Final Fantasy IX The Devotion of a Princess – Prologue

In the year 1890, in a fantasy land known as Gaia. This world is made up of four main continents and on the outer continent lived a six year old young girl called Sarah; She currently lives in the village called Madain Sari. The village is etched inside of the brown rocks of a mountain, a water fall can be heard trickling down from left side of the village at all times. Sarah Also lives with her loving mother who had to raise her by herself as her father had died to a monster attack on the continent before she was born.

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An Interesting Meeting With a Brand New Neighbour (18+)

In the Country of the United States of America and in the state of Miami Beach, Florida. There is a married couple who are both in their low-thirties, they live in Palm Beach right off the coast with a gorgeous beach, which is situated to the east of them. They are not too rich, but not poor either to live in such an exotic location; one can only dream to live that close to beach.
The Wife is in her Bikini today as she plans on going to the beach later today; it is a beautiful pink coloured and is pretty revealing too as it shows her lovely petit bum, her Tattoo on her tail-bone of Ma’at, the goddess of protection. She is not from the Untied states of America by her heritage, she is a mixture of English and Lebanese as you can tell by her gorgeous, luscious lips and she has a pair of Hazel eyes and dark black, silky hair, which drapes down her back. She is about five foot and eight inches tall also in height and her figure is to die for as well with 36D cup breasts, the bikini clearly shows off her cleavage as well and she knows it does; she simply just loves the attention of every man in the world looking at her at all times knowing that they cannot have her as she is already married to the love of her life.

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