Chapter 9 – A Blue Gem and A Third Degree Burn!

Once the door is fully opened, they can now see a bit ahead of them up to around fifteen paces; there is a wooden door which is coloured brown. It also has a window at the top, which is a semi-circular shape; it is too high to see through and past the wooden door; the cavern leads off to the left as well. Just in front of the door, looks to be another small, squared-pressure plate on the floor. As the entourage got closer, it was confirmed that is what it was; also on the right-hand cavern wall, there was a new type of socket that is carved perfectly into it. It is shaped like a pentagon with the semi-circle at the top of it and it is situated next to the wooden door that appears be tightly locked by this new type of mechanism. Some writing can be seen next to the socket, that was carved into the wall next to it.
“Step right up and step going down,” said Sana, reading out the text aloud on the wall, using her lore knowledge to decipher it. Continue reading