as she is used to it, by now and motions the entourage onwards. The dungeon then winds to the left and then to the right, and empty alcove is situated on the right.
“Stop, I can hear a sound, but cannot see anything yet,” whispered Rheill.
“We will continue exploring, but if the passageway branches we will lure our enemies back here,” explained Sana as she said that; she, noticed the passageway branched to the left, as well as continuing onwards to the east.
Suddenly, two tentacled-slimed entities, slither around the corner, “Slimes and there is freaking two of them!” said Karna quietly.
“Duck, two poison bolts heading this way!” yelled Sana, as Isai draws an arrow, ready to shoot one of the slimes as he ducks keeping his arrow ready to launch at both, creatures.
Karna draws her sword as she ducks and Rheill always has his axe out, unless he is resting as he drapes that across the back of his chainmail, armour, “I need to know where that passage goes, as If I can position myself there, they won’t be able fire at the rest of you unless they turn on you.” explained, Karna, as she quickly moves to the inter-section, which branched off to the left.
“It is a dead end, this will work perfectly, I might get trapped, but there is quite a lot of room between me and the end of the corridor. So long, as they cannot hit me… it gives all of us, a better fighting chance!” said, Karna, explaining her battle-plan.

Karna, moves into the corridor that was least a couple of paces long, the Triffid, slimey entities follow her. Next, they both shoot large, venomous projectiles as she weaves in and out from the left to the right avoiding both bolts, but one almost, connects with her right side, “Karna!” yelled, Rheill.
After he yelled at her worryingly. Next, he moves in with his two-handed, axe and slices down the back of the left, swampy, creature; it, screams out in its own language of pain and collapses into a puddle of toxic slime. Karna, jumps back to avoid the acid on the ground; however, the other one turns towards, Rheill, as the creature, witnessed its friend being cut down and tries to take revenge upon, Rheill.
Suddenly, the Slimey-minion, shoots its large, poisonous projectile at, Rheill, and the group, “Duck!” as they roll on the floor out of the way just in time, thanks to Sana’s verbalized warning.
“Damn, I have no spells I can use against this, fiend; the poison cloud and the poison bolt will, not work… the monster is made, out of toxic, slime!” said Sana, with a disappointed look on her face.
Karna rushes at the creature from behind and stabs it in the blue tentacles with her, sword as it was vulnerable; it had forgotten, all about her to take revenge on the rest of the party.
“Don’t worry I got your backs!” said, Karna, ferociously as she takes care of the second Swampy Slime. The first creatures toxic waste had dissipated; although, the new one had a massive puddle of acidic slime between, Karna and the others.
“Don’t move, let the slime evaporate, enough so you can get past!” demanded Sana.

“Well, that’s those creatures taken care of!” declared Rheill.
“I guess, we should move on?” Asked, Karna softly.
“Yeah, but which way; It looks the dungeon branches off in two different directions?” suggested Isai; he had been quiet until now.
“Both paths, we cannot see much… let’s move forward in this square-shaped room!”
As they move forward they see that the dungeon goes straight now until a ninety-degrees turn to the left. The other passage heads out of the small-squared, room to the north and takes another sharp turn to the left.
They decide to check out the passage to the right and peek around the corner, only to see that it, stretches a long distance to the north.
“Let’s check the other passage this looks like it goes a long way ahead and it might save some backtracking time if we check the other passage!” suggested. Sana. in her infinite Wisdom.
“Good idea, Sana!” replied, Karna, smiling at her warmly.
Next, Karna, leads the band of adventurers back to other northern passage back in the room and they take the turn only to come to a dead end; however, fortune is on their side as they find a helmet lying on the ground, “Hmm, this is a unique design, not seen a helmet like this from Rune, what about you, Rheill, from your village?”
“I just realized I been quite rude, back when all of you had, talked about your village names, so I will answer your question in a little bit. Please let me tell you more about my hometown.
“Yes, we can spare couple minutes and I would, love that from bottom of my heart!” said Karna wanting to know about her lover’s heritage; is it, okay… with you two?” asked Karna.
“Yes, we would love to hear about it; we are all in this quest together, we cannot let him destroy our homes, we must stop Chaos and friendship is what bonds us!” said Isai.

I never told you the name of my village; I am from the south it’s a kingdom called Thornwood it a lovely village on the outskirt of a palace ruled by King Drogo. 20 years ago, it was at war with another kingdom called Sevama, it was a stupid war and both kings ended up dying, which ended the war. The other kings name was Emperor Triston, they were fighting over a ring, called the Storm ring, which was meant to harness the power of lightning; or least what, Emperor Tristan’s, so called seer, advisors said. It was not magical at all it was simply, our ancestral token of our family’s bloodline that has been handed down to the reigning successor over and over. This next part I am about to say, or you probably guessed when I said about my bloodline, I am the reigning king of Thornwood. Sorry, I could not tell you this earlier it had to be kept secret for this mission was initially to protect my people and to prevent any further wars from happening!”
“Rheill, your past doesn’t mean anything, I only judge people on what they do after they are with me and this quest is far more important than any war; the fate of the whole world!” Karna, cuddles him.

“Thank you, Karna, for understanding it means a lot to me I was going to tell you this after the snake. You, wanted me to help you to train; you are so driven and is one of things I love you for.” Karna, smiles warmly after hearing him say those sweet words to her, he then speaks again, “Now to your question, Karna, yes, we use this helmet for our archers it offers good protection and its lighter than most helmets, but the front lines use armet, plate helms we are most likely a bit more technically advanced due to the old war than you in Rune. We call this helmet the Casque, N, Coif, please take it will help you see better and you like your armour lighter and I’ll make use of your basinet helm, that you found on the worm floor!”
“Thank you, Rheill is, you are so kind to me!” As Karna takes the helmet from the ground, she takes off her helmet and lets her black, silky hair free for just a moment, before placing the new helm over her head. The Casque, N, Coif doesn’t shield the face so much, but its armour is much thicker than the Basinet, but Karna was very impressed with how light and better vision it provided for her. She then passes the Basinet to Rheill, he takes off his full helmet and places the basinet over his head; this hides his brown hair and most of his face. He did not care as it gave him better protection to his skull, they then backtrack to the long northern passageway.
“Rheill, you said you were more advanced than us, maybe in plate armour and that helm, but when it comes to body chainmail and legs, there is no material tougher than Mithril; if we find any I will show you how light and sturdy it is!” explained Karna as they walk down the corridor with her, leading the party as always.

They see at the end of the corridor that there is a large puddle of water on the ground and the passageway takes another turn to its left. Suddenly, another, Coautl, comes around the corner; however, Karna, this time is ready for it, as she draws out her sword, and holds up her shield ready to fight it. It tries slither quickly towards, Isai, as it notices the huge bandages on his leg, “Oh, by the gods, Couatls, are not usually this intelligent; you will not get past my defences, I will not allow it, this time!” roared, Karna, with passion and the desire to protect her friends.
She, jumps in front of it and the head of the serpent, bounces off the small, iron shield, she is carrying. Karna, then shield, slams it in the face, it stuns and shrieks in vile, malice at Karna. Next, Isai, raises his bow and arrow and pulls back on it and shoots an arrow over Karna’s head, which barely misses her, but lands right in the throat of the huge dragon-fly, snake.
“Isai what was you thinking, that was a dangerous shot to take!” yelled, Rheill, as he saw the arrow almost hit Karna in the head.
“Focus, this thing is far from dead, chaos has enhanced these somehow, we will talk about this though, later Isai!” declared Karna angrily.
“My magic might work against this, it does against the Magenta Worms, I am going to place a venomous rain cloud between us and the party: Rheill go ahead and help, Karna!” explained Sana as she begins to channel the deadly rain cloud.
Rheill, does not need a second invitation to protect the new love of his life, Karna.
Karna, strikes relentlessly at the Couatl, but she cannot seem to strike it, “Karna, Switch!” Karna knew exactly what he meant; she moves out the way and she moves to the side and strikes the Couatl, in the serpent’s head from a pincer position. “Finish it, Rheill!” yelled Karna.
Rheill, quickly drives his axe, separating the Couatl’s head from its scaly body and the dragon-serpent falls down dead instantly; both, Karna and Rheill cross their forearms against each other in a victory gesture. This proves there is no foe that they cannot defeat, if they work together.
“Well done, you two!” you kept me and Isai safe and didn’t even need the cloud, but it was more precaution to protect Isai; he is still hurt!” stressed Sana.
“No, that is good, Sana, thank you for looking out for me!” replied Isai, happily
Isai, takes the arrow out of the dead, Couatl’s neck; he then puts it back in his quiver.
“Now, that we are no longer rudely interrupted by the dragon-fly snake… we can continue exploring!” said, Rheill
“It is called a, Coautl!” said Karna mockingly.
“Whatever, Karna!” Karna laughed at him, because he makes her laugh; its, the little things they do each day, that make them such a great couple, but will it last, only time will tell.

The entourage, continues treading down the long passageway. Karna, decides to keep herself equip with her sword and shield raised to be safe and to keep the part safer; since that entity came around the corner so swiftly. They traverse around a L-shaped, double corner, which branched off to the left, they have no choice but to follow this winding, tunnel. Eventually, they come to another, right-handed turning in the passageway. Which then leads to a junction; giving the party yet again another choice, that must be made.
“Which way do we go?” asked Karna.
“We will follow you, just go either way! We are going explore all of this place for equipment, the monsters are getting more dangerous now!” suggested Isai.
Karna, simply nods at him and winks at him as her, beautiful brown, hazel eyes are visible, ‘Isai, thinks to himself quietly… was she flirting with me?’
Of course, she wasn’t, but she didn’t see him thinking to himself either; Sana, knew she was just being friendly and didn’t question her last motive, not a single bit.
“Hopefully, we can finish exploring this place!” said Sana, wearily as the fatigue is setting in, after channeling her spells and practising them as the explore.
“We can go back to the room, if you need to rest, Sana?” asked Karna.
“No, it will, be fine, but if we have to go too far… we should; there is nowhere to safe to rest here as we not found any more concealed doors!” replied, Sana, to, Karna.
“Well, let’s please go right… I see another, intersection to right down, the left corridor!” explained Karna.
“lead on darling!” said Rheill, which brings another smile across Karna’s face she feels her heart pump again as she tingles with a warm fuzzy feeling, as she heads towards the right.
‘So, this is what true, love feels like, my mother always said you will have that fuzzy feeling when you find it.’ Memorizing images of her childhood when she asked her that question, how will I know if, I find it.
“Karna everything, okay!”
“Rheill, I’ll tell you about it when we rest, okay; it’s just a childhood memory? After I deal with Isai’s recklessness,” she replied
“Okay, Karna, looks like you are going feel, Karna’s wrath later, Isai!” he shivers as he knows how angry, Karna can get when people do stupid things.
“Please, don’t be too hard on him, Karna, he was still hurt and he was doing his best to aid him!” suggested Sana; Karna simply places her hand on her shoulder to tell her not to worry.
They pass two, Lion-headed, water fountains; for some reason both, were adjacent to each other.
“Stop a second; let’s take a drink, and we can do it quickly, with the two fountains, being here!” said Sana loudly, so they all hear her.
“Don’t make us jump like that!” said Isai.
“Sorry!” whispered Sana, but she chuckles to herself.
All of them, drink from the fountain and then pair up to fill up their water-bottles, “Having one each is so much better for rationing!” said Sana again, before they continued onwards.
They, finally come to a dead end; although, they find an object, lying on the floor; it is at least three, foot long and looks to be a staff. It is coloured brown and created from hardwood making it a very sturdy quarterstaff, weapon. The weapon also had a yellow colouring string on the top to hold it, to avoid getting splinters on the user’s hand, most likely; Karna then begins to speak, “Isai, a walking stick for you and your bad leg!” mocked Karna.
“Karna that wasn’t very nice!” replied Rheill, trying not to laugh.
Sana chuckled at Karna’s small joke and Isai, simply gave Karna and Sana a dirty look.
“Aww, don’t be so serious all the time!” said Sana as she cuddled him to cheer him, up.
“I am sorry, being a monk made and brought me up this way, but I am trying get away from it all and lighten up, so thank you, Karna and Sana!” replied Isai.
Rheill passes him the staff, “Here Isai now you can help us in Melee, when your leg is a bit, better!”
Suddenly, Isai creates another, VI, potion, as he feels the wound wasn’t cured properly, unlike Karna’s and Sana’s attacks, as it was a much larger area that was affected.
“Oh, now I feel better… but, I still can’t move very fast; I hope there are no speed puzzles for a couple of days!” exclaimed, Isai.
“Time to back-track, glad we found this though!” explained, Karna.
As they make their way back to the junction and find the intersection that, Karna, mentioned earlier, they see some nasty slime flowing out of the dungeon walls. One is situated in intersection turning and the other is on the southern wall to where the corridor leads to the west some more. Also, at very far wall, is more slime at bottom of the wall; Karna, hastily moves into intersection and says, “Dead-end, go left!”

They are forced then to go left and around the corner to south into another turn to the left and corridor traverses around two right turns, and comes to another dead end. Karna moves all the way to the dead end to double check as no objects or anything could be found.
“Let’s head back to main room, nothing can be done, here!” said Karna.
“Yes, Karna, I cannot see any switches here, either!”
They walk all the way back using Karna’s compass that she still has in her pouch; she pulls it out everytime she needs it.
It is a long way back, but mid-way back they hear a sound of a creature, it sounds familiar.
“Another, Coautl, this one sounds larger, but this is impossible we shut the, reinforced door, before we entered here!” said Karna.
“Maybe, in that dead end you triggered a hidden mechanism and opened a wall up?” suggested Sana.
“Could be, but if this is larger than the others we could be in trouble; but, at least Isai can defend himself better now. Although, I promise, I will protect every one of you until, the day I die, that is a job of a protector!” declared, Karna, with strong words.
“This is not good, Karna, we had them in corridors, before; if, we fight in the smaller room… it will be able to out maneuver us!” explained Rheill
“Sana, channel your spell before the small room, do not let it enter it!” said Karna, only just realizing, what Rheill, meant.
“I don’t know how long I can channel, I used lot of spells earlier, but, I think I can do it once more, without collapsing!
Next, Sana begins channeling her cloud spell, sadly it didn’t work as the extremely, large Couatl, flew over the top of the cloud.
These things are not meant to, be able to fly!” screamed, Karna.
It dives onto, Karna, knocking her over and onto her back; but, she shields herself from the bite.
“Karna!” yelled, Isai, as he knows how much their bites hurt, and he smashes his staff into its head; although, it has no effect. The large minion strikes relentlessly with such malice and cruelty, as it keeps gnawing away at Karna. However, she is just too good; even on her back, it cannot get a single bite, past her iron shield or sword.
“Karna forgive me!” says Sana, as she begins channel a massive poison cloud on top of her and the evil creature. The rain cloud is huge, Luckily Rheill is so strong and moves Karna out of the way; the rain starts to hurt the creature a lot it and shrieks in pain and agony.
“SANA!” yelled Isai as, Sana, collapses after casting it as it took too much energy to maintain as she hasn’t mastered the spell at that density and she had expended her mana for the day. Luckily, she remained conscious or the area would have turned into a profound, darkness.
“We, will finish this, like last time!” she nods at Rheill.
“Time for our Grand cross, finishing move!” yelled Karna as she has flash backs from their training the other day together, learning from each other.

Rheill, slams the axe down, but misses, his intention was to stop Sana or Isai getting bitten as Karna jumps over the top with, summersaulting, with a downward, spiral slash separating the serpents massive head from its body in one vile swoop.
The snake twitches as it slowly dies, from the loss of blood; Karna holds her sword in the air, in her victory pose.
“Dear Lord, what a move, Karna!” said Sana in amazement; I knew you was athletic, but come on that was ridiculous… you are gifted by something from the ancients!”
“Yes, Karna, you are special!” said Isai.
“Guys, I am just a woman, I got knocked down, but defense is my life… I will tell you all the story tonight when we make camp in the big room!”
They carry on over the dead remains of the biggest Couatl, Karna has yet to see in her life. She, then notices the passage that was not there before in the starting corridor after the magical room, which prevented them from crossing, except on the left side.
“Sana, this passage wasn’t there!”
“Karna, my light spell is fading, we need get back to big room!”
“let’s quickly, check this small niche it can’t go anywhere, but right, because the passage we just came through is behind it.” explained Rheill, showing great navigation skills for a Barbarian, which we now know he is the king of the barbarians.
There is a strange, amulet/trinket laying on the floor; it is colored a dark grey in a large stone, with, chain being made from, a greyish, silver material. Suddenly, Sana spots it and yells “There is an Ilumulet on the floor, here!” said Sana as she takes it quickly, and puts it around her neck, making the area light just enough to see a few feet in front of the party.
“I studied these amulets, before they appear to do nothing, but they are enchanted with, hidden magical properties. The choker you are holding in your backpack; you wear it for physical defence; it has no magical properties. This necklace does it is small light source, we use this to see in the dark without candles back at Magika; let’s find more trinkets to aid us, just like this!” explained Sana.
“Follow me closely please, as this is only source of light we have until, I rest” said Sana softly as she guides them back to the large room. On the way back, Karna, takes the Choker-type, necklace out of her backpack. She then places it around her neck and clips it together; this, allows her to have extra protection around her soft and well looked after skin in the neck and collar bone region of her body.

They then setup camp and Karna gets ready to tell her story in further detail as, Sana hands some Worm, rounds combined with Screamer slices so the worm rounds are bearable to eat.

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