Chapter 12 – Preparing to Face Their Doom!

Karna slowly, but surely gets to grips with herself, shortly after reading those words aloud, “Well words cannot hurt us! He is trying to play mind games with us!” said Karna softly.
“Yes, I think you are right, Karna,” replied Andy agreeing with her.
From the corner of Sana’s left eye she sees an alcove to the left of the grey wall where the non-cryptic text was carved into it, “I can see an alcove just beyond this wall, but nothing more,” explained Sana.
Karna motions them to start moving and exploring; they then come to a four by four room with the alcove, only to find there was nothing at all inside of it, just an empty alcove. Continue reading

Chapter 11 – The Chambers of the Guardian!

After several hours had passed, the group finally awakens together and they all fill their water bottles from the lion-headed fountain. Next, they then take the journey back towards the Choose Your Fate room.
They approach the door that had the writing on the wall next to it ‘The Chambers of the Guardian.’ Next, Karna presses the button and the door opens up; they slowly enter through the portcullis and into the corridor. They follow the corridor to the south and it opens up into a larger chamber after taking another turn to the right. Next, the entourage sees another group of three blue Ant creatures armed with wooden clubs. Karna readies her shield; then both she and Andy quickly unsheathe their weapons, which alerts them to their presence. The three Ant creatures move swiftly towards the party, but Karna is ready for them and jumps in the way; she manages to block all three of their blows and stands her ground. Continue reading

Chapter 10 – Voyage Into the Vault!

They see no apparent way to open up the large, golden doors. They all decide to search around for clues or anything that will help open the door, “There must be some way to get this door open?” queried Sana.
Karna replies to Sana with, “There is some writing here on the left wall, it reads ‘You must pay for your entrance!'”
“Remember, we have the means to pay; we found two golden coins in that treasure chest in the Choose Your Fate room,” shouted Isai.
Andy notices there is a coin slot on the wall next to the door and he points to it, “Look, there is a coin slot here!”
The coin slot is made out of gold and it is a rectangular shape; it is the perfect size to accept the coins. Continue reading