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Book 1 – Journey to the Tomb of the Firestaff – Chap...
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Book 1 – Chapter 21 – Karna’s Tenacity

Sana, hands out all the food to Rheill, Isai and Karna; that she prepared earlier. Next, she leaves some of the fruity-meal, at her spot; for her to eat, later.
She, then slowly opens up her mouth to speak, as Sana, looks at all three of them, as she begins to tell the story of her past, “As, before… I, explained to, Isai… I, had learnt not to only, to channel the power of the four elements, Air, Earth, fire and Water. I, was also taught… there was two additional and advanced magic properties, called light and darkness… which, also counter-act, each other out. No, one knows how to wield them fully… as, you have seen in the dungeon… I, have mastered only the magical torch spell, that has its own magical runes, which is the light element. These runes, are most different inside of this dungeon. It, somehow binds all four of my elemental, magical spells… that, I had learnt from Magika… from being cast within, the dungeon walls.”
She, then takes a bite into her food, as Rheill, puts his arm around, Karna’s shoulder and plays with her silky, black hair softly. Since, they had removed their helmets from their heads, to eat earlier.
Sana, then explains, some more of her story, “My order of sorceress’, and sorcerers also taught me, how to use basic wisdom… to solve puzzles, hence why, I am usually the one to solve them, without touting, my own horn!” she, giggles a little after that sentence; which causes a little bit of emotional fun, between the other three members of the party.
“Now, for the part that, Isai, hasn’t heard yet and the reason for me joining this quest. Much like, Karna, and Rheill, the leader of Magika, Syra, got a visit from Theron. He explained, what was going to happen to the world… if Chaos, can complete his task, which we all know is to empower the Firestaff. Theron, told us, that they needed more adventurers from the top level of each, profession. I, was the most advanced Magic-user in the order, but only second to, Syra.

Sana, eats the remainder of her fruity-meal and then finishes her story, “So, I volunteered, as Syra, could not leave the village of Magika… being the leader and all. So, this is how we got to the day of us, all meeting in the Adventurers Welcome!”
“That, is an inspiring story, Sana!” replied Karna and smiles at, Sana.
“Isai, your turn now!” declared, Rheill.
“Wait, Sana… I, have a quick question? Were you able to be present, when Theron came to see you?” asked Karna.
“No, Karna… Syra, met with him alone and she wouldn’t allow any of us inside the main hall. Where the meeting took place on the same year as when, he visited, Rune and Thornwood. I, also want to know how Isai, found out about this quest, as he told me something very interesting, when, you and Rheill, was training together!”

“Let, me start from the beginning!” said, Isai, as he gulps and swallows water from his water bottle. So, he could finish off digesting his food; before, he starts to speak again, to tell the full story.
“So, almost like Karna. I, lost my parents, well one of them, my mother… in fact, I never even knew her at all!” This makes Karna, begin to shed a tear, as she can feel deep down inside of her what, Isai, is feeling and most likely going through. Since, also she had lost both of her parents, at a young age and really; never knew her father, that well.
Rheill, wipes away the tears from, Karna’s, beautiful eyes. Next, he gives her a kiss on her forehead and caresses her; black hair lightly; in a kind gesture, and then whispers, softly in her left earlobe, “Karna, everything will be okay!” and smiles gracefully, at her.
Isai, continues speaking, “I, was raised by only my father, which was in Curan Abbey, which all of you know from my short stories, earlier in the dungeon. Hawk Severuian was my father’s name… he, was the leader of the hybrid, healing profession; which you know simply, as Monk!”
He, pauses for a second; before continuing “My father, raised me by himself, and with the help, of the other monks, in the cathedral. As, really the place was nothing more than a large, building of worship… with a little village on the outside. This is where, people would sleep at night-time, who were not master-monks or leaders of the Monk Order!”
“My lifestyle is very different from you three as well, as I explained to, Sana, earlier… We are not allowed to have any contact with woman. This would be in a sexual way… or to get physical with them and it went as far as, being able to fall in love. It was completely prohibited in every single aspect. So, I chose this lifestyle was not for me and decided I, wanted to create my own destiny. I didn’t walk out on my father though… he supported me on this, one hundred percent and told me I, will always be his son. We, kept in contact, via pigeon carrier mail. So, for the part with me knowing about, Theron, coming to visit, the Monk order was because my father told me, via letter. I, then decided… I, would like to make my life meaningful and gave me, the opportunity to see more of the continent on the way to adventurers Inn. It also gave me hope to meet some beautiful, looking woman, too!”
“Well, you met me and Karna!” replied, Sana.
“Yes, and the reason, I said rogue earlier, as I wasn’t ready to tell the whole story. The other Master Monks… did think… that, I turned my back on them!” explained, Isai.
“A, wonderful story, Isai, now we should, rest… so, we can explore the final room and then descend down to the next floor, and get closer to the Firestaff!” explained Karna.
After Karna, spoke those words, she had some thoughts; run through her mind, ‘I, hope this doesn’t cause any friction between, Rheill and Isai. As, the last thing that Isai, said was he was hoping to meet beautiful woman… as, part of this quest!’

All, four of them, then fall fast asleep, relevantly quickly and they wake up; after several hours, had past.

Sana, lights her torch with her magical rune, to illuminate the large chamber, in the hub. They have returned to this large, room for several days; using it as safe, haven, for their comfort.
“Good Morning, everyone,” said a half awake, Karna.
“Good Morning, Karna,” the others replied to her.
The entourage, equips themselves with their weapons and Armour, after washing themselves with the clean, flowing water of the lion-headed, water fountain. It, was not far from where they just rested. They all, then embrace themselves, to open the final reinforced, wooden door of the large, chamber; which is situated to the right of where they first, entered this area.
Karna, reaches for the button and presses it in and the door rattles as it, opens up again and they see a gigantic, wide-spread area, “This room is huge… but it, looks completely empty!” said Karna.
Rheill, moves in and Karna quickly pulls him back, “Wait, Rheill… every section here has been a puzzle. Let, Sana go in first… she, is the puzzle-solver, after all!” spoke Karna, in an, aggressive tone.
“Karna, stop being rough with me… now is not the time for this!” replied Rheill, as Karna looks at him; with a piercing look in her eyes, as she was not impressed.
“My gosh, is that all you think about doing with Karna!?” chuckled Sana, as Isai was just being his usual self, as he shrugs his shoulders; not being amused as well, at the situation.
Karna desperately tried not to laugh and keep a straight face, as she gazes at all of them, with a serious look; now etched into her eyes. Next, she motions Sana, to see what the deal is, with the room; as she pushes her gently, with her right hand.
Sana, treads ever so silently; with pure caution, as she enters the first tile of the large room. Suddenly, a thunderous sound, booms throughout the chamber; as suddenly hidden trapdoor fling open, inside of the large chamber.
“Sana!” yelled Isai, as he sees her right on edge of the closest pit, that was situated right in front of them, as they stood in the entrance.
She hears Isai, yell her name; she hastily jumps backwards, into the archway of the opened door.
“Thanks, for warning me, Isai!” replied, Sana, in a thankful, tone.
“It was the right thing to do. I, don’t want anything bad, to happen to you!” replied Isai.
“Aw, how sweet!” chuckled, Karna.
This makes Sana, curl her lips into a beautiful smile, as she looks at Karna, and begins to speak, “I, think this room is triggered by hidden mechanisms… much like the one with that door, that forced it to close down on us violently!”
“Yes, I remember… the one that nearly crushed Karna and I, on the Magenta, Worm level!” replied Rheill.
“So, what should we do. Sana?” asked Karna.
“I, am not sure… Karna, we should just tread carefully and move, as a group. So, we only trigger one of the mechanisms at once and not multiple ones!” explained Sana, to the rest of the party.

Slowly, all four of them tread with pure caution, into the first tile adjacent, to the door; which they had passed through. Next, the trapdoors, on either side of the entrance, fling open and they have no way to move forward, “Last time these were closed… they must, toggle each time we step on a place in this room!” suggested Sana.
“I, see two exits also, on each end of the chamber… we, will follow your lead, for this puzzle, Sana. Just tell us, which way… do you want to go first?” queried Karna, to Sana.
“I, do remember our journey, through the right-handed door. This lead to a large room… which took us, in a northerly, direction! We, should go right first. I, say this… because, most likely, this will be a small room. If, I am correct… the room could contain valuable. Or, simply have a switch on one of the dungeon walls… which, we might need to press!” explained Sana.
She speaks again, after pausing briefly, “I, will guide us there as safely as possible… please, Karna, be ready to defend us. If any of those toxic slimes creatures come in here, we will have a lot of problems! ” stressed Sana, especially when she mentioned the slimy, creatures.
“I, will help her…. as, there could be further pit-traps in the middle of the chamber. Karna, can’t cover all the flanks, at once!” Added Rheill, to the conversation.
“Yes, this is a very nasty chamber, to say the least,” said Karna, trembling with fear of the large trap doors; that she is looking at from her hazel eyes.
She, still remembers that high bridge, a week ago, when the bridges snapped, and she held on for dear life.
“Karna, we need you to be brave here… I, know you are dead scared… I, can see it in your eyes, but we need you!” said Sana, in a respectful, but firm tone of voice.
Karna, just smiles at her putting on a brave front, as she prepares to get ready to defend; as she draws her sword silently. She still gets behind Sana, as they prepare to enter the trapped chamber.

Sana, slowly treads forward. She, then steps on the first, large squared-tile, in the room; but nothing happens, “that’s odd!” said Sana.
“Sana, it is like the normal pressure plate we can see… it must require all of us, to most likely to trigger it!” explained Isai.
“Yes, but it activated the first time… Maybe, there is a hidden trigger… that activates everything. This trigger could have been in the corridor, which we entered, into this chamber. Now, going back to what you just stated…. if one person could activate the tile, it would be chaotic. Let’s move as a group then, at least this way, I can’t drop you three, down to hell!” she, said chuckling to herself.
“Sana, that is not nice!” said Rheill.
“Relax sweetheart, she was playing, and I should be one most fearful of that. But, I must get over my terror of heights… I, have a job to do and that is to protect all of you!” replied Karna, to Rheill.
“Lovebirds and Isai, get your asses over here!” declared Sana in an, impatient tone of voice.

All of them quickly hurry to the tile and this time, the side trap doors fling open, that are close to the dungeon walls, in the large chamber. Karna places her hand on Sana’s right shoulder, “I am right here with you… we trust you, and try to get us, into that passage way to the, north-east!” said Karna.
This Inspires her with new found, confidence; as she then moves to the right, hugging the grey-scaled wall. The group follows her again silently, from behind and the trap doors change in formation; the entrance is now suddenly sealed off, and there is no escape from this room.
“Sana, I don’t want to alarm you… but, we are now trapped in here. Although, least we can move forwards, trust your instincts!” said Rheill, whilst he was protecting the rear!”
“Rheill… we can only go east, the other pit is open, you numskull!” replied Sana.
Karna smiles, as she knows how, he lacks some intelligence sometimes. She then, quickly controls herself, as this is a serious situation; causing limited space and one wrong move, could be their last.
Sana, moves into the corner along with the other three; although, this forces the trap-door, to the north to open. Although, luckily for the party; the one behind them remained closed.
“That, was lucky, we could have been trapped in this corner… let’s move back!” explained Sana.
“Since, we have to move as a group anyway… we, will go first since we know that tile is safe!” replied Karna.
“Yes, Karna, we don’t need to stumble around, changing our positions… the space is too tight, as it is!” responded Sana to Karna.
Karna and Rheill, go back to the tile to the left, followed by Isai and Sana. This time to their amazement; the trap-door to the north, now closes and they can go north.
“So, it looks like the tiles we stand on can never open, up beneath us… but, we can get trapped. For example: if we were, to step on a wrong combination of tiles.” explained Isai.
“Yes, and what I think is happening, is the following… some tiles are opening the pits, where others are toggling them on and off.” she pauses and then says, “Also, I think some are specifically closed and opened as well, which we need to find out what each hidden pressure plate does. This will allow us to make it across safely!”
“Sana you are phenomenal” praised Isai, trying to get into her good books.
“I, am just me, silly… I, am working this out, using past knowledge and the information, we have at hand!” answered Sana.
Isai, thinks to himself, ‘gosh… why won’t she take a compliment… it’s like she thinks, I only want her in bed!’
They move North, now that the trap-door, is closed and they hear more open and close, “Karna, do not look behind you!” whispered Rheill, to her.
Karna, trusts him and thinks to herself, ‘the trap-door, must of re-opened, close to where we are standing. He is protecting me, from my fears… Aw he, is so sweet to me… so not like other men, I have had relationships, with in the past’
Another pit-trap opened, up and was situated, to the north-east of them.
Sana, leads them north, but this time nothing happens at all, “Hmm, strange this tile? Could it, be a safe-spot perhaps… or has no hidden pressure pad, at all?” asked Sana.
“I, have an idea guys… I, think I know how to close that pit to the east… but, we still have two tiles to the exit. However, it will bring us one step closer… to exiting this large, room to the east!” explained Sana further to the group.
“Sana, you have lead us this far, keep it up, girl!” said Rheill. Next, he places his hand on her, as a kindly gesture; Karna smiles and shows no signs of jealously etched, onto her beautiful face.
Rheill, thinks to himself, ‘Wow, I expected, Karna, to tell me, off, or do something!’ He, then interlocks his fingers with hers, holding her hand gently; whilst they move through the rest of the chamber. She, clutches his hand a little tighter, and her heart starts to beat a little faster, as she starts to feel a warm and fuzzy feeling, ‘what is this, that I am feeling… is this true love. I, have never felt this with any man before?’ she asked to herself silently, as Sana; leads them backwards to reset, the trap-door, “Yes, I was right, go me!” she said out, loud to the others.
They, then move back and head east, which triggers the trapdoor on the floor-tile to open. Although, the space behind them remains closed, Isai then speaks, “We, just need move behind it and it will open the way for us,” suggested Isai.
“No, that is too simple… especially with that other area not doing anything and we know what these triggers do now. Let’s tread back to west and to this spot, so we can see if it closes, the trap-door behind!” replied Sana.
“Sana, I trust your judgement… you have solved every puzzle so far, without fail!” said Isai.
The party follows Sana’s instructions and it closes the trap-door, which was stopping them traversing to the north-eastern exit of the large chamber. Although, now they are faced with a floor-tile in front of it, which seems to be troubling Sana, even now as much as it did, a few moments ago.
Karna sees it being a female, and simply asks her what is wrong, “Sana, is everything okay, sweetheart!” in, a kind tone of voice.
“It is this tile, I think it could be a trap, it seems too easy, to just move forwards and out again. I, also sense the tile in front of that tile that does nothing to be an even bigger problem… Not sure which route we should take. Let, me please think for a moment!” explained Sana, to Karna and the others.
Karna adds what she has learnt in the dungeon so far to others, “Sana, why would this trigger open the final pit, but not touch anything else. The trigger to the north of us must open the trap-door behind us. So, when the northern, most trap-door is opened… it traps the unwary and forces them back deeper into chamber and away from the eastern-most, wall!”
“That does make sense, logically, but we need to trust Sana!” added Isai to the conversation.
“Isai… stop it! There are three others in this group, you must respect all of their input!” replied Sana, slightly annoyed with Isai, siding with her all the time.
“No need to argue, and Sana is right! We must respect each, other’s opinions, or we will fight among ourselves and that would mean Chaos, has already won!” declared Rheill.
“CAN, WE PLEASE GET OUT OF THIS DAMN CHAMBER AND STOP THIS USELESS DISCUSSION!” Yelled Karna, clutching Rheill’s hand tightly, as she suddenly succumbs to fear of the pit’s height behind her.
Rheill, simply pulls her into an embrace, to calm her down; whilst, Sana chooses the path, which they should take. She boldly steps forwards and onto the tile, to the north and says, “This way!”
The rest of them follow and the following events occurred; the trap door behind them, that was closed swings open violently. But, Karna’s theory was only half right… as there was an escape route to the left and the way out remained opened to them.
“Sana, go quickly through entrance and leave a gap for Rheill and I, to take our positions, as protectors again!” ordered Karna.

Sana, nods and leads them into the small room, which had small pointed tunnels with dead ends and nowhere to go. Although, Sana was not alone, as she was greeted by another one of Chaos’ familiar minions, “A slime, get in quickly!” screamed Sana in fear. Karna, quickly rushes in to protect Sana; however, as she rushes into the small room, the creature launches a ball of toxic, acid towards her and Sana.
Karna, quickly pushes Sana, out of the way and dives onto the floor away from the northern wall, as the bolt explodes and drips down the wall. As normal; it has no effect on the grey-scaled, wall of the dungeon.
“Karna!” yelled Rheill, as he witnesses the bolt explode from around the entrance way into the smaller room. Suddenly, the creature shows signs of brilliance; as the Slimy blue- tentacled, entity; turns its focus towards, Isai and Rheill. It senses that, they are both stuck in the chamber of pits and that they were both more vulnerable, to ranged attacks.
Luckily, the triggers only worked with four people, so they were able to fall back, a little bit into the larger area.
“Sorry, Sana, didn’t mean push you over, was trying get you out of the way… but, I must help them now!” explained Karna, as she nips up onto her feet and stabs the creature’s, blue tentacles with a lunging, thrust.
The minion, had dropped its guard; by leaving Sana and Karna, on the ground.
The toxic creature shrieks out in agony and suffering, but it then turns around slowly as it is hurt badly, which allows Rheill to quickly finish the creature off from behind, as he slashes the tentacled area, clean off. Now, all that remains is a toxic puddle on the floor, that is sizzling and then slowly evaporates into the thin air. This was situated within the entrance-way, to the small room, Sana and Karna was in.
“It, is Okay… Karna, you probably saved my life as my normal shield spells do not work in this cursed place!” said Sana to Karna, as Isai and Rheill re-join them, within the small area.
“Another huge drumstick, lies on the ground here!” mentioned Isai, as he picks it up from the eastern-most, dead-end and places it inside of his backpack.
“This beast, must be inside the dungeon somewhere, as this meat didn’t come from nowhere, we must be careful… At, least it will be another meal for us!” replied Rheill.
They then explore the rest of the area and find, another torch resting in a sconce. Although, they decide to leave it as Sana’s light source, is much better now and less restrictive; than carrying a burning torch. Also, situated in the northern, dead end they find a large, metal shield, this one is much larger than the small, metal buckler, which she found on floor two. This shield came across, to be much sturdier; than the large wooden, shield, that she is still wielding.
“I, will exchange this shield, with this one, I can block harder hits with this and avoid creature bites a lot easier!” explained Karna.
Next, she puts down her large, wooden shield and then places her arm in the reinforced, leather strap and holds it. The shield is large and protects her whole body; but it is still, extremely light, compared to a tower shield.
“It, looks like… we need to get to the left side of the pit room!” said Isai.
“Yes… but, I have a bad feeling about that, and that the left side is, most likely trickier to cross. I, would rather go back!” said Karna, shivering at the thought of going back into that chamber.
“Karna, you can hold my hand again… if, it helps!” asked Rheill, smiling at her.
“Please, it helped me a lot last time, to beat my fears!” replied Karna, as they get ready to brave the chamber, full of trap-doors and hopefully, for the last time.

“This time, Sana… just tell me, which way to go, so we don’t have chaos of what happened with that last toxic, slime creature. Although, it worked out in our favour, sort of!” said Karna, to the party.
“Yes, it will work fine… this way as well, Karna!” replied Sana, as they step boldly back into the trap-door, chamber.
When, they step on the north-eastern most tile; no hidden trigger activates. They then see only one opened trapdoor; which is sealing their exit to left of the large room.
“Karna, head west until a trapdoor opens in front of us, blocking us!” explained, Sana.
Karna, makes eye-contact with Sana, and urges the party to move with her, as they all tread on the tile the left; which forces the trapdoor, to open behind them.
“Good thing… I, didn’t choose to go this way originally… I, would have blocked our exit off, to the east. Also, this would have caused a bit of a disaster… as it would have allowed the slime to take us out, from a distance!” explained Sana, clutching her heart.
as this was the deciding factor, which helped her decide the correct route; to take through the chamber.
Karna, leads them to the next tile, by still heading west. This then causes 2 events to happen simultaneously; as it closes the end trap-door. Although, this opens a new, squared-hole directly in front of them; that scares the life out of Karna; as she almost steps off, of the edge and Rheill, saves her once again. Karna, then quickly embraces him tightly as, he had just saved her life, “Aw, how sweet… Karna, please let me lead again… since, we have no choice, but to go through, the middle of the room!” suggested, Sana.
Sana, decides to lead them through the middle of the room towards the south, which causes even more pits to activate and open wide, behind them and towards their left side.
“We, can only go south or east, but we don’t need to go east!” said Rheill to Sana.
“Rheill, I think it works the same as the other side… with that one trigger in the top-middle of the room to either close or toggle, the north-western most trap-door to close. All, we need to do is go west, as soon as we able to!” explained Sana, again as she moves them south again.
This, time three trap-doors open, creating a thunderous sound, that echoes through the chamber and this alerts a nearby Couatl; which begins to home in on their location, from the North-western passage way.
“Sana, move us through quickly to a better space to fight!” yelled Karna in desperation, as she knows first-hand, how dangerous these Couatls are with a lot of space to manoeuvre in.
They, move southwards to the adjacent, squared-tile and this closes the pit at the north of the main entrance, “Do not go out of the room… remember that north-western pit was already open, before we entered here. This would cause us to start all over again… we, have to learn to fight in places like this anyway!” stated Sana.
“Yes, I want out of this room as quickly as possible, I will work with what, I have!” said Karna, in a firm voice, but the sounds of despair; could be heard, also from the delivery of her voice.

As the party moves left, they open a pit right on top of the Couatl, but to the entourages shock. It flies right over the trap-door, towards Karna; as she carefully changed her position, to be in the front-line again.
“Whatever you do, don’t move east… a pit is now blocking us. We need to defeat this creature and move north and back again, too close this annoying pit that is blocking us!” yelled Sana; as Karna blocks the bite attempt, which stunned the dragon-fly, snake-type entity.
Karna swipes her sword, but the Couatl evades and leaves her vulnerable for a split second. Although, she quickly dodges the next attack; but loses her footing and falls down the eastern pit. Somehow, though with great tenacity she hangs on with her shield arm, holding on, for dear life.
“KARNA, NO!” yelled Rheill, in fear, as he tries to help the others, he shouts again,
Meanwhile, Karna fights with everything she has, to hold on, whilst, hearing those 5 words to encourage her not to lose her grip. Unfortunately, the Couatl; had other ideas as it lunges for Karna above the pit, “HELP ME!!!” screamed Karna at the top of her lungs, as she sees the snake going for her; if the fear of heights, wasn’t bad enough already, for her.
“I, cannot use my cloud, I will kill Karna… I’ll try a venomous bolt instead, to try and slow down the beast,” Sana Yells the runes, “Des and Ven” and conjures up a venomous bolt.
The magical, projectile had gotten a lot larger from her magical training and repetitive, usage of the spell and it splashes over back of the Couatl. The Couatl shrieks out a bit, but it shows no signs of slowing down as it now lunges at Karna; but the minion of Quetzalcoatl, made a huge mistake and underestimated Karna’s will, to survive. Karna, somehow had the strength, still hanging on with one arm, as she thrusts her sword straight into the throat of the reptile, “Isai and Sana finish it off, I need to save Karna!” shouted Rheill.
Next Isai, cracks the skull of the Couatl, with his mace and it then lay motionless beside the pit; meanwhile, Rheill pulls Karna’s sword from her hand allowed her grip the edge with both hands now, “Karna, do not try to pull yourself up and swallow your pride… just, use your remaining strength to hold on for a tiny bit longer. I, know you are frightened to death… but, please let me and the others help you, honey!”
Karna, sheds some tears and then closes her eyes as she feels them pulling her up and out of the large square-shaped, hole. Next, Karna breathes heavily and collapses on her back from the exhaustion of holding on with, one hand and arm for so long.
“By the gods, how strong is that woman!” said Isai.
“She is nothing, but phenomenal, but even she has her limits… let’s rest for a little bit. The poor thing must, be so tired and frightened!” said Sana, in relief that, Karna did not die, to that trap-door.
“I, am so glad she gave me the Mail Aketon, pieces of Armour… the weight of the Armour, could have caused her to die! I, am so thankful… she was able to trust me, in a dangerous situation, like this. I am also so relieved, that she didn’t try to pull herself up, out of the pit… I, could see it in her eyes… she, was already, so exhausted!” said Rheill, explaining his feelings for her.
He, then holds her head on each side of her casque ‘n coif, protective gear; he then removes her helmet to allow her to breathe the air easier and stroke her face, gracefully.
Sana’s heart melts, when she sees the love between Rheill and Karna blossom; like a red rose in a garden, she then thinks to herself, ‘Why can’t Isai treat me like he does to Karna… I, know Isai just wants to have sex with me. Since I know he has never been with a woman before. I can tell by the way he praises me and says all the normal sweet things and defends me all the time. Other men say what you want to hear, to just get one thing… but, it does not work with me and that’s why I told him that other night to remain as friends’

Suddenly Karna, wakes up and sees Rheill caressing her face and smiles at him,
“Rheill… that’s two more times you have saved my life since we met, I owe you my life. Thank you, Rheill, so much for pulling me up and not telling me to do too much. You, were so right, as a little longer and I, would have hit the bottom and broke every bone in my body.” explained Karna softly, as she kisses his hand softly.
‘She didn’t thank us at all, what a selfish bitch… we pulled her up as well, for god’s sake!’ thought Sana to herself.
Isai, whispers into Sana’s ear, “No need to be jealous of someone who cannot thank other people for saving her life… she, loves Rheill and no one else here!” replied Isai.
He, then thought to himself, ‘I am going to do something that splits them up, I am sick of this romance, rubbish! It, is hindering our quest and if I cannot have Sana… then Karna, cannot have, Rheill, either!’
Karna, places her helmet over her black, silky hair. Next, she picks up her sword; that Rheill had placed on the ground earlier and sheathes it back into scabbard, and gets ready to lead them again.
“Karna, we need to move south and then back, as long as the south trigger doesn’t open anything north, we can leave this place,” explained Sana, hiding what she called Karna to herself moments ago.
“Okay, Sana… I, think I can continue for a bit longer. But we cannot rest in this room, we are too vulnerable!” explained Karna.
All of them step north and nothing happens, “Nice, we can just step south then and close the pit as the intelligent, Sana explained to us!” said Karna.
‘Is she mocking me? or being sincere here… maybe, I should give her the benefit of the doubt for now. She, may have forgotten what happened, and may thank us later and apologize for not thanking Isai and I, for saving her too. But, that can wait until we are back in our safe-haven, spot of the floor!’ thought Sana, again to herself.
Karna leads them out of the room as the trigger did in fact close the trap-door; allowing them into North-western corridor. They then tread into the corridor and Karna sighs in relief to be free of this pit-room.

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