The Romanian Pole Dancing Stripper

Chapter 1 – A perfect meeting of a special Client!

In the town of Northolt, which is situated, on the west side of the city of London, which is also the capital city of the England. Lives a lovely Young lady that is aged twenty-five and she is a healthy young woman. The lady has the most sexiest silky, long black hair that drapes down to her mid-back that you will ever see. She also has a pair of stunning black opal, gemstones in as her eyes and they just melt your heart when she looks at you when it is not even meant in a seductive way. She is wearing a tight dress at the moment, which is coloured black and only goes down to her knees, she has a pair of matching louboutins, which are also coloured black. She also has a black Louboutin handbag, which cost around £500 she is getting ready to go out and to work for the night.

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