Dungeon Master – Chapter 16 – Learning the Usefulness of Magic!

As soon as the dungeon door opened up automatically, they are faced with yet again two more Magenta Worms, which they could see hiding around the corner. The two Magenta Worms move closer to them and also the sound of moving branches could also be heard in the distance, “Screamers as well, let us use the door to crush the worms or isolate them?” suggested Sana.
“Let us just isolate them from the Screamers; If we are to simply crush the Magenta Worms we will not be able salvage any food from them at all as it will crush all their flesh,” replied Isai.
“You make a very good point, which is it and hurry the worms are almost on top of me?” queried Karna shouting.
“Let them through, Karna, I will close the door with an open spell over the top of them as they are low to the ground,” said Sana using her wits again.
Karna steps back just a little bit to allow the worms to pass through the semi-circular, windowed, wooden door; while the screamers are moving closer to the party, the sound of their branches becomes much louder. Continue reading

Dungeon Master – Chapter 15 – Short-cut or no Short-cut?

The group then stops for a second after learning of a possible short cut through the dungeon and then determines what they want to do with this short cut, “Hmm, Do we wish to take this short-cut as we do currently have the golden key for it?” asked Andy.
“I would say no, but open it up anyway just to be safe incase we have to quickly get back to the water source on level 2. If we skip stuff; we may miss several Armour upgrades, Weapons and food that we will eventually need,” replied Karna.
“Good Idea, Karna,” replied Isai. Continue reading

Lost in the Woods! (18+ Erotica story)

It is a bright and sunny day with a gentle breeze flowing through the air; a woman who is aged about twenty six is packing her stuff to go hiking and possibly camping out in the woods. She has amazing black and silky hair, it is long and drapes down her back to her lower back. She is wearing a high cut, crimson, red top, which shows most of her body revealing her lovely navel, which is also pierced perfectly with a small ring. On her back she has a beautiful tattoo of Ma’at the goddess of protection on her tail-bone, which watches over and protects her. Along with her top she has a crimson, red shorts on and a pair of Nike, sneakers as she is preparing to go hiking in the woods after all. She has amazing hazel eyes that glisten in the light and can pierce someone’s heart making them fall in love with her. She also has an amazing figure as well along with a 36 D Chest size, which the top shows perfectly along with some lovely cleavage that they boys love so much. Continue reading