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Hi all, My name is, Natasha, I am an, ex Webcam Model, (Was forced into it due to an ex boyfriend, giving me financial problems), now turned, professional writer. It has always been, my dream to be an author, since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, sensual, exotica, erotica stories, some based on my real life, some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess, I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be, behind closed doors.

If I do, Publish a story it will be removed from the site and put in a paid section or you will need buy the story. I will always have free stories for you to read and allow you to read my drafts of, my novels!

I, Really hope you enjoy the stories on my site.

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Book 1 – Journey to the Tomb of the Firestaff – Chap...
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Sana, hands out all, of the food to, Rheill, Isai and Karna, which she had just prepared and then, she leaves some of the fruity-meal, at her spot, for her to eat, later.
She, then slowly opens up her mouth to speak, as Sana, looks at all three of them, as she begins to tell, the story of her past, “As, before… I explained to, Isai… I had learnt not only to channel the power of the four elements, Air, Earth, fire and Water. I was also taught there was two additional and advanced magic properties, called light and darkness… that counter-act, each other. No one knows how to wield them fully… as, you have seen in the dungeon… I, have mastered only the magical torch spell, that has its own magical runes, which is the light element. These runes, are most different inside of this dungeon, and it somehow binds all of my four elemental, magical spells… that, I had learnt from Magika, from being cast within the dungeon walls.”
She, then takes a bite into her food, as Rheill, puts his arm around, Karna’s shoulder, and plays with her silky, black hair softly, as they had removed their helmets from their heads, to eat earlier.
Sana, then explains, some more of her story, “My order of sorceress’, and sorcerer’s also taught me, how to use basic wisdom, to solve puzzles, hence why, I am usually the one to solve them, without touting, my own horn!” she, giggles a little after that sentence, which causes a little bit of emotional fun between the other three members of the party.
“Now, for the part that, Isai, hasn’t heard yet and the reason for me joining this quest. Much like, Karna, and Rheill, the leader of Magika, Syra, got a visit from Theron, explaining what was going to happen to the world, if Chaos is able to complete his task which we all know is to empower the Firestaff. Theron, explained that they needed more adventurers from the top level of each, profession and I was the most advanced Magic-user in the order, but only second to, Syra.

Sana eats the remainder of her fruity-meal, and then finishes her story, “So, I volunteered, as Syra, could not leave the village of Magika, being the leader and that’s, how we got to that day of, us meeting in the Adventurers Welcome!”
“That is an inspiring story, Sana!” replied Karna and smiles at, Sana.
“Isai, your turn now!” declared, Rheill.
“Wait, Sana… I, have a quick question, were you able be present when Theron came to see you?” asked Karna.
“No, Karna… Syra, met with him alone and she wouldn’t allow any of us inside the main hall, where the meeting took place on the same year as when, he visited, Rune and Thornwood. I, also want to know how Isai, found out about this quest, as he told me something very interesting, when you and Rheill was training together!”

“Let, me start from the beginning!” said, Isai, as he gulps and swallows water from his water bottle, to finish off digesting his food; before, he starts to speak again, to tell the full story.
“So, almost like Karna, I lost my parents, well one of them, my mother… in fact, I never even knew her at all!” This makes, Karna, begin to shed a tear, as she sort of knows what, Isai, is feeling and going through, as she lost both of her parents at a young age and really, never knew her father, that well.
Rheill, wipes away the tears from, Karna’s, beautiful eyes and gives her a kiss on her forehead and caresses her, black hair lightly, in a kind gesture, and whispers, softly in her left earlobe, “Karna, everything will be okay!” and smiles gracefully, at her.
Isai, continues speaking, “I, was raised by only my father, which was in Curan Abbey, which all of you know from my short stories earlier in the dungeon. Hawk Severuian was my fathers name… he, was the leader of the hybrid healing profession, which you know simply, as Monk!”
He pauses for a second, before continuing “My father, raised me by himself, and with the help, of the other monks, in the cathedral, as really the place, was nothing more than a large, building of worship, with a little village on the outside… where, people would sleep at nighttime, who were not master-monks or leaders of the Monk Order!”
“My lifestyle is very different from you three as well, as I explained to, Sana, earlier… We are not allowed to have any contact with woman, in sexual or get physical with them or fall in love, it is completely prohibited. So, I chose this lifestyle was not for me, and decided i wanted to create my own destiny, I didn’t walk out on my father though, he supported me on this, one hundred percent and told me I, will always be his son, and we kept in contact, via pigeon carrier mail. So, for the part with me knowing about, Theron, coming to visit, the Monk order was because my father told me, via letter. I, then decided, I would like to make my life meaningful and gave me opportunity to see more of the continent on the way to adventurers Inn, and hopefully meet some nice woman, too!”
“Well, you met me and Karna!” replied, Sana.
“Yes, and the reason, I said rogue earlier as I wasn’t ready to tell whole story, and other Master Monks, did think… that, I turned my back on them!” said Isai.
“A wonderful story, Isai, now we should, rest… so, we can explore the final room and then descend down to the next floor, and get closer to the Firestaff!” explained Karna.
All, four of them, then fall fast asleep, relevantly quickly, and wake up after several hours.

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